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"Graduation is not the end; it's the beginning."  - Orrin Hatch

Graduating Into Networking

It would be hard to miss that it is graduation time. Wonderful proud parents have been posting on social media their kids graduating from college and high school. Highlights of speeches given have been popping up on the news.

I recently ran into one of those proud parents as she was picking up some treats to take to a graduation party. I asked her what her son’s major was that he had earned and she told me. She also mentioned how he is looking for a job and as a caring parent was hoping it would come sooner than later so that he wouldn’t be taking residence up again in their home.  

When someone mentions something like that my brain starts tracking along how can I help them make the right connection.  My friend’s son was graduating with a degree in Advertising with an emphasis on video production. I suggested a couple of names of mutual acquaintances that she could contact on her son’s behalf. She was very grateful.

That’s the power of connection. That’s what networking is all about. That’s what makes it fun! Ask a key question and let your brain think about who do you know? In conversations I have had with colleagues it is universally agreed upon that most jobs are found not by posting your resume online but by helping others make those key connections.

Who do you know is a recent college grad? Who do you know is looking for a job? Offer to take them to coffee and find out more about their hopes and dreams as well as what they are looking for. Leading them to people that they could have an informational interview is one way to really help teach our kids how to do it right.

Ask my son. Ask my friends. I love to help them make those key connections. Then I get to do the happy dance! You can do the happy dance too if you want to join me.

Our kids are our future. Let’s help them shape a better tomorrow by providing some insights that can help them get in the right place easier and faster.

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