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Hi curious.friends. 

We have a couple of crackers for you this week!

As summer fades to winter and the clocks go back, we share our top tips on staying warm for less! We also see WATTS new in Lancashire by taking a closer look at a floating solar farm.

Tech rivals HP and Dell team up to banish ocean-bound plastic. We discover what not to find in your cereal. And finally, we learn what's new in the world of biodegradable insulation

Reading time is 3:07 minutes.

P.S. Enjoy that extra hour in bed on Sunday morning!

Winter Is Coming!
Here's how to save ££ & The🌍! 

Winter Is Coming!

Temperatures across the UK will fall sharply, after a spell of unusually warm weather, according to Met Office forecasters. After highs of 21°C in parts of the UK this weekend we could be seeing 'John' snow in the north!

Cold = Heating = £££

Typically the UK turns on the heating in October and uses it daily until April. Over that period it typically accounts for 70% of our energy bill and household carbon footprint. 

Curious Ways To Save!

Move that sofa! 
It may seem counter inturative, but dont pop that sofa in front of the radiator! It will absorb the heat and stop it from circulating around the room! Ignore these curious.words and you will literally Netflix & Chill!

Start heating earlier... just on 20°C not 30°C
The Centre for Sustainable Energy recommends you set your heating for 30mins before your wake up or arrive home, but set the temp for a lower 20°C rather than 30°C. The bolier heats at a constant speed, so won't heat up any quicker if put to 30°C. 

Research shows that turning your thermostat down by 1°C could cut your heating bill by up to 10%. 

Block our the draughts
Making your own sausage dog draught excluder to keep the warmth in your home. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that DIY draught-proofing your doors, windows and cracks in the floor could save £25 per year. 

If you have any other brrrrrilliant ideas, let us know! Tag and get sharing.
Innovation & Technology

Mixing Electricity⚡and Water 💧

What's Going On Here?

A floating solar farm the size of a football pitch is being built on a Lancashire Reservoir.

United Utilities are installing floating rafts of over 3000 solar panels, designed to generate enough energy to power 200 homes

What Will This Do? 

The unshaded reservoir provides ideal conditions for maximising solar exposure without taking up valuable land.

The panels will be used to power the UK's biggest water company, United Utilities’, water treatment plant, which supplies H20 to 152,000 local residents.

Why Should We Care? 

A typical water company’s biggest operating cost is electricity. Moving towards self sufficiency is expected to mean more stable prices for consumers. :-)

What’s more, the panels also block out sunlight which slows growth of problematic algae in the reservoir. Without this, removing the algae to make it safe to drink is both carbon and chemical intensive.

Be Curious!

By thinking more about your water usage you can lessen the demand on energy and the carbon required to process it and get it to your tap.

Use this personalised online tool to see how you can reduce your water consumption. It’ll also tell you if your local water supplier offer free water saving gadgets!


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