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thu dec 29 / VOL 4

What World of Warcraft Teaches About Misinformation

Crystle Martin proposes connecting information literacy instruction to student interests to help them detect fake news and misinformation.


Creating a Safe Space for Women in STEM

Elizabeth Losh interviews Elaine Zundl on her work, creating programs that are open and help women form networks of support in the STEM fields.


Opportunity to Provide Computer Ed in K-12 Schools

The National Science Foundation is offering $20 million in “CS for All” grants to teams for school computer science and computational thinking projects.


From Our Community

The Lasting Impact of Intensive Teen Programs in Art Museums

Whitney Museum

The Trump Effect: The Impact of the 2016 Presidential Election on Our Nation’s Schools

Southern Poverty Law Center

Arts Education Reduces Stress Level of Low-Income Students

By Tom Jacobs

Six Tenure Track Positions at UT Dallas


Nurturing ‘the Next Generation of Women-of-Color Leaders’

Julia Schmalz

January 10 Webinar: Considerations for Selecting Primary Sources

Educator Innovator

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