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This weeks email is full of positive environmental stories, including the winners of the Dyson award & paddle boarding the Hudson River for plastic awareness.

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Climate Change

Why having a #girlboss is good for the environment

#girlboss be eco!

New research has found that companies with more females on their boards are less likely to be sued for breaching environmental laws and will save millions as a consequence! 

The study by the Journal of Corporate Finance

What does gender have to do with the environment? 

One theory suggests that because female directors are stereotypically more empathetic and less power-oriented than men, they are more likely to prioritise the welfare of local communities when making environmental decisions.

Another theory is simply that people who are different from one another make better group decisions. Diversity of all kinds ultimately leads to a greater sense of perspective and better solutions.

Who runs the world?

Well... If you care about the environment, it should be girls! 

For every additional woman appointed to a corporate board, the risk of an environmental lawsuit 
decreases by an average 1.5%, and if you care about the dollar that’s the equivalent of saving $3.1m

Be Curious!

Help become wider reaching and more diverse! Invite your friends, family, colleagues and enemies to join the movement! 

We even welcome non-eco warriors!  

Food & Drink

Can our appetite for meat be solved in the lab?

Would you eat lab-grown meat?

A recent report titled ‘Don’t have a cow man’ has argued for the expansion of the UK’s lab-grown meat industry, describing it as cleaner, healthier, cheaper and more beneficial to the planet’s environment than traditional meat production. 

How does it differ from eating 'normal' meat?

Lab-grown meat, has made leaps and bounds in the fight to satisfy the global demand for meat more sustainably. It is produced taking isolated stem or muscle cells from an animal, putting it in a nutrient-rich medium and literally growing it in a petri-dish.

Lab-grown meat could cut agricultural greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 96%.

In addition to the CO2e emissions and water consumption, the area of land required to feed just one of us with beef could potentially feed as many as 19 people with rice (pretty mad cow eh?!). But lab-grown meat would only require 1% of the land to produce the same amount of meat!

Why are the steaks so high?

According to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation, global livestock production accounts for approximately 14.5% of all human-induced Green House Gas (GHG) emissions.

Yet despite this, global meat demand is still projected to rise by 73% by 2050, so the development of lab-grown meat is a ‘welcome innovation’ that could revolutionise the food industry.

It may also help to avoid diseases. Currently, African swine fever is sweeping across China (home to 50% of the worlds pigs), causing UN to call an emergency meeting this week.

Disclaimer: not suitable for strict definition-driven veggies!

Be Curious!

Heading out for a burger this weekend and want to reduce your meat consumption? 

Marston’s announced this week they would be the first UK pub chain to put a meatless ‘bleeding’ burger on their menus! If you fancy giving it a go, you can find your nearest meatless burger here.


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