Our Mission: To provide and promote a safe and healthy environment for dogs of recovering addicts and alcoholics.
2019 Holiday Newsletter!
Happy Holidays, Dog Lovers!

Stephen Knight2019 has been a busy, challenging, and awesome year for Dogs Matter. As the opioid and drug crisis continues to climb in the U.S., so does the need to help the dog that suffers with the addict. Dogs Matter is the only nonprofit organization in the country that provides temporary, free foster care and supportive services for dogs of those suffering from addiction that seek inpatient drug/alcohol treatment, giving them a second chance to remain a family and get healthy again.

Thanks to our amazing foster families, donors and partners, Dogs Matter continued to grow in 2019. And not a single dog had to be surrendered to a shelter!

Our 2019 Year in Review:
  • fostered more than 75 dogs and their owners
  • provided 3,580 foster days/nights
  • reunited 80% of our clients with their dogs after treatment
  • spayed and neutered 15 of our dogs
  • updated vaccinations and gave complete physicals for 24 of our dogs
  • grew our Aftercare Program over 150%
Because of your generous donations and support this year we were able to save more lives than ever before. Unfortunately, the incredible demand for Dogs Matter's services has caused us to turn away more dogs than ever before. Please consider donating to our mission during this holiday season of giving so we can continue to save more lives in 2020.
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Client Success Story: Meet John D. & Sebastian
“At the end of my drinking and drugging, me and Sebastian were homeless living out of motels. I wanted to go to detox but I wouldn't leave him behind. He even saved my life one time when I was overdosing on heroin -- licking and pawing at my face every time I would go under bringing me back." - John D.
Q: How did you hear about Dogs Matter?

A: A friend turned me on to Dogs Matter. They got Sebastian fostered immediately and I went directly to detox. This organization saved me and my dog, Sebastian.
Q: How long have you had your dog Sebastian?

A: I took care of my mom with Alzheimer's and read that dogs were very therapeutic for Alzheimer's patients. I found and adopted Sebastian (aka Sibi), a stray, from a local rescue in 2014. I never had my own dog before. He was incredible for my mom -- better than her medicine but would prove to be even better for me. When my mom required 24/7 medical supervision and went into a home, I started drinking and using drugs. I, of course, kept Sebastian. I loved him.
Q: How are things going since leaving treatment and being reunited?

A: I celebrated 1 year of sobriety on October 8. I have been able to get back on my feet, and Dogs Matter helped me with vet bills, medication, dog food, and hard-earned dog treats. Sebastian and I are living very comfortably. He now has a girlfriend, Sugar. They are in love!
Q: What else is happening in your life these days?

A: I was able to get licensed to sell insurance and have a great job now. I'm a music producer and cancer survivor as well. I was able to put out an album a few months ago with a hero artist of mine, Tech N9ne, benefiting Saint Jude's to help kids with cancer.

Sebastian and I could not be more grateful to Dogs Matter. I don't think we'd be here without them, and I know we would not have each other were it not for Dogs Matter. Thank you is not enough.
Another Happy Family Reunion
In our Summer Newsletter, we introduced you to Chas and Porkchop. Chas’s addiction found him losing everything in his life except for his dog. They both lived on the streets until Chas had an opportunity to get the help he needed and go into treatment. Dogs Matter was able to provide Porkchop a safe and healthy foster home during this time. Recently, Chas celebrated 10 months of sobriety and has been able to work full-time and move into his new apartment with Porkchop.

Their reunion video below represents what Dogs Matter is all about!
Photo and video courtesy of Jan Osborn, Dallas Doing Good.
Dogs Matter is Possible Because of Your Support & Partnerships
A Look at Some of Our 2019 Clients & Their Dogs
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We would be honored to have you select 'Dogs Matter' as your charitable organizationYou will be making some tails wag over the holidays.
We Need Your Support More Than Ever
Our Aftercare Program has been able to provide owners and their dogs with supportive services for 12 months after being reunited. That includes medical bills, food, pet deposits, transportation, and access to our Recovery Coach. Our Recovery Coach supports each client with their journey of staying clean and sober and ensures there is a healthy environment for the dogs.

As 2020 approaches, we are in desperate need of your support. Because of the growth in our Aftercare Program, our expenses also grew in 2019. Dogs Matter relies 100% on donations. Please consider donating to our mission so we can continue to save lives and give second chances as we celebrate during this holiday season and beyond. 

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Where Your Donations Go:

Feeds three dogs for 30 days

Boards one dog for seven days and nights

Provides a complete physical and updated shots for one dog

Provides spaying and/or neutering for two dogs

Provides full services for 4 dogs for up to 12 months

Provides full services for 12 dogs for up to 12 months
Are you interested in becoming a foster family and helping to provide second chances? Please go to our website and complete the online Fostering Application.
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