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Welcome... our first quarterly newsletter, we hope you find it interesting and useful.  PCL was founded in 2015 and we are currently running our third five-month PGCPLC programme in partnership with the Institute of Psychosynthesis - the next one starts in September 2017.  This first newsletter coincides with being able to announce our forthcoming Masters in Leadership Coaching, with the first programme starting in September 2018. More on this below...  Aubyn Howard and Paul Elliott, Directors

No. 1 / May 2017
What is special about Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching?
This is currently the UK’s only validated Post Graduate Coaching Certification programme founded upon Psychosynthesis as a core coaching depth and height psychology.

Psychosynthesis is an integrative psychology that is concerned with the whole human being, with all levels of consciousness and unconsciousness. It encompasses and explores the nature of self, will and being, and equips the coach to tackle inner issues of identity, purpose, meaning and values, as well as to deal with the significant crises that can arise for their clients. 

Psychosynthesis provides a powerful coaching psychology that can help us connect with our inner resources, activate the will, strengthen our sense of self and develop our capacity for being in right relationship with others. It gives coaches a context, method and techniques for helping leaders meet the personal and human challenges of complex organisational change. It provides an accessible grammar for transforming organisations through activating principles of wholeness and purpose...

Read more from Paul Elliott on psychosynthesis coaching...

Details of courses 

The Post-Graduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching 
next dates for 5 month programme

Programme 4: 15-17 Sept 2017, 13-15 Oct,
10-12 Nov, 8-10 Dec, 12-14 Jan 2018
Programme 5: 9-11 Feb 2018, 9-11 Mar, 13-15 Apr, 11-13 May, 8-10 Jun
Programme 6: 14-16 Sept 2018, 12-14 Oct,
9-11 Nov, 7-9 Dec, 11-13 Jan 2019

Location: London Kings Cross

Leadership Coaching MA
2 Year programme, starts September 2018
Location: London Kings Cross
Apply now for a place on the PGCPLC in September 2017

Institute of Psychosynthesis
Fundamentals of Psychosynthesis next dates
21 – 24 July 2017
8 – 11 September 2017
Location: IOP Hendon

Open Events next dates
25 March 2017, 22 April 2017, 27 May 2017, 24 June 2017. Running from 10am – 2pm.

Tel: +44 (0) 20 8202 4525
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Recent blog posts by Aubyn as posted on Linked-in: see below

The Leadership Gap
What are the emergent challenges that leaders need most help with from their coaches? I’m going to highlight two big themes here, which increasingly arise in both my own coaching practice and the coaching courses we are running at PCL – and which have resonance in the broader societal context of leadership to which we are all exposed if we follow the news....
The Alchemy of Coaching
Alchemy is making a comeback. Cast into the shadows by the enlightenment and modern science, the notion of alchemy, albeit in a metaphorical sense in relationship to human consciousness and will, is seemingly becoming relevant again....
How is coaching like alchemy? Firstly, the coaching session can sometimes be experienced as alchemy, both by the coach and the coachee. Clearly the coach here is the alchemist or guide, but what is the crucible? Within psychosynthesis coaching, this is created by the coach containing or holding the being of the other and the space that opens up between the coach and coachee in right relationship. We sometimes call this the space between, and other approaches might describe this in terms of active presence or authentic engagement....
The Somatic Path of Coaching
Somatic coaching is an emerging approach within the coaching profession and I want to use this post to provide an overview to anyone new to this perspective. In his very readable book on The Art of Somatic Coaching Richard Strozzi-Heckler sets out the central premise of somatic work, that “…while psychotherapy focused on reasons why something is the way it is, I would ask how is it that we have formed ourselves. For example, how do we form ourselves toward contact or away from contact, instead of Why don’t we make contact?”...

This months selection of coaching and leadership links:
Wavelength - video clips on today's leadership challenges
Brainfood - website and blog to keep up to date on customer strategy, social media and tech stuff
Laloux - download his illustrated short version of Reinventing Organisations here, pay what feels right

Becoming ourselves - Julia Vaughan Smith's 2 day retreats for therapists and coaches in London
Synthesis Centre - Psychosynthesis Life Coach training in the US with Didi Firman
Photography - Gig Binder's gallery of beautiful nature photos
Animas - check out Bill Plotkin's retreats and writing which connect soul, nature and psychology

On-Purpose Consulting - Sue Holland and Sue Harris' vision for awakening awareness and will
Tools and resources from the PCL website
A basic 360 feedback questionnaire
The Leadership Styles Profile
Aubyn's 2015 APECS paper
Assagioli Evocative Words

FILM SHOW & SOCIAL Saturday July 1st. 2017 @ 6.00pm at the Hornsey Vale Community Centre, 60 Mayfield Road, N8 9LP
More from: The London Wellspring
Internal Coach Training, Development and Supervision
Attention HR leaders responsible for developing internal coaching capability:

PCL's In-house Programmes for Organisations

  • Foundations of Leadership Coaching for Internal Coaches  – tailored 5 day programme
  • Foundations of Psychological Coaching for Leaders  – tailored 5 day programme
Find out more about tailored leadership coach training programmes

2017 APECS Symposium

How can coaching best respond to the emergent challenges of leadership?

Date: Wednesday 7th June 2017

Location: Phyllis Court, Henley

Time: 10:00 to 18:00 (with drinks afterwards)

Cost: APECS Members: £198 + VAT = £237.60

Guests: £220 + VAT = £264.00

BOOK NOW! on Eventbrite

Session at the APECs Symposium:
Psychosynthesis as a holistic psychology for integrating new developments in coaching

Aubyn Howard and Paul Elliott – Directors of Psychosynthesis Coaching

An experiential and interactive session revealing psychosynthesis as a holistic psychology for integrating recent developments in coaching, including systemic and somatic coaching, mindfulness and evolutionary coaching.  Introducing trifocal vision as our core model of psychosynthesis coaching, as well as showing how Roberto Assagioli’s model of the psyche (the Egg Diagram) helps coaches navigate the inner space of their clients.

Join our session to find out more about how psychosynthesis can provide a powerful context for leadership coaching as well as for your own personal development as a coach.

Download pdf leaflet for the PGCPLC
Feedback from the second programme:
"This course was a life changing experience for me. I experienced a truly shared constructive learning environment with my fellow course participants and the tutors"
"The learning has supported me in making step changes in my role as a charity CEO and enabled me to confidently practice as a leadership coach." 
"Because of this course I am now a far more self-reflective person. I have set up a coaching practice and coach with love and confidence. My journey continues and the course provides me with the on-going feel I need to keep growing, learning and reflecting."
"The course was full of integrity, there was such a depth of knowledge, and it was delivered with compassion and a connectedness rarely experienced"
"It is offering something extremely valuable to coaches, therapists, their clients, business and society as a whole."
"The peer group was magical and together we held each other and encouraged each other beyond belief"
"Paul and Aubyn were phenomenal guides, teachers, friends. They had the perfect balance of feeding our souls and our minds."
Masters in Leadership Coaching
This is currently still in development, full details to be released with our next newsletter.
This will be an expansive and inclusive Masters programme, drawing from leading practitioners and teachers from different disciplines and approaches, including systemic and somatic coaching, mindfulness, neuroscience and evolutionary coaching.
Our approach is integrative, giving students a critical overview of the territory, at the same time developing mastery in the psychosynthesis psychological approach that will distinguish graduates of this programme. 
Two-year pathway to Masters through a combination of group workshops, supervised practice, self-directed study and academic papers.  
Pre-requesite: PGC in coaching (our PGCPLC or equivalent)
Diploma Year: 10 x 2 day seminars (weekends) + monthly half day group supervision of coaching practice
Masters Year: 5 x 1.5 day seminars + half day group supervision (weekends) + Thesis
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Websites of psychosynthesis coaches
1 Angelika Seidl:
2 Debora Maloney:
3 Harriet Hanmer:
4 Jan Goss:
5 Martin Armitage-Smith:
6 Nana-Efua Lawson: 
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