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Business Card Gymnastics

How many times has someone come up to you at a networking event and insist on giving you their business card without you asking for one? They bounce around the room handing out their cards to everyone. I call them a “Business card pusher” and it’s really not the way for people to remember you. 

Recently I spoke at a networking meeting where I shared with them some do’s and don’ts when it comes to networking and how best to use their business card. Since then quite a few people have asked me about how best to use their business card and I want to share with you some key points to make sure you are handling your business cards properly.

Remember networking is NOT about sales! It is about building relationships. If you are attempting to pass as many business cards as possible at a networking meeting you are not looking to build a relationship. You might be looking to help kill more trees by wasting paper.

Take the time to ask a few questions before deciding if a person is someone you want to follow up with. Are they a possible strategic partner – someone who has a similar client base in a like minded profession?  Are they a possible client?  If you answer yes to either of these questions, then ask for their business card.

At the same time I like to suggest that people pull out their cell phones and set up a one-to-one right then and there so that they don’t waste 3 days of emails bouncing back and forth to set up a time to meet. Just do it at the time you meet the person.

The next time you see a “Business Card Pusher” do us all a favor and tell them that you know of someone who can help them….become a more effective and polite networker and give them my contact info 😊  You will save some trees with the paper saved and a much calmer atmosphere for future networking for all of us.


Happy trails! 

Still not sure how to squeeze networking into your schedule or the best way to ramp up your networking? 

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