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When Fake News is Fun

#FakeNewsFriday often serves up plenty of stuff to worry about. Today is no exception, unfortunately. But this week was Halloween and if it's ever good to be fake, it's this week. So were starting off with a couple of more light-hearted examples of fake news committed for the purposes of entertainment. One can still ask if their use of fake information distributed through real media channels either started or made light of a serious problem, but rarely can we highlight fake news where the intention was pure entertainment.

As elections ended in Brazil and the U.S. election enters it's final stage, disinformation continues to be a big factor and show real consequences. Often the truth is not really that hard to find. But, when we rely on the media to make that information readily accessible, it's the reach and frequency of a message that will win people's reality and manifest itself at the ballot box. 
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In 1938, 80 years ago on Halloween, filmmaker Orson Welles narrated a prologue for H.G. Wells' War of The Worlds on broadcast radio estimated to have reached millions. It began with "Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt our program of dance music to bring you a special bulletin, Martians have landed in New Jersey!" It was arguably the most famous fake news before the term entered our lexicon. The aftermath was also a bit of fake news as the popular story of mass hysteria was also sensationalized.

Are people fooled by fake news today as much as they were in the thirties?

Phish Perform Halloween Show as Fake Scandinavian Band Kasvot Växt

The venerable jam band Phish performed as a fake Swedish 80's progressive rock band for Halloween complete with a fake album, fake reviews, and fake artist page on AllMusic. The fake band Kasvot Växt, performing off of their fake 1981 album i rokk, even had fake radio playlists and fake interviews. Phish was not just in costume, they actually performed an original album in 80's-style prog rock.

Have any musicians besides David Bowie managed to pull off an alter ego?

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Mueller accuses opponents of offering women money to make 'false claims' about him

A spokesman for Special Counsel Robert Mueller released a statement saying that Mueller asked the FBI to investigate a possible sexual misconduct scam against him which involved women being paid to make false claims of harassment. Jack Burkman, a Republican lobbyist and radio host, announced that he would "reveal the first of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's sex assault victims" on Thursday. Burkman had previously spread conspiracy theories about DNC staffer Seth Rich.

Would sexual misconduct by Mueller invalidate the Russian collusion probe?

Far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro wins presidential election in Brazil

Far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro has been elected the Brazilian presidency. He defeated Fernando Haddad, a leftist major of Sao Paulo, who’s political party was the center of a massive corruption scandal that saw the impeachment of his predecessor. The election was preceded by a wave of fake news that caused Facebook to shut down several group and users accounts on Whatsapp used to spread disinformation. Bolsonaro, has stirred controversy by making misogynistic, racist and homophobic remarks.

Should voting be compulsory as it is Brazil?

Trump’s claim that Democrats let cop killer stay in U.S. is false

An anti-immigration video that was tweeted out by Pres. Trump showed police murderer Luis Bracamontes cheerfully talking about killing Sacramento County officers. It claimed the Democrats let him into the country. However, records show he was arrested in '96 and deported in '97 during the Clinton presidency. He was arrested again in '98 but released by Sherriff Arpaio's office, a Republican. He returned and was married in 2002 when Bush was president and committed his murders in 2014.

Is this video effective regardless of who let Bracamonte back in the country?

Facebook removes Iran-linked accounts followed by more than 1 million people

Facebook announced on Friday that it had deleted 82 pages, groups, and accounts on Facebook and Instagram originating from Iran that had gained over 1 million US and British followers. The accounts had represented themselves as American and British citizens while posting politically charged topics such as race relations, opposition to Trump, and immigration said Facebook head of cybersecurity Gleicher in a blog post.

Is this retaliation for the US exiting the Iran nuclear deal?

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1) Facebook removes Iran-linked accounts followed by more than 1 million people
2) California agrees to not enforce net neutrality law... for now
3) Blockchain Documentary Produced by Ethereum Co-Founder Opens in New York

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1) Don’t fall for Trump’s desperate, race-baiting birthright citizenship stunt
- Counter SNiP: Ending birthright citizenship is no Panacea
2) Trump's caravan hysteria led to this
- Counter SNiP: Be glad Trump, Not Hillary, Is Protecting the Border
3) Megyn Kelly was making racist comments long before 'blackface.' NBC hired her anyway.
- Counter SNiP: WALSH: Why Are People Offended By Cultural Appropriation On Halloween But Not St. Patrick's Day?

Top User SNiPs of the Week

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1) Alec Baldwin's BRILLIANT Speech On Overthrowing Donald Trump - user: trehuger
2) Ben and Jerry's Unveils Anti-Trump Ice Cream Called 'Pecan Resist - user: Henry
3) US passes landmark decision in 'right to repair' movement - user: Motavader2
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