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We are happy to announce some exciting upcoming changes that will benefit the Animal Behavior Clinic’s clients currently enrolled or interested in behavior modification & training services:
On September 21, 2020, the leadership & training teams of the Animal Behavior Clinic* and City Dog Country Dog* are joining forces to launch Instinct Dog Behavior & Training Portland!

*Animal Behavior Clinic will continue to operate as a veterinary behavior clinic, providing critically important veterinary behavior services to Portland’s dogs, cats, and their owners; our training team is transitioning to become a part of Instinct Portland.

*City Dog Country Dog will continue to provide training and behavior consulting services on the Oregon Central Coast. 
"Maren and I are so excited to launch this new venture together as co-owners of Instinct Portland! Transitioning our behavior modification and training services to Instinct is a big, exciting leap forward in our mission to help more dogs & owners live together peacefully and happily. We can't wait for you to come along on the journey."
--Dr. Chris Pachel, Owner of the Animal Behavior Clinic & Co-Owner of Instinct Portland
  • What to expect between now and Instinct Portland opening in Spring 2020
  • Meet the co-owners of Instinct Portland
  • Learn more about Instinct's vision, mission, services and facilities
  • Look ahead to Instinct Portland's BIG plans for 2021!
I. Here's what you can expect between now and Instinct Portland Opening in September 2020:
  • The Animal Behavior Clinic will continue to operate as usual while Instinct Portland gets fully operational and ready to go. You will continue to book and schedule training sessions and packages through your ABC trainer as you normally would.
  • When Instinct Portland opens in September, ABC’s training and behavior modification services will fold into Instinct Portland operations. We will work hard to make the transition super smooth and will keep you in the loop with any need-to-know info.
  • You will still have access to the Animal Behavior Clinic team! Our current trainers will still be available to work with you and your dogs, and the leadership you’ve come to know under Dr. Pachel and Maren (see below) will be coming along with Instinct, too. 
  • You will become Instinct Alumni, meaning you'll have access to special alumni-only services like free webinars, workshops, and discounted alumni programs!
  • In addition to virtual and outdoor, socially-distanced private lessons, you will immediately have access to Instinct services, including:
    • Positive Reinforcement Board & Train camps (certain age & behavior restrictions apply until our facility opens in 2021)
    • Day School programs


Dr. Chris Pachel, DACVB, CABC
Dr. Pachel is the owner and primary clinician for the Animal Behavior Clinic, VP of Veterinary Behavior at Instinct National, and now, proud Co-Owner of Instinct Portland.
A veterinary behaviorist board certified by the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists, Dr. Pachel brings an approach to behavioral therapy that combines learning theory, medical training, and experience along with compassion and effective communication.
Dr. Pachel is a world-renowned speaker and teacher, having taught and presented to veterinarians, animal training professionals, and pet owners across North America and beyond.
Maren Couch
Maren joins the Instinct Leadership Team after seven years working alongside Dr. Pachel as Practice Manager for the Animal Behavior Clinic, and is thrilled to hop onboard as Co-Owner and Director of Operations for Instinct Portland.

Maren has been working with animals and the people attached to them for decades, with experience in the shelter environment, boarding, grooming, and for the most recent 10 years, veterinary team support.
Maren infuses the mechanics of team and business organization with empathy at every level, hoping to improve the lives of others through understanding, vision casting, and connectivity. They are a strong advocate for the welfare of others and helping individuals meet their needs, whether that be for team members, clients, pets, or the world at large.
Dr. Caroline Spark, PhD
Dr. Spark, founder & owner of City Dog Country Dog, has over 45 years of experience helping people solve problems, meet learning goals, and achieve positive change.
With a doctorate in psychology, a background in counseling and adult education, and multiple dog training qualifications, Dr. Spark has extensive experience in helping individuals and families with dog behavior problems. 
Dr. Spark particularly enjoys training dogs for family life, Canine Good Citizenship, and service work. She brings empathy, enthusiasm, and creativity to her consulting and leadership, and is passionate about improving quality of life for dogs and people through Instinct Portland.

Help & Hope, for Every Dog and Owner

Instinct is a national dog behavior & training company led by a dedicated team of certified behavior consultants and board-certified veterinary behaviorists. Our goal? To change the world for dogs and owners by setting a new standard of dog training and care; a standard of kindness, practicality, and professionalism that allows every owner, regardless of means or location, access to quality dog training and behavior help.

We are unbelievably excited to have a team as competent, kind, and compassionate as Dr. Caroline Spark, Dr. Chris Pachel, and Maren Couch bringing Instinct to Portland pups and people!

Check out our e-book to learn more about Instinct's beautiful 24/7 supervised facilities, our signature positive reinforcement board & train camps, and our commitment to positive, professional training standards.


We are hard at work scouting the perfect location for our very own brick-and-mortar Instinct Portland facility, so we can start offering our positive reinforcement Board & Train camps, Special Needs Boarding, in-facility Day School programs, and free alumni classes to Portland dogs and owners.
We promise to keep you posted at every step, from lease signing, to facility build-out, to a special alumni-only Grand Opening party (in whatever way is deemed safe and suitable at the time).

That's all for now!

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at the Animal Behavior Clinic with any questions, and we'll do our very best to answer them for you.

We know change can be difficult sometimes, but we are truly excited for all the good things that lie ahead on this new adventure!

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