December brought more good patenting news.
On December 20, 2018, the National Intellectual Property Administration of China issued a Notice of Allowance to Bonumose LLC on its patent application for “Enzymatic Production of D-Tagatose” (inventor: Dr. Daniel Wichelecki, Chief Scientific Officer).
And a few days earlier – on December 17, 2018 – the Canadian Intellectual Property Office issued a Notice of Allowance on Bonumose’s tagatose patent application.
Bonumose’s tagatose patent previously was granted in the United States (November 2018). Nigeria issued a Certificate of Registration of Patent to Bonumose in June 2018. Bonumose’s patent applications cover all major sugar consuming and producing countries.
Bonumose also has patent applications pending for enzymatic production of allulose, allose, mannose, fructose (not glucose isomerization) and several other healthy monosaccharides. In addition, in October 2018, Bonumose acquired from Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties the exclusive, global rights to Virginia Tech’s unique process for producing high yields of inositol (Vitamin B-8) from low-cost feedstocks such as starch or sucrose.
Tagatose is a naturally-occurring “rare sugar” found in some fruits, grains and the cacao tree. For commercial uses, tagatose traditionally is made from lactose (milk sugar) at very high cost compared to regular sugar. Tagatose tastes like regular sugar – without bitter or off-flavors – and has nearly the same sweetness and bulking properties (92% as sweet). It functions in foods and beverages very similarly to regular sugar; for example, it decreases water activity in baked foods (for anti-microbial protection), depresses freezing points in ice cream (for creamy, smooth texture), undergoes the desirable Maillard reaction and caramelization, and also balances out the taste and mouthfeel of high-intensity sweeteners such as stevia.
Remarkably, tagatose has positive health benefits: it does not raise blood glucose or insulin levels, is low calorie, and is recognized by the U.S. FDA and other regulatory bodies as being safe for teeth. Furthermore, tagatose is a prebiotic, fiber-like monosaccharide that has physiological effects that are beneficial to human health, including gut health.
Instead of using animal-derived lactose, Bonumose’s breakthrough process utilizes plant-based starch from potato, cassava, pea, and other plants. With a proprietary blend of food-grade enzymes, Bonumose’s process yields tagatose in amounts 4X higher than typical processes.
Bonumose’s low-cost process will enable the mass-market use of tagatose across a wide variety of foods, beverages, snacks for healthy indulgence, and personal care items (e.g., toothpaste and mouthwash). Bonumose believes high-quality, great-tasting, healthy food can be – and should be – accessible to individuals and families of all income levels. Too often it is not, and Bonumose seeks to do its part to bridge the great gulf between the “is” and the “should.”

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