Phase 001
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Hello, Citizen Scientist [ 225c6a2e26 ],

Welcome to the Atlas Foundation's Citizen Science Division. To get you up to speed, this email has three parts: What's Happened So Far, What To Do Now, and What To Expect.


What's Happened So Far

In order to forge a strong community of curious and unpredictable minds, the Atlas Foundation created a series of radio ads and puzzles shrouded in mystery. It was called Waking Titan. A number of strong communities became interested in Waking Titan.

Now we at the Atlas Foundation are using this momentum to further our core mission: investigating the nature of reality itself, with a particular interest in simulated universes. And you can play a pivotal role in this mission.


What To Do Now

You’re not required to do anything more to take part in the next phase of Waking Titan. You’ve already joined the Citizen Science Division, and you’ll receive key updates on the program as they occur. 

But if you’d like to do more, then you can visit the Citizen Scientist Survey and answer a few simple questions. This important data will help us to conduct a more rigorous set of tests, so your cooperation is tremendously appreciated. This will also grant you a higher degree of participation going forward. Once you’re done, we’ll give you a Citizen Scientist Class designation.

You may also be selected to receive a Level 4 Atlas Pass in the mail. Our supplies are limited, so we'll be randomly distributing them. Our apologies if you are not selected. 


What To Expect

On July 21, we'll enter the next phase of Waking Titan. We'll begin an intensive series of tests and challenges. These collective experiments could change our understanding of reality itself. 

We're looking forward to working with you. Thank you, Citizen Scientist.
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