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Upgrade your LAN infrastructure with the AT&T Cabling new generation of Super HD LC Single Boot Duplex Cord.

AT&T Cabling Systems Product Management is proud to announce the new “AT&T Super HD LC Single Boot Duplex Cord”, offering new ways for upgrading LAN infrastructures and data centers.

Here are the upgrades it offers that turns it into a must-have:

Save valuable space with 1.6mm Duplex Cable OD
Superior 1.6mm Duplex cord that saves up to 50% space
(compared to standard Duplex Cords), saving up to 20% of the space taken up by other HD cords available today. 
Stop wasting time on testing your cords with Color Coded polarity housing 

Now it is easier than ever to understand your LC Duplex Polarity situation; the new Color coded housing displays your cord polarity status at a glance letting you know immediately if your cord is Cross A-B or straight A-A. 
Upgrade your ability to change or add cords safely  

Putting 144F in 1U packing or connecting cords to HD switches can be a real challenge, mainly due to the difficulty to remove and insert cords into position in a confined space (damaging the cords as a result). The new pull/push Tab cords are an easy and elegant solution - Simply Insert or release cords safely and quickly without any damage or interruptions.
No more clutter: visible and readable cord numbering with Pull/Push  tab labeling 
The large bundles of cords all in a small space make it impossible to read numbers written on the cord itself or to identify the port on the HD panel switch that the cord is connected to. 
The new Tab Labeling is featuring clear and visible numbers to each cord exactly at the point where it connects, allowing easy and clear management of cords.
Take control, save time and money and change polarity using a field polarity change cord

Changing the polarity of cords in the field offers the flexibility to install different polarity types of channels such as Type A, Type B and Type C while still keeping only one type of cord in stock. Whether you need an A-B cord or an A-A cord, the same cord can be used, making stock management much easier as well as saving time and money.
Upgrade your channel loss budget significantly with Super low loss cords

The higher data rates protocols are pushing the FO insertion loss budgets down. The new super low loss LC cord is now offering a maximum insertion loss of 0.1dB with typical value of only 0.07dB and a minimum of 20dB RL.
About AT&T Cabling
AT&T Cabling Systems provides complete and state-of-the-art LAN cabling solutions and components for all needs of enterprise customers. Our high-performance network infrastructure solutions based on innovative designs and highly advanced technology are the first choice for all applications. Combining unmatched reliability with the unparalleled AT&T Millennium™ Lifetime warranty, AT&T Cabling Systems is your key to years of fail-safe and trouble-free operation, minimizing system downtime and maximizing your profits.
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