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At the end of this long hot summer, welcome... our fourth newsletter.  PCL was founded in 2015 and we recently completed running our fifth PGCPLC programme in partnership with the Institute of Psychosynthesis.  We are taking applications for our next programme that starts in February 2019 - so please get in touch with either of us if you could be interested in joining this.   Aubyn Howard and Paul Elliott, Directors

No. 4 / September 2018
Next PGCPLC programme starts in February 2019
The Post-Graduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching 
Programme 5: 16 - 18 Feb 2019, 16 - 18 Mar, 20 - 22 Apr, 18 -20 May, 15 - 17 Jun
Location: London Kings Cross

Programme 6: 20 – 22 Sept 2019, 18 - 20 Oct, 15 - 17 Nov, 13 - 15 Dec, 17 - 19 Jan 2020
Location: London Kings Cross
TAKING APPLICATIONS Apply now for a place on the PGCPLC in February 2019

Institute of Psychosynthesis
Fundamentals of Psychosynthesis next dates
9 – 12 November 2018, 25 – 28 January 2019
Location: IOP Hendon
Open Events next dates
13 October 2018
17 November 2018

Running from 10am – 2pm.
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8202 4525

Attend an Open Event at the Institute of Psychosynthesis
Apply now to attend the Fundamentals of Psychosynthesis
Announcing the First Annual Psychosynthesis Coaching Symposium 
Location: NCVO in King’s Cross, London
Date: Wednesday 14th November 2018 09:30 to 17:30

Sessions include: 

Psychospiritual Coaching – Roger Evans will speak about his evolving model of Trifocal Vision, core to psychosynthesis coaching
Coaching in a VUCA World – Keith Silvester and Heather Wignall will explore these four aspects (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) both experientially and theoretically 
Somatic Coaching – Different ways of working with the body and our felt sense in leadership coaching and personal development, with Harriet Hanmer and Laira Gold
Systemic Coaching and Constellations – Rich new resources, ideas, ways of working and creativity, with Ruth Rochelle
Neuropsychology for Coaching – Is neuroscience telling us anything new? How do we reconcile scientific and psycho-spiritual perspectives? Aubyn Howard
Mindfulness: Self-care for Coaches – An experiential session attending to self-care as well as care between coach and client with Keith Hackwood
Developmental Thinking for Coaching – Aubyn Howard will lead a session on seeing evolutionary as a place to come from rather than a place to get to…

The cost is £100+VAT or £80+VAT with the early bird discount (must book by 7th October). 
Refreshments and buffet lunch are included.
Book your place at the Symposium here on Eventbrite
Extract from latest blog post by Aubyn as posted on Linked-in
Personal development and the leadership coach

Why are personal and professional development inseparable in coaching? In this post, I explore what we mean by personal development and how it combines with professional development for the psychosynthesis coach. I invite you as the reader to take a closer look at your relationship with your own development and challenge you to reflect upon it in new ways. Psychosynthesis can be described as an holistic approach to personal development, involving what Roberto Assagioli called personal and transpersonal psychosynthesis, as we follow our individual journeys towards self-realisation and self-actualisation…
Click here to read the whole post...
Picture from Gig Binder's gallery

News about PCL and our team
We have expanded our PCL operations team!
Aubyn Howard and Paul Elliott have been joined on a part-time basis by:
Rachel Houghton - lead community and partnerships
Elliot Friedman - technology and marketing support. 

Rachel is leading our Symposium team, activating the community network and developing new partnerships and connections.
Elliot is developing our new directory of psychosynthesis leadership coaches, building our online platform for blended programmes and generally looking after our digital universe - look out for a website facelift soon!
Special gatherings this summer
In August 2018 an Anglo-Italian Psychosynthesis Coaching Retreat took place at Chateau Chavagnac in France.  A group of our Italian IIPE partners, along with special guest Isabelle Kung from Geneva, joined our PCL facilitation team. We are planning a repeat next year, as well as an open retreat - watch this space for details!
Our colleagues Gordon Symons and Sue Cruse attended the September International Meeting at Casa Assagioli!  We are hoping for a report from Gordon in the next newsletter.
Websites of psychosynthesis coaches
1 Angelika Seidl:
2 Debora Maloney:
3 Harriet Hanmer:
4 Jan Goss:
5 Martin Armitage-Smith:
6 Nana-Efua Lawson: 
7 Cressy Landless:
8 Lisa Garvey-Williams:
9 Kathleen White:
Other connections and links!
Our Facebook page:
This is somewhere for psychosynthesis coaches to start discussions, ask for resources, collaborate on projects, share links, photos, movies, events etc.
London Wellspring also have a Facebook page: The London Wellspring

Angelika Seidl would like to share 'my research article from my training in April in India on Yoga for Leadership & Managing Responsibility on the Shoulders':
and a post on an 'Ayurvedic Body Type (Dosha) Test, to see which elements are out of balance, this is a great coaching tool to use, that can complement the somatic coaching approach': 

Missed the UK premier of the film about Roberto Assagioli? You can now BUY THE DVD of the film (with subtitles): just click this link 
See also: Linked-in article by Vanni Landi
New books on Psychosynthesis
The Call of Self: Psychosynthesis Life Coaching Paperback – 22 Aug 2018 by Dorothy Firman (Editor)
This edited book covers areas of Coaching from the classic life, business and wellness coaching into more distinct areas of coaching, including trauma, career, ecology, yoga, body work, spiritual practice, gender, empowerment of the will and more. Edited by Dr. Dorothy Firman, a New York Times best selling author and Psychosynthesis Life Coach and trainer, authors from around the world offer their expertise in specialty areas of coaching as well in the experiential world of being a Coach and ally in service of creating a safer and saner world. 

Aubyn Howard contributed two chapters:
Chapter 4: Therapy and Coaching: Challenging the Orthodoxy
Chapter 15: The Alchemy of Coaching

Roger Evans contributed two chapters:
Chapter 2: Introduction to Psychosynthesis Coaching
Chapter 19: Introducing 5 Dimensions of Leadership

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Announcing the publication of Roger Evans' 5DL
Five Dimensions of Leadership
The book and other resources will be available from the 5DL website.  Go to:
You can also contact Roger directly at:
Roger says: "whether you are a leader in an organization, a parent, a teacher, a coach or a consultant, 5DL is the result of 10 years research with thousands of leaders in private and public sector organisations around the globe and our conclusions are very significant."
When a small number of underlying human dimensions are developed to a significant levels and when they come together in an individual, then remarkable and great human leadership takes place. 

What are these Five Dimensions of Leadership?
1DL –Ability to Self Reflect – self-awareness 
2DL– Awareness of one’s impact on others, understanding their difference and their group dynamics
3DL– Ability to consistently see the whole picture and the dynamics between the ‘part and the whole’. The art of ‘thinking systemically’ and understanding system forces
4DL– Individual freedom (free will) to both make clear decisions and then to drive delivery in the face of resistance - intermittent or continual - ‘to be blown in the wind, to bend but to stand firm’
5DL– Ability to ask for appropriate help and support – internally and externally to the organisation
Contact Roger about the 5DL coaching programme for psychosynthesis counsellors and therapists starting December
Transpersonal Dynamics: The Relational Field, Depth Work and the Unconscious Paperback – 24 Jul 2018 by Stacey Millichamp (Author)
This has been recommended by Romi Bowen, who says "it is relevant to therapists and coaches and I think it is brilliant at integrating and taking further the transpersonal aspects of coaching introduced to us on the course..."

Aubyn will review in the next newsletter! 
The Way of Psychosynthesis: A complete guide to the origins, concepts, and the fundamental experiences, with a biography of Roberto Assagioli Paperback – 21 Dec 2017 by Petra Guggisberg Nocelli (Author)

Aubyn will also review in the next newsletter! 

Download pdf leaflet for the PGCPLC
STUDENT FEEDBACK  from PGCPLC Programmes Four and Five

I found the course transformational, for my coaching and in my personal growth. And for deepening my understanding of how both are inextricably linked…
As practitioners it invites us to find our 'more than' so that we become a resource for others to find theirs. All of which adds a new dimension to both the coaching experience and to what constitutes and supports good leadership. PC

Overall, this is a fantastic course which covers both academic and practical learning. JG 

The Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching course is a powerful combination of theory and experience that has deepened my understanding of self and improved the quality of my coaching. I am more grounded and confident in my ability to work with individuals at depth to support the transformation of leaders and organisations. RL 

An excellent foundation in leadership coaching; an extraordinary experience both personally and professionally. KW

Both Paul & Aubyn (& the rest of the teaching panel) were excellent facilitators, outlining and sharing real world experiences. AS

From the moment I stepped into the training room I had a sense of coming home. It was clear from the get-go that we, the participants, were going to be on an extraordinary, creative, inspiring and hugely informative learning journey; a journey that perfectly combined theory and practice. Aubyn and Paul hold the space beautifully, flowing with what emerges in the group while ensuring that the group also gets the learning it needs. RH 

Expect to be on a deep personal journey, as well as a professional one.  LS

This course is a commitment to personal growth, understanding leadership, coaching, and mostly, bringing more of your soul and higher self into reality. You will not regret doing this course, it has something for everyone…Thank you all so much, this course has changed my life. AY

Get in touch with Aubyn to find out more about the PGCPLC
Get in touch with Paul to find out more about the PGCPLC
Next stage organisations: leaving the safe harbour… an interactive learning event by Human Organising Co

Come and explore the challenges and opportunities of new ways of organising work, in the company of other brave adventurers

10th October 2018 – 9am-5pm Central London

“There is a simpler way of organising human endeavour. It requires a new way of being in the world, being without fear and with play and creativity.”  
Margaret Wheatley
Book your place here at Next Stage Organisations, 10th October
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