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Welcome from ESS Director

Welcome to the Spring 2020 installment of the Engendering Success in STEM Newsletter. As always, we are excited to share several updates about the activities and accomplishments of the ESS Consortium, its members, and its partners. We also recognize that we are all living and working through unprecedented times given the global pandemic caused by COVID-19.
In addition to summarizing what we have been working on over the past six months, we also want to take an opportunity to provide an update about how our research teams and a few of our partners are flexibly adapting the work they do under the current and foreseeable future with social distancing restrictions in place. Personally, I’ve been inspired by all the great work members of our teams have done and are planning to carry out under these difficult circumstances. We hope that you and your loved ones are safe.

Project Group Updates

Project CLIMB has been analyzing data collected on children’s science-gender stereotypes and created the first child science-gender IAT. They are also conducting studies with adults online to identify optimal methods for making claims about developmental change when utlizing cross-sectional designs.

For a full update on Project CLIMB's research and COVID response, click here.
Project PRISM working hard to share their existing results with the broader audience through creation of materials, presentations and public lectures while studies are being redesigned. They have also embarked on new intervention research to be applied in school settings. 

For a full update on Project PRISM's research and COVID response, click here.
Project SINC has been busy examining the coping strategies used by co-op students in the face of uncertainty and nonverbal behaviours in diverse groups. They are also working towards publishing data collected with engineering students and on a teamwork project at McMaster University. 

For a full update on Project SINC's research and COVID response, click here.
The past six months of Project RISE has primarily involved continuing data collection for the RISE Workshop Study. They are also working on designing a virtual version of the Inclusive Innovation Workshop in accordance with physical distancing protocols and writing manuscripts in the coming months.

For a full update on Project RISE's research and COVID response, click here.

New Research Members & Member Profile

We are excited to welcome the following faculty members, post-docs, graduate students, and administration members to our Consortium! 
Dr. Darko Odic is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of British Columbia.

Dr. Odic studies how children’s intuitions about number, space, and time develop and contribute to later school-taught formal mathematics and science knowledge. His work aims to help understand why some children learn some concepts quickly, and other ones much more slowly.

A recent paper by Dr. Odic on gender discrepancies in publishing rates among men and women can be accessed here (PDF).

To learn more about Dr. Odic's research, click here

We welcome two new Post-Doctoral Researchers and several graduate students who will be joining ESS this fall: 

  • Adam King, Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Candidate and Founder/Managing Director of bethink, University of British Columbia, Working with Toni Schmader 
  • Jessica Trickey, Graduate Student, University of Waterloo, working with Hilary Bergsieker
  • Katie Kroeper, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Ohio State University, working with Steve Spencer
  • Louisa You, Graduate student, University of Toronto, working with Liz Page-Gould
  • Rotem Kahalon, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Simon Fraser University, working with Steve Wright

Eisha Sharda is joining ESS as the ESS Knowledge Translation Manager after spending two and a half years as the Lab Manager for Toni Schmader’s Social Identity Lab. She is a Master of Management Candidate at UBC Sauder School of Business, having completed her B.Sc in Neurophysiology at UBC.

To learn more about Eisha or connect via LinkedIn, click here.

Dr. Mary Wells Appointed Dean of Engineering
We are excited to announce that Dr. Mary Wells will be serving as the Dean of Engineering at the University of Waterloo for a five-year term starting July 1st, 2020. She has also been named one of the ten global "Woman Engineers You Should Know" by the Society of Engineers and is the only Canadian on the list.
Remembering Dr. Katherine Phillips
We are profoundly saddened to report that renowned diversity scholar and friend of ESS, Dr. Katherine W. Phillips, Ph.D., passed away due to breast cancer at age 47 on January 15. Those in attendance at the ESS Knowledge Sharing Conference in Waterloo in September, 2018 will remember Kathy’s passionate keynote and strong, curious, and supportive presence.

Kathy was born in Chicago in 1972 and was the youngest of six children. She earned an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Illinois and a Ph.D. in organizational behavior from Stanford University. Kathy started her career at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management and then moved to the Columbia School of Business, where she served as Senior Vice Dean from 2014-2017.

Kathy was a pioneer in the field of diversity and conducted some of the earliest research demonstrating the benefits of diverse teams, which we continue to build upon in our own work at ESS. In addition to her scholarly and professional work, Kathy contributed immeasurably to the academic community as a devoted mentor, colleague, and collaborator.

Our hearts go out to Kathy’s family, her two young daughters, and her husband Dr. Damon Phillips, also a Professor at Columbia Business School. Kathy will be deeply missed by the ESS family and we are forever grateful for her inspiring work and friendship.  
Remembering Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour
It is with a heavy heart that we report the passing of Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour, Director of WinSETT, on May 25, 2019 at the age of 79. WinSETT is a key partner of the ESS consortium and it was truly an honour to have worked with Margaret-Ann. 

Margaret-Ann was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1939 where her curiosity for science was nurtured by her chemistry teacher. She completed her Bachelor of Science at the University of Edinburgh and worked as a research chemist in the paper industry for 5 years. Margaret-Ann was awarded a Master of Science from the University of Edinburgh for her research in different coatings for paper. She received her Ph.D in organic chemistry from the University of Alberta in 1970 and joined it's Department of Chemistry in 1979 as one of the few female professors in the Faculty of Science. 

Margaret-Ann was a devoted advocate for women in science and founded the Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science and Technology (WISEST) program. During her time as the first and only Associate Dean of Science for Diversity at the University of Alberta, Margaret-Ann initiated many projects including those to address the under representation of women in the Faculty of Science. 

To share Margaret-Ann's legacy, a short film was created to commemorate her positive impact on others and her continued contributions to science. The 20-minute film will be premiered on June 4th at 7:00 p,m. UTC. Click here to watch the live video. 

Recent Awards & Annoucements

Here are a few of our team's recent successes:
  • Andy Baron, University of British Columbia, received Knox Undergraduate Teaching Award from the Department of Psychology.
  • Elizabeth Page-Gould, University of Toronto, SSHRC Insight Grant, Social Interactions and Relationships in the Context of a Diverse Society, 2020-2025
  • Jessica Trickey, University of Waterloo, received the SSHRC CGS-M award from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).
  • Lucy De Souza, University of British Columbia, received the Jenessa Shapiro Graduate Research Award from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.
  • Priscilla Shum, Simon Fraser University, SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Doctoral Fellowship, Closing the gap: Analysis and application of non-sexist communication behaviors in sexism reduction interventions, 2019-2022
  • Sonia Kang, University of Toronto Mississauga and the Rotman School of Management, SSHRC Insight Grant, “Whitening” Names in Academic and Professional Life: Motivations, Consequences, and a Fluency-Based Intervention, 2019-2023
  • Toni Schmader, University of British Columbia, was elected as a member of the European Association for Social Psychology.

Partner Updates

Welcome to our new partners!
City of New Westminster
City of Port Moody
City of West Vancouver
Metro Vancouver
Partner Spotlight:

ESQ, Geering Up, Science Al!ve, & Science World 
Bringing STEM Education to Our Homes
During this uncertain period, many of our partners are working hard to make STEM education accessible while families and educators stay home. 

Check out some of their featured videos and resources below: The transition from in-person outreach to online content takes a lot of effort and fast-paced changes. We thank our partners for continuing their work in providing engaging STEM content and resources, and encourage you to check out and share their content if you are able!
Catch all of Geering Up's live streams here
Science Alive!'s online series about Science: STEAM On
Check out Science World's videos on their youtube channel
Partner Spotlight: Interview with Geering Up
Each newsletter we interview one of partners to share more details about their work with other groups in the Consortium. We chatted to Jakob Manning from Geering Up.

Please tell us a little bit about Geering Up.
For 25 years Geering Up has created STEM outreach programs for families across BC.
With the current changes around social and physical distancing, how will this impact your regular camp programming?
Normally, at this time of year we would travel to schools across BC to deliver hands-on engineering workshops. Instead, we have moved our programs online!

We want to be there to help families and teachers implement online learning. Last Thursday we welcomed 50 student instructors who will develop and teach these online programs. Our offerings now include online homework clubs, Youtube live streams, and online pro-d training for teachers. We are learning as we go. So far, we have worked with 1,200 students and 100 teachers on these digital platforms. The format is different from anything we’ve done before but what hasn’t changed is our commitment to breaking down barriers to STEM.

Read the full interview on our website
Girls to the Power of Math
The transition to COVID protocols and procedures has been especially difficult for children. Alexa Bailey, founder of Girls to the Power of Math and presenter at the latest ESS meeting, created a short educational video for children about how math is relevant when we talk about COVID and flattening the curve.
Learn more about the program here

Upcoming Events

Our Annual ESS Consortium Meeting for 2020 was planned to take place on November 19-20th at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, to be co-sponored by GATE and SFU. We currently have a Meeting Subcommittee, spearheaded by Andy Baron and Liz Page-Gould, who are exploring ideas and options for transforming this meeting to a virtual conference if need be.

Decisions about the format for the meeting will be made by August. If you have ideas about how to hold a successful meeting online, please share them with us at

Talks, Media, & Publications

Select Talks & Presentations

Ballinger, J.T., Jiang, T., & Crocker, J. (2020, February). Understanding diversity backlash: The mediating role of zero-sum beliefs (ZSBs). Poster presented at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, New Orleans, LA.

Bergsieker, H. B. (2019, November). Implicit bias and inclusion. Invited presentation at German Aerospace Center, Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany.

Bergsieker, H. B., & Cyr, E. N. (2019, November). Promoting rising STEM motivation: Updates from a randomized control trial to boost gender equity in STEM. Invited talk presented at Summit of the Ontario Network of Women in Engineering in Hamilton, ON.

Cyr, E. N., Spencer, S. J., Wright, S., & Bergsieker, H. B. (2020, January). Reducing STEM stereotyping and improving girls’ fit in STEM. Talk at the Actua National Convention in Ottawa, ON.

De Souza, L., & Schmader, T. (2020, February), What inhibits male allyship? Examining the influence of (mis)perceptions of other men’s beliefs. Data blitz and poster session presented at the 21th Annual Society for Personality and Social Psychology Convention Gender Preconference, New Orleans, Louisiana

Hall, W.M., Schmader, T.S., Inness, M., & Croft, E. (2020, February) Climate Change: Improving Norms for Inclusion Predicts Greater Fit for Women in STEM. Poster presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, New Orleans, Louisiana.

He, J. C., Kang, S. K. & Lacetera, N. (2020, February) Leaning in or not leaning out? Gender, choice architecture, and competition. In J. C. He & E. Kirgios (chairs), Diversity perceptions and decision-making are shaped by strategic motives. Symposium at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Hernanto, J., Dennehy, T. C., & Schmader, T. (2020, February). “That’s what she said”: Can amplifying women’s ideas impact the allocation of intellectual credit? Poster presented at the annual conference of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, New Orleans, LA.

Kang, S. (2020, February), Creating Cultures of Inclusion, CEO Global Network’s 2020 Women’s Leadership Summit.

Kang, S. (2020, March), Gender diversity and inclusion in STEM: Myths and Solutions”, A Symposium for International Women’s Day.

Schmader, T., (February 2020). Can implicit bias be tamed in the wild? In an invited symposium on Implicit Bias, Explicit Science at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Seattle, WA.

The full list of talks and presentations can be found here.
ESS in the Media
The engineering gender gap: it’s more than a numbers game” - Mary Wells, ESS Faculty Member, Sheryl Staub-French, ESS Faculty Member, Toni Schmader, ESS Faculty Member and Consortium Director, University Affairs, January 9, 2020

Fix, build, solve: Engaging girls with careers in engineering” - Elizabeth Croft, ESS Faculty Member, Monash University, January 21, 2020

Make Friends Who Don’t Look Like You” - Elizabeth Page-Gould, ESS Faculty Member, The Michigan Daily, December 8, 2019

Why Don’t People Care That More Men Don’t Choose Caregiving Professions?” - Kate Block, ESS Grad Student, Scientific American, February 4, 2020

The full list can be found here.
Academic Publications

Bergsieker, H. B., Wilmot, M. O., Cyr, E. N., & Grey, C. B. (2020). A threat in the network: STEM women in less powerful network positions avoid integrating stereotypically feminine peersGroup Processes & Intergroup Relations. doi: 10.1177/1368430219888274

Bennett, E.H.,., Berksieker, H., Coe, I.R., Koch-Kraft, A., Langelier, E., Morrison, S., Nikoleyczik, K., Schmader, T., Trivailo, O., Twine, S., & Decker, J.E. (in press). Enacting workplace cultural change for excellence in research: A gender lens. Facets. 5, 228-223,

He, J., Kang, S., & Lacetera, N. (working paper). Leaning In or Not Leaning Out? Opt-Out Choice Framing Attenuates Gender Differences in the Decision to CompeteNational Bureau of Economic Research. doi: 10.3386/w26484

He, J., Kang, S., & Lacetera , N. (2020, February 8). Addressing gender inequality via choice architecture. Vox EU.

Radke, H. R. M., Kutlaca, M., Siem, B., Wright, S. C. & Becker, J. C. (in press). Motivations for advantaged group allies to engage in collective action behaviors, Personality and Social Psychology Review.

Rhodes, M., & Baron, A.S. (2020). The development of social categorization. Annual Review of Developmental Psychology.

Baby Annoucements

Welcome baby Daela (Simon Lolliot) to the ESS family!
Daela's name comes from the Zulu word for “content” and “satisfied.”

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