Regarding Harvey

As you are most likely aware, we anticipate touchdown of Hurricane Harvey by tomorrow, Saturday the 26th of August.

As of most recent update, Hurricane Harvey is rapidly intensifying as it approaches the coast. National Hurricane Center (NHC) has estimated that 100+ mph winds might be possible and is subject to increase. A category 3 hurricane impact is possible. 

Rainfall totals of 10-15 inches with isolated amounts of 20-30 inches will be possible–especially south of I-10. According to National Weather Service (NWS), bayou levels will increase beyond normal levels and flash flooding is possible. 

In response, we've prepared some information about potential effects the storm may have on water and sewer service, as well as some preparation reminders to help your planning.


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Water and Sewer Service

For those concerned about water and sanitary sewer service during this event, we have prepared the below information.
PART 1. Regarding water service
While your District strives to maintain consistent water service, severe weather events can still affect service. The District's operator has taken appropriate steps to ensure that we are as prepared as possible. Generators have been tested and additional fuel resources are on standby in the event we are without power for a significant period of time.

While these actions cannot ensure total protection they will mitigate service disruptions as best as possible. Additionally, the District's operator will have their field and tech teams on standby to remedy water delivery disruptions should they occur. 

In the event a water safety issue occurs, the District will notify residents to boil the water and/or take safety precautions.

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PART 2. Regarding sanitary sewer
Power failure for extended periods could affect the conveyance of the sanitary sewer. This means interior drains inside the home including sinks, showers, baths, and toilets, etc... In the event this service is disrupted flushing and draining within the home may not function and can lead to sewer overflows.

Should a sanitary sewer emergency occur the District will notify residents of the "do not flush" condition.

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PART 3. Regarding storm drainage
Storm sewers are there to convey and transport rainfall from the streets to the proper drainage channels in an effort to keep rainfall from causing flooding. 
In the event the rainfall is greater than the capacity of the storm sewers, flooding can occur. Flooding may also be caused by blocked/impeded storm sewers. 

For these reasons we suggest two things:
  1. Help keep these inlets clear of debris, trash, and foliage.
  2. If you see flooding in an area that may be disproportionate to adjacent areas, please take photos and/or video and email it to us here: 

Check our website

We will continue to keep our website updated with the latest news and information as it becomes available.

Report Water and Sewer Emergencies & Issues

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