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Plastic Pollution

Forget Loose Change, Use Your Plastic Bottles To Park

What's Going On Here?

This week car park operator CitiPark revealed it will trial a reverse vending system at its flagship car park at the Merrion Centre in Leeds, where customers will be offered cheaper car parking rates for ‘cashing’ in plastic bottles. 

What Does This Mean?

As a means of incentivising recycling, throughout October customers will be able to pay to park their car using plastic bottles! The only rule is that each bottle must be 500ml or more, with each 500ml bottle knocking 20p off the cost of parking! There’s no limit on the number of bottles that can be used, so you can park til your heart's content! 

Once collected, the plastic bottles will be upcycled into fabrics for clothing, or used to make new plastic toys and furniture. 

Why Should We Care? 

It’s no secret that we need to tackle the global plastic problem. Every year we produce almost 300 million tons of plastic, of which 50% are single use. Of this, more than 8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans

Not only does this scheme breathe new life into plastic bottles, but will also save customers a few quid on parking costs. 

Be Curious!

Lucky enough to live in Leeds? Next time you head into town grab yourself some free parking at the Merrion Centre using your plastic bottles! 

Want to reduce your plastic footprint? Check out the BBC’s Plastics Watch, which lists some simple Plastic Actions you can take.​

Transport & Travel

Virgin Lands Aviation First With Bio-Fuel Atlantic Crossing

What's Going On Here?

This week saw the first commercial flight using biofuel from recycling waste carbon gases. Sir Richard Branson claims the move demonstrates the potential for 'dramatic' carbon cuts in the aviation game!

What Does This Mean?

Passengers on Virgin Atlantic VS16 flight from Orlando to London Gatwick arrived in the UK on Tuesday morning and may not have noticed anything different with their flight. 

But in reality, the trip was a green-aviation first!

The new fuel, developed by US firm LanzaTech with financial support from the US and UK governments, is produced by recycling waste industrial gases from steel making and other heavy industrial processes

LanzaTech takes the waste, carbon-rich gases to first make ethanol, which can then be used for a range of low carbon products, including jet fuel.

Why Should We Care? 

Virgin have stated that it could fuel 100 percent of all its flights departing from Britain with a 50 percent mix of the new fuel. This move could deliver almost a million tonnes of CO2 savings a year.

For you, this could mean a “guilt free” trip… Or at least less guilt..

Virgin are not the only airline in the eco-game, with EasyJet partnering with aviation startup Wright Electric to create cheap electric flights by the year 2027. But until then, any improvements to cleaning up air-travel is welcome!

Be Curious!

Soo... to off-set some of you air-miles from this year, why not protect some trees in your name 

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