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It was a week of terrorism as three incidences of violence, murder, and intimidation took place. Two African-Americans were killed in a Kentucky Kroger in an apparently racially-motivated shooting after the white male suspect tried and failed to access a predominantly black church. Several packages containing bomb materials were found mailed to prominent Trump critics by a suspect who attended Trump rallies and posted threats on social media. Finally, 11 people were killed in a Pittsburg Synagogue at the hands of a man yelling "all Jews must die." While normally incidents like these bring the country together, influencers on both sides were quick to blame the other party for inciting the violence and causing the divisive atmosphere

Questions we asked:
Are we putting too much emphasis on foreign terror at the expense of domestic?
Should we arm places of worship? 
Should we enable more surveillance of radical social media channels?

The idea of "nationalism" was a big theme this week as the migrant caravan continued to make news through announcements of a military deployment to the southern border and political influencer discussions about what "nationalism" means. Some tied the rhetoric around the caravan to the shooting in Pittsburg as posts from alleged shooter Robert Bowers named a Jewish-run refugee settlement charity in threatening posts on alternative social media site Gab

Questions we asked:
Can the US be a nationalist country while embracing a multi-ethnic society?
Will troops make a difference or is the deployment symbolic? 
Will removing support for Gab help to reduce the spread of hateful ideologies?

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Top Journalist SNiPs of the Week

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It was the deadliest attack on Jews in U.S. history, killing 11 people inside a Pittsburgh synagogue. The shooter, identified as Robert Bowers, 46, of Pittsburgh, shouted anti-Semitic slurs while he began shooting. In the criminal complaint, Bowers said to SWAT team members that “They’re committing genocide to my people" and "I just want to kill Jews." He had posted hateful messages on social media and specifically called out a local Jews non-profit that was helping to settle refugees.

Will political discourse become less divisive after this event?

More Top Journalism SNiPs

Pipe Bomb Suspect Arrested in Southern Florida

Is Trump implying that the media brought the attacks on themselves?

Trans People Say They #WontBeErased As Trump Administration Mulls Defining 'Sex'
Should "sex" include gender identity or be defined solely on a biological basis?

Top Influencer SNiPs of the Week

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It’s Wrong to Abandon the INF Treaty

The Bloomberg Ed board says the INF treaty is flawed but removing the U.S. from it is a mistake. The U.S. should first try to get Russia to comply and then try to include China, who are not part of the agreement. If the U.S. pulls out, the weapons would require substantial funding. Cooperation from European allies would be difficult to secure. "Giving Russia one last chance to comply, while leaving the world in no doubt that it has in-fact cheated, would improve the prospects of success."

Would renegotiating a treaty increase the chances of including China?

Counter SNiP: Who needs an intermediate-range nuke treaty with Russia anyway, amirite?

More Top Influencer SNiPs

The Pipe-Bombs Story: Another Example of Why No One Trusts the Media
Does the left use as much incendiary language as the right?
Counter SNiP: Trump Allies Insist Bomb Threats Against Clinton, Obama, CNN Are ‘Pure BS,’ a ‘False Flag’

Fidelity May Single-Handedly Solidify Crypto as New Asset Class
Is a correction of an honest mistake enough to dispel ‘fake news’ accusations?


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Top User SNiPs of the Week

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Khabib Nurmagomedov Will Get Half of $2 Mil Purse from UFC 229

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has just released $1M of Khabib’s $2M purse for UFC 229. They are holding the remaining $1M until after his hearing on Dec 10, where they will determine the amount of the fine he will have to pay for causing the brawl in the crowd after his fight. Both Conor and Khabib must appear before the commission in person after the investigation is complete. Nothing was held back from Conor’s purse.

Did the NSAC hold back too much of Khabib’s purse?
From user: Henry

Do you agree that this woman should have been fired from her job?
From user: Motavader2

'You Can't Remove the Cloud Over His Legitimacy': Conservative Writer Explains Why Russia Was 'Very, Very Important' to Trump's Election

Criminal: Agree / Disagree
From user: Trehuger

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