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Queenstown Trading News, Issue #115, 30/07/19

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Local residents living near the foot of the Remarkables hve complained to Crux that the ORC ignored their pleas for a major fire to be extinguished.

The fire was permitted by the ORC, but they eventually acted this afternoon after residents complained of stinging eyes and lung problems at 9.00 am this morning.

It took until mid-afternoon for the ORC to act and some residents were still observing more wood being thrown onto the fire even after the ORC told them the fire would be put out.

The Otago Regional Council issued this statement a short time ago.

"This fire has been permitted by Fire and Emergency NZ. Due to the impacts of smoke from the fire, we have been working with Fire and Emergency NZ today with a view to having the fire extinguished. ORC has staff onsite currently ensuring that no further material is added to the fire. The options for extinguishing the fire present some challenges; these options will be revisited tomorrow.

Martin King, ORC Manager Compliance, said “We take our responsibilities around air quality in Otago very seriously. Our thanks to the public for reporting the issue – remember, if you see pollution in Otago, let us know by calling our 24/7 Pollution Hotline.”

Pollution Hotline: 0800 800 033.

Are you a retailer looking to stock a great NZ range of new sugar free products? Kiwi Beverages Otago is dedicated to delivering to resellers the service and support they deserve to sell New Zealand’s best range of sugar free soft drinks. Get in touch with us now for more details!
Mac Ops would like to offer a way for Queenstown Locals to fix the broken iPhone screen and also contribute to help the local environment.
The Mac Ops Locals Deal will reduce your costs to replace your screen for the next month and Mac Ops will recycle and or refurbish your broken screen to see if we can reuse and reduce unnecessary landfill.
The very first to land in New Zealand, Fierce Grace Hot Yoga Queenstown is due to open soon right here, in Queenstown. Come and try us out with our fantastic pre-opening offer of just $39 for 30 days of unlimited yoga! That’s right, you can test us out as many times as you want for 30 days from the date of your first visit. And if that isn’t enough, you’ll then receive 50% off your first month of monthly membership. #livelifewithfiercegrace

Respected NZ writer, journalist and academic Max Rashbrooke is in Queenstown and Wanaka this week for two presentations that focus on inequality, local democracy and the need for us all to get involved with our communities in order to protect the rights we all have - but rarely use. Max argues "use it or lose it" and Crux urges everyone who cares about their community to go to one of the two presentations - full details in the links at the end of Max' exclusive Crux article.

One of the most exciting ideas for bringing politics 'closer to the people' comes out of Brazil. Though it goes by the unlovely name of participatory budgeting, it's a brilliant, and simple idea: local councils put up a proportion of their budget for the public to vote on directly, after an extensive series of neighbourhood, ward and town-wide meetings. For decades now, it has been successfully used in places such as Porto Alegre, where in a city smaller than Auckland the authorities routinely get 50,000 people participating.

Read more below:

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Retreat yourself and book your place at our winter Nurture Me Wellness Retreat August 10 and 11th 2019. 
Two days/one night at the gorgeous Camp Glenorchy learning from world-class health and wellness leaders strategies to help reduce stress and relieve your body of pain, fatigue, trauma and improve sleep and concentration, mixed with daily themed workouts, stress reduction workshops, meditation and relaxation. All whilst networking with other like-minded women in a relaxed setting where you can build meaningful relationships. By taking time to nurture yourself you have more to give the others in your life.
J J Cabinets Stones Ltd offers a wide spectrum of cabinetry products designed to satisfy every budget and lifestyle.
As the professional cabinet Manufacturer, we’re experts at listening to the desires of families to ensure that our cabinetry products meet your needs.
Whether moving into a new home or improving their current one, our customers want to create their ideal living spaces – and it’s our goal to help them. 0800 55 78 33
SmartPure Queenstown is offering an amazing winter deal. Each exterior window wash job booked in July will get a FREE heater while stocks last. Conditions apply and first come first serve. Book now.

Bar Security, Crowd Controllers & Film/Event Security Wanted with Allied Security

If you are a motivated & well presented individual with good people skills then you could be who we are looking for!

Previous experience, a current COA and knowledge of the Liquor Licensing ideal but not essential as full training will be provided.

To apply please send through a Covering letter and CV to Ed:

Fitout Furnishing Ltd
If you are building – start thinking about your curtains and window coverings once your roof is on!
Priding ourselves in an open and honest service - whether it is your new home or an updated window treatment on your existing property.

Call or email Linda and Paul – 027 33 22 186

Stirling Sports Five Mile

03-441 4473

Remarkable Labour – Queenstown are hiring for:
– Gib fixers
– Hammerhands
– Qualified Carpenters
– Class 4/5 drivers
– Form workers
– Skilled Labourers
Plus many more positions!
Immediate start available for all suitable candidates.
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News is brought to you by Crux and Queenstown News

Continued from above:

But when I talk to New Zealanders about this idea, the predominant response I get is, "Brazil? Really?" People struggle to get past the fact that Brazil is a profoundly corrupt country and – under Jair Bolsonaro – sliding back towards being a dictatorship. But it's precisely those kinds of factors that make participatory budgeting so attractive to Brazilians. Because the rest of their system is so seriously broken, and open politics is so far from being the norm, they reach eagerly for anything that holds out the promise of a better way.

In New Zealand, by contrast, we are complacent about the quality of our democracy. We think we already have one of the best systems in the world. And of course there are elements of truth in that view.

Our public service – the group of core government departments and agencies – is among the world's most effective, according to international bodies. We routinely rank first or second in Transparency International's corruption perceptions index. We have, by international standards, high voter turnout, and many of our politicians are grounded in their local communities and relatively easy to access.

But that positive overall picture masks some serious deficiencies. Voter turnout has fallen sharply in recent decades. There is a lot of informal corruption – what you might call cosyism, the overly close relationships that spring up in a small society – that gets missed by formal surveys. While we score well internationally for the quality of our elections and our public service, the Economist Intelligence Unit has judged us to have a relatively weak 'political culture'. Support for democracy, and opposition to authoritarianism, is surprisingly tepid.

These are serious issues but we give them relatively little attention. And that complacency has another, equally serious side. Even when things are fundamentally fine in a democratic system, you can't sit still, or rest on your laurels. The world changes constantly. New technologies evolve; different, more varied ways of life emerge.

Most importantly, expectations change. In the 21st century, and especially among younger generations, expectations about the way democracy works, and how deeply citizens can control their lives, have altered radically.

In the other aspects of their lives, people have a degree of freedom and autonomy unthinkable in previous eras. Young people in particular now have the option to travel – and study – around the world with great freedom. They expect to be in control of – and frequently alter – their careers. And companies offer them ever-more personalised and detailed services.

Accordingly, people expect a much greater say over the political decisions that affect them – and a much greater responsiveness of public services to the individual realities of their lives. If governments and local councils don't evolve accordingly, they risk being seen as irrelevant. Low voter turnout indicates many people already hold that view of local government.

That's why we can't afford to be complacent about how well things work in New Zealand. All around the world, governments are implementing democratic innovations that give citizens much greater control, renew trust between the governors and the governed – and deliver better services. Participatory budgeting is just one such innovation: one could also mention citizens’ assemblies, deep online deliberation forums, national policy conventions, and many more. Yet here in New Zealand we have made almost no use of these innovations.

Our complacency is leading us down a dangerous path.

The Queenstown Lakes District Council has started serving Lakeview residents with 90 day notice letters to leave their homes.

The letters were pushed through residents' front doors with no personal contact or direct council offers of help to find alternate, suitable accommodation.

Some residents have been given the option to move to to other, older cabins - some have been told just to quit Lakeview altogether.

One resident - Phebe Darkin - told Crux she could not sleep after receiving the council's eviction letter. "I spent all night online trying to find another place to live. I think I'll probably have to leave Queenstown. They have offered to move me to a cabin that is not fit for human habitation."

Another resident told Crux that she has decided that she has to leave Queenstown following the eviction notice. "I think the social fabric of Queenstown started to decay some years ago. This move by the council will extinguish whatever is left."

Read the full eviction notice here - signed by QLDC Chief Executive Officer Mike Theelen.

The council has so far failed to release details of their new hotel and retail development that will take the place of the current Lakeview community, in spite of Mayor Jim Boult telling Crux that details would be made public "by the end of June."

It’s been a tense start to the ski season for those whose livelihood depends on the snow, and for 148 Treble Cone workers, that meant nine days out of pocket.

The drought of snow delayed the TC opening day from the scheduled June 27 until July 6, with the company linking up with Community Networks Wanaka to help support unpaid workers through the wait.

According to TC Brand Manager, Richard Birkby, food donations were collected through the Community Networks food bank and distributed to workers via the TC town office. There were also regular afternoon barbeques staffed by TC’s management team.

Birkby says they also took some of the workers into Sticky Forest to do some work on the trails for Bike Wanaka, while others went out to Fox Glacier to join the landfill clean up efforts.

He says the majority of the 148 workers are now working their regular schedules. “The 2nd week of the holiday period delivered us some of the best snow conditions in the region and that was a real game changer.”

The question remains, though, as to what changing weather patterns may mean for the ski industry long term.

“The science says to expect more volatility in the weather, “ says Richard, “What that looks like for snowfall locally remains to be seen and that’s obviously a concern for people who love to ride snow the world over. It also raises the question of the footprint of skiing all round.”

A big part of that footprint is the use of snow machines, used by commercial ski fields when nature doesn’t deliver. “Unfortunately, you can’t make snow without power, which is why we only do it when we absolutely have to. If you can build up a base at the beginning, that makes the runs much easier to manage later in the season. We do have hydro power coming from the waterfalls, which helps to offset that,” says Birkby.

While the situation for Wanaka’s ski workers may have improved, Community Networks manager, Kate Murray, says the demand for the community food bank in Wanaka is growing.

This may be one of the wealthiest corners of New Zealand, but Murray says there are plenty of people feeling the pressure of town’s high price tag. “We’re now doing about 24 food parcels a month compared with last year’s 15.”

With an increase in support from social workers and budget advisors (which means more referrals), Murray says it is hard to pinpoint the growth as a direct need of the community, but that there are a significant number of people struggling to get by.

Winter is here!

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Beach Clean Queenstown

Sunday, August 25, Sea Shepherd Beach Clean and Stall 10am - 2pm at the Memorial Arch in Queenstown.
Help keep Queenstown clean. Every piece of plastic and rubbish you pick up, is one less piece that can end up wrapped around or ingested by wildlife. Take some time out of your day to come and join us! Lets give this beautiful Queenstown Beach some Love!
And if you are as passionate as we are about our cause, and want to spread awareness or start volunteering, come along and have a chat to the Crew.

Please bring reusable gloves. Bags provided.
Dogs welcome. See you there!

Event might change/ be postponed in case of bad weather conditions
by Sea Shepherd New Zealand

Could New Zealand Provide Global Leadership?

Catalyst Trust Queenstown
Wednesday, August 7,  6 PM – 8:30 PM

Can our small Pacific nation have an impact on global issues? And if so – how, in what areas and based on what values or principles?

These are some of the questions we will discuss as part of a community workshop co-hosted by Catalyst Trust and independent think tank, the New Zealand Alternative.

“There is a pressing need for progressive leadership on many fronts in the world and we believe New Zealand could provide it,” says NZA co-director Thomas Nash, who led the global campaign to ban cluster bombs and served on the board of the Nobel Prizewinning International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

“Or should we just determine our foreign policy in terms of support for allies and its impact on trade?”

Catalyst Trust’s August 7 workshop is part of a nationwide conversation NZA will lead on how we could contribute to our quickly changing and interconnected world. Feedback will help inform NZA’s resultant publication.

The event will begin with a presentation from Mr Nash and his co-director, Dr Evelyn Marsters, a freelance Pacific research specialist. Dinner will be provided between their talk and the facilitated workshop for those who register for the event on Catalyst Trust’s Eventbrite page

Wednesday, August 7, 6-8.30 PM, The Rees Hotel Queenstown conference room, $5 koha at door. Please register (as seating and dinner will be limited to those who have done so) through Catalyst Trust’s Eventbrite page from one month prior. Please bring your tickets (printed, emailed or Eventbrite app).

Break One Clay Target Sports prides itself in offering an exceptional
experience in Clay Target Shooting in a stunning, private setting on Queenstown Hill.

We currently seek a: Full time Instructor/Guide

This person will be responsible for:
– Ensuring a high standard of exceptional customer experiences instructing and encouraging our clients in Clay Target Shooting.
– Handling firearms, managing range safety, so experience with firearms and a NZ Firearms license is a must (or the ability to get one).
– Being a Queenstown-savvy “tour guide”. We provide courtesy transport for our clients so you will need to have a clean NZ Driver’s Licence and be able to share knowledge of our wonderful area along the way
– Supporting the marketing of our business. You will need to have an
understanding of or be willing to learn about marketing our business
through social media and online profiles, client relationships and be
involved in growing our sales.

We offer:
– Full training
– Competitive rate of pay
– Great working conditions in a fantastic, unique and fun work environment

If you have a passion for shooting, a practical mind, like to work with people and want to work for a great team, then please email a CV/letter of application to:
Blake Holden

Smith & Western are hiring

Sunday/Monday Retail Superstar wanted for our Queenstown Store!
Sales experience is required and a current work visa is necessary if you are not from NZ.
Please send CVs to
Or drop in to us at O’Connells Pavillion, Camp Street.

Full Time Property Management Staff and Cleaner.

招聘 全职/兼职 物业管理人员+清洁人员 







我们按时费率每周支付工作费用。 (税前每小时20紐幣)


Wanted: Full Time or Part Time Property Management Staff and Cleaner.

We are looking for someone to: Work when you are free. (We are flexible on the tasks).

Do accommodation cleaning (or willing to learn).

Basic admin skills for guests online inquires.

Can speak/read/write in English and Chinese.

Have his/her own car.

Preferably live in the Fernhill area.

We pay weekly at an hourly rate for work done. (Min $20NZD per hour before tax)

Please PM us for more details.


Experienced Reservations Agent – Luxury Market

Limousine Services Queenstown is the region’s premium limousine service provider.
Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional transfer services and touring experiences to our high-end clientele. Our reputation is highly regarded by agents
and direct customers around Queenstown and around the globe.
We are searching for a full time, exceptional Reservations Agent to join our busy team. Reporting to the Reservations Manager, you will be capable of doing extraordinary things to ensure our customers’ expectations are not only met but also exceeded.
The Role:
– Manage phone and email bookings from agents and direct customers and ensure an exceptional experience is delivered
– Our trips are often complex and bespoke. You’ll need to be able to clearly communicate all trip information to driver-guides
– Our customers have high expectations. You’ll manage all bookings accurately with an eye for detail and flawless professionalism
– Maintain the company’s culture of professionalism, discretion and outstanding customer service
– Each day will be different. Some days you will need to self-manage, some days you will assist the Ops Manager or driver-guides
– The role is a full-time position and long days, weekends and public holiday work may be required
– You must have a full New Zealand driver licence
Your Skills:
– Previous experience in reservations and/or the tourism industry
– Outlook to an advanced level
– Exceptional written and spoken communication
– You know Queenstown and the surrounding sights and activities like the back of your hand
– You are a problem-solver who has the maturity and common sense to make decisions confidently
– You can self-manage and prioritise requests when things get hectic
– You have the confidence to communicate with our high-end clientele and agents
– You are friendly, energetic and unflappable

We like to exceed expectations for our customers, so we like our people to do the same.
All applicants must be eligible to work in New Zealand.

Please send your application to
Applications close Friday 16 August 2019


Mō tātou, ā, mō kā uri ā muri ake nei – for us and our children after us.

Kia ora! Want to work for Ngāi Tahu Tourism, one of the largest tourism operators in Aotearoa?

We’re on the hunt for a Customer Services extraordinaire – a helpful, friendly person who doesn’t mind pitching in to get the job done. We’re looking for someone with amazing customer service abilities, who can help us to share real connections and extraordinary experiences with our manuhiri (visitors).

Haere mai, APPLY NOW via,30081 (Job Code 30081).

If you have any questions, please contact Jane on 021 0225 6702.

Dart River is a fun, unique and safe place to work and we’d like to keep it that way. Before starting with us, you’ll go through a range of checks, including drug and alcohol testing. Health and safety is super important and this is part of how we keep you, our team and our customers safe.

You must be legally entitled to work in New Zealand to apply for this role.

Applications close 21 August 2019.

Canyon Food & Brew Co. needs a creative & skilled chef to assist with the day to day running of the kitchen operations.

To be considered for this role, you will have:
• Experience in a similar chef role, & at least 3 years within the industry
• Ideally hold a formal qualification
• Have awareness of safe food handling, preparation, serving & storage regulations & regularly checking that these standards are being adhered to.

You will be part of a hard-working team whose main aim at the end of the day is to produce delicious food that the brewery can pair
with something to wet the whistle.

Food that people will want to return for.
Everyone needs to bring home the bacon, and this will give you some food for thought, so if you’re keen to apply or chew the fat to get some more info, then email:

2Registered Midwife – Queenstown
Lakes District Hospital
– Casual position – as and when required basis
Queenstown is situated 181 km north of Invercargill City (approximately two hours, 10 minute drive)
and is part of the Queenstown Lakes District in Central Otago.Lakes District Hospital consists of 25 beds, with a mix of Maternity, Acute Medical, Emergency and Outpatient Departments.
If you think you’d like to work in a team with integrity, honesty and a great sense of humour, this will be of interest!
Here at Lakes District Hospital we value the care we offer mothers and babies at our primary Birthing
Unit. Approximately 70 women birth at Lakes District Hospital per year. There are strong linkages with Southland Hospital for secondary level services and Dunedin Hospital who provide tertiary services.
We currently have a vacancy for a Casual Midwife to work on an as and when required basis for Maternity Unit facility cover. Working on an “as and when required” basis, 12 hour shifts to provide 24/7 care to provide birthing and post birthing support for local women.
You should be able to demonstrate your ability to work well as part of a multi-disciplinary team while having the ability to work autonomously.
If you are a Registered Midwife with a current practicing certificate we’d like to hear from you.
Closing date: Sunday, 28 July 2019.
To apply
We only accept online applications. Please apply via our website:

Casual Medical Radiation Technologist - Lakes District Hospital (Queenstown)
- On an "as and when required" basis
An exciting opportunity awaits for a qualified and experienced Medical Radiation Technologist (MRT)
to join our team at Lakes District Hospital on an "as and when required" basis.
This role is based in General X-Ray and you will be required to conduct Diagnostic Medical Imaging
examinations in a safe and professional manner. Our new state of the art CT Scanner is also up and
running which is part of the new upgrade at Lakes District Hospital. You'll be required to liaise with
staff and patients within the Hospital and wider Southern DHB so good communication skills are
essential. You will need to have a focus on quality and professionalism and be able to work
To be considered for this role you must be a qualified MRT, be registered with the Medical Radiation
Technologist Board (MRTB) and hold a current Annual Practising Certificate (APC).
In return we offer you the opportunity to work in an inspiring environment with a great team of
supportive, dedicated staff.
Closing date: Sunday, 11 August 2019.
To apply
We only accept online applications. Please apply via our website:

Queenstown Electric Ltd are seeking a NZ registered electrician!

Duties include all aspects of residential electrical installation, service and maintenance.

Qualifications MUST include:

  • NZ Registered Electrician
  • Full NZ drivers licence
  • Current EWRB practising licence
  • Valid work visa in place

Personal attributes will include:

  • Pride in workmanship
  • Willingness to go the ‘extra mile’
  • Reliable and professional

We are offering a great wage, reflected by your experience, skills and references. Offer includes phone, vehicle, and PPE. Additional bonus includes a paid day off on your birthday, monthly staff incentive rewards, an excellent team environment and SNOW DAYS!!
Job is in Queenstown. Relocation expenses (within NZ) will be considered for the right candidates.

All applications will be strictly confidential

More Jobs listed here

Queenstown’s Only Organic Cuisine.

Authentic Thai Cuisine cooked with 100% organic vegetables delivered to your home. Free delivery No minimum order to most places Mobile EFTPOS

9 Mcbride Street Frankton 

Coyote Grill is now reopen! Check out their amazing new menu See you there!
For more info and bookings: 441 8562
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