Funding, Mindset, Strategy

Dear colleagues,

This issue offers a quick fix for everything that you need for system change: funding, mindset, and strategy!

Let's start with funding. At the end of 2017, Co-Impact committed 500 million dollars to system change initiatives. They just announced their first funding round, with five projects receiving a total of 80 million dollars. I hope that these concrete examples of system change funding will help convince more donors to follow this approaoch.

I'm also happy to report that four of the five initiatives are associated with Ashoka Fellows. It's worth taking a look at them:
  • Graduation Approach / Jeevika with Raja Menon
  • Teaching at the Right Level, an initiative by Pratham, which was founded by Madhav Chavan
  • Project Echo with Sanjeev Arora
  • BasicNeeds with Chris Underhill
  • The fifth grantee is also associated with Ashoka: Peter Luckow from Liberia’s National Community Health Assistant Program is an Ashoka and American Express Emerging Innovator.
Moving on to mindsets. My colleagues Reem Rahmann, Michela Fenech, Nadine Freeman, Kris Herbst, and Dani Matielo wrote a great summary of the leadership styles that are needed to have impact on a systems level. The piece is called "Let’s Bust the Lone Hero Myth:  The Role of Collective Leadership in Systems Change". It even features Chris Underhill as an example (see above).

For strategy, take a look at the article "Towards ‘Targeted Systems Change’" by Sam Rye. Sam fleshed out the general idea that I outlined in "Systems Change -- Big or Small?" with a blend of systems analysis, transition theory and prototyping.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for another Knowledge Snippet soon (definitely sooner than the seven months it took me to write this one)!
Odin Mühlenbein
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