Spiderlike Thoughts

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She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.

― Elizabeth Edwards




Spiderlike Thoughts

Have you been seeing more spiders lately? I recently went outside and walked right through a spider web. With Fall coming, I’ve been seeing more of them both inside and outside. As much as I don’t like walking into a spider web, I can’t help but also think of the strength of that silvery web.

I like to think of networking like weaving a web of connections. Every place, every person, every interaction is related in one way or another. Each strand is important and nourished and supported by the other strand. 

With all that is going on in Pacific Northwest with the terrible fires, COVID and the protests, let’s think about this: where do you need to spin your web to reach out and reconnect to others? Send out those threads to contact someone who might be alone, feel isolated or in harm's way. This applies to people you may work with in your business or personal life wherever they may live. I have friends and family all over the West Coast and I’ve been reaching out as others contact me too.  It’s my web of connections and it’s reassuring to connect with others in this stressful time. 

Here are some ways to spin your web:

  • Make a phone call to check in with someone and just say “Hi!”
  • Do an email introduction to two people who might like to connect
  • Give a fun coupon for “Free Zoom Coffee meeting” or “Future Lunch is on Me!”
  • Share a helpful resource about someone’s business in LinkedIn
  • Tag a friend on Facebook in a fun meme

Let’s help create a sense of caring and connectedness in our community wherever you may live. 

Be a spider and spin your web. Reach out to others. Help create a community of caring and sharing. We will get through this difficult time. Nothing is stronger than a strand of a spider’s web.


Stephanie’s Calendar

I recently was introduced to a networking group that I didn’t know about that been going strong for 11 years in Washington. It’s called Exceptional Connections founded by Cyndi O’Neill- Dady and is based in Washington near Seattle. There is a Vancouver, Washington chapter that has just formed and they are combining their monthly networking meeting during COVID. I encourage you to check them out.

** All the meetings below are virtual

Tuesday, Sept. 22nd eWomenNetwork Strategic Business Introduction Meeting 9-11AM 

(limited to 12 participants)

Thursday, Sept. 24th 10AM DIY Marketing Center – FREE Workshop on “Proven Facebook Engagement Strategies with Ronnie Noize

Tuesday, Oct. 6th eWomenNetwork Strategic Business Introduction Meeting 9-11AM 

(limited to 12 participants)

Tuesday, Oct. 13th 11:45AM – 2PM Exceptional Connections Networking Meeting

Early bird pricing through 9/30.

Be well,

Still not sure how to squeeze networking into your schedule or the best way to ramp up your networking? 

Call me at  503-539-2602 or click here to connect via email.


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