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Thu May 18 / VOL 24

Paper circuits lit up on big sheet of paper

Combining Conductive Stickers with Art to Learn Programming

Connected educator Jie Qi shares her experiences learning and teaching with paper circuitry.
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Turning Teaching Over to Students

Howard Rheingold interviews Michael Wesch, who is trying to help students make a life worth living, and that can’t just be taught and given a letter grade.
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Playing with Realities

New book, Alternate Reality Games and the Cusp of Digital Gameplay, leads to symposium about augmented reality games and how they shape communities.
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From Our Community

How and Why Is Children’s Digital Data Being Harvested?

"...every digitisable movement, transaction and interaction we make is potentially commodifiable."

-The Policy and Internet Blog-

ClassDojo App Takes Mindfulness to Scale in Public Education

"ClassDojo is simultaneously intoxicating teachers worldwide while seeking to detoxify the worst effects of education policy on children."

-Ben Williamson-

Using Connected Learning to Empower Student Agency

Educators are empowering youth civic engagement by connecting politics to interest-driven learning.

-Educator Innovator-

Report: Media Manipulation and Disinformation Online

"The spread of false or misleading information is having real and negative effects on the public consumption of news."

-Data & Society-

How to Get Kids Into Coding — 10 Myths and Realities

MYTH: Coding is for nerds.
REALITY: Coding is about being you.

-Connected Camps-

Big Data in Education: Balancing the Benefits of Educational Research and Student Privacy

" data must be available to researchers, and the privacy of children and families must be protected."

-National Academy of Education-



Can We Talk?: An Open Forum on Disability, Technology, and Inclusion

Featuring Professors Elizabeth Ellcessor and Meryl Alper with guests. Tuesday, May 23 at 12pm.

-Berkman Klein Center-

2017 Feminist Scholars Digital Workshop Virtual Keynote Speaker Workshops

Monday, June 12 at 2pm & Thursday, June 15 at 2pm



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