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In this week's we discover how the UK is combating its food waste problem and how infatuated millennials are doing more for climate change than meets the eye.

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Food Waste

Supermarkets wage war on food waste, aiming to halve it by 2030

What's Going On Here?

WRAP, a UK charity which helps organisations become more resource-efficient, have launched a new Food Waste Reduction Roadmap, which details ways in which 89 business signatories and their consumers can reduce food waste. 

UK supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Aldi have pledged to halve their wasted food by 2030.

Let's Look at Some Stats

Each year we waste 1.6bn tonnes of food - about a third (yes, a THIRD!) of the food produced globally. 

If we don’t curb this careless habit, by 2030 that will increase to 2.1bn tonnes, the equivalent of 66 tonnes per second.

Food Waste is a Climate Disaster

Not only is this absurd when so many people are going hungry, but according to U.S.-based Food and Agriculture Organisation food waste accounts for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

This means that if food waste were a country, it would come third after the US and China in terms of its global warming impact.

Be Curious!

Don't over buy food, and eat your leftovers. Simples.

And if you are wondering how best to use or manage your leftovers, then this short check-list will help you tackle your food waste.

Climate Change
Climate Change: It's not you, it's me

What's Going On Here?

Its official, millennials are good for the planet.

At a time when millennials are causing divorce rates to plummet, research suggests that divorce is bad, not only for the heart and wallet, but also for the environment.

What does this mean?

Just in case you missed it (we did!), ten years ago boffins from Michigan State University released a study that announced that being single is worse for the environment!

It is estimated that, when you become as ‘single as a pringle’, splitting into two new households  means each person typically uses twice the amount of stuff! That’s two flat screen TVs, two fridges and two cats called Bob.

And not only do we use double the amount of stuff, we also use 60% more resources, such as heating, hot water and petrol.

So I've gotta stay married to save the planet?

Well not exactly. Ralph Cavanaugh, Lawyer for the Natural Resources Defense Council and full time Love Guru said:

"The best advice to those who are miserable together is not, however, to avoid divorce for the sake of the environment, but to find someone else as quickly as possible."

(If it wasn't for overfishing, we would make a 'Plenty more fish in the sea' joke here 😉)

Be Curious!

The team here at Curious.HQ are always looking to share the love, just like our pal Ralph.

If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint without involving marriage, then why not rent out that spare room of yours to someone who you can share the TV, meals and the cat with! 

Alternatively, make sure that you only swipe right on belters who love the environment as much as you do!


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