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The fight to stop the Lippa quarry application is now at a critical stage, and we need your help. The Official Plan for the Township of Muskoka Lakes is being revised, and it has become clear that some key players in the revision process are trying to remove and/or weaken existing policies that put restrictions on the siting of quarry developments. In particular, it appears that the Meridian consultants want to remove the existing policy that prohibits new rock-crushing operations within 2 km of Waterfront Areas. If this policy were to be changed, it would mean that the proposed site for the Lippa quarry would be much more eligible for approval. Even if the Lippa application is turned down on the basis of the current policy, the same site, with a new owner, could be approved in the future if the 2 km policy is removed.

The Township of Muskoka Lakes held a virtual public meeting on Saturday, September 26, to discuss proposed Policy Directions for the Revision of the TML Official Plan. Despite the fact that approximately 20% of the 90+ participants were from the Skeleton Lake watershed, Proposed Policy Direction #22 (Mineral Resource Uses, which includes policy relevant to the siting of quarries) was not even selected as one of the nine discussion topics. Thank you to all those individuals from Skeleton Lake, who spoke out about their concerns arising from the proposed Lippa quarry development during the course of the meeting. We need to continue speaking out through all channels available, to ensure that these issues can not be ignored.

If you have not already done so, please complete the online survey about the Proposed Policy Directions. I spoke with Councillor Gordon Roberts, who is on the Official Plan Review Committee, and he assured me that he would read all the comments on these surveys, and they would have a significant impact on the final draft of the Policy Directions. The survey closes on Friday, October 9, so please complete it by clicking on the following link:

Proposed Policy Directions Survey

Here are some comments that you are welcome to use to help guide your response...

Proposed Policy Direction #1 - Lake Health System
- need policy that recognizes the threats posed to Lake Health by large-scale developments that contaminate streams that feed into lakes (e.g., pits and quarries)

Proposed Policy Direction #6 Watershed Planning
- need policy that restricts the removal of ground cover (e.g., clearcutting of trees on quarry sites) increasing storm water volumes and contaminant loads going into lakes

Proposed Policy Direction #22 Mineral Resource Uses
- need policy to prohibit mineral extraction operations of any kind, within 2 km of Waterfront Areas, especially in environmentally sensitive areas and/or tourist areas

Proposed Policy Direction #28 Leveraging Assets
- need policy to recognize that Tourism is the Township of Muskoka Lakes' most important industry in terms of providing sustainable employment and generating tax revenues. Should therefore be protected when in conflict with less-sustainable industries (e.g., aggregate extraction)

Linda Haslam-Stroud, a permanent resident on the north shore of Skeleton Lake, and executive member of the Skeleton Lake Cottagers Organization, has also made some excellent suggestions for comments that can be used in completing the survey. These can be viewed in her post on the SMP Facebook page at the following link:
Thank you, Linda!

Skeleton Lake is at risk on a number of different fronts, and your help is needed to counter these threats. Please complete the Policy Directions Survey, and voice your concerns loud and clear. Our strength lies in our numbers, so make sure that you are being counted!

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