APRIL 2020

President's Report:

Pickleball - really - what a name - who would play a game with that name? Forget it!

How about a game called Cornhole?

Same comments apply or even worse I can imagine! Forget this one as well, don't even look it up.

But you SHOULD Google it - social play abounds, competitive tournaments all over the place - games being televised.

If Cornhole can get that far - why not pickleball?

In these times of no, or very limited, pickleball play - do not lose faith - it will come back, we will meet on the court sometime, I have many more games to lose.

One way to show faith is to renew and maintain your Pickleball Canada (PCO) and PICKLEBALLBC (PBC) membership thru this difficult period. Pickleball Canada is NOT stopping their development work. In fact, where possible, their projects are being advanced as more time is available. While the majority of the Pickleball Canada work is done by volunteers there are some costs - web hosting, web design, National Coaching Certification Program, Integrated Tech Program, and more.

Pickleball Canada is enhancing their on-line presence - increased social media output etc. - check their website for more.

Please consider renewing when we send you a reminder! If your club has suspended or cancelled the 2020 season that does not mean the end of pickleball this year. When the comeback starts let us all be ready - ready with current PBC and PCO membership. Membership dues are low - if Starbucks was open that is less than two latte's. A small amount to help assure and insure the growth of pickleball in 2020, 2021 and beyond - for your grandchildren.

Convince your club to support PBC & PCO. Rejoin direct if the club will not facilitate your requests.

The flip side is there of course - you may choose to not join until play comes back. (Neither PBC nor PCO will be refunding fees already paid - sorry - can you imagine the logistics? And sorry again - membership extensions are not part of the current plan either.)

But if have not yet checked out Cornhole - try this link
Walter Knecht


All tournaments in the near future have been cancelled, or, in some cases, postponed. Many of the following will likely be cancelled. For the latest information please check our Tournaments page

Up-coming BC tournaments:

May 16/17  Chilli-Paddle-Wack Tournament, Chilliwack
May 21/22  Oceanside RDN Pickleball Tournament, Parksville
May 22-24 Kamloops Open  (S)
June 12-14  VRPA Island Classic Tournament, Victoria
June 13/14  ​Strathcona Gardens Indoor, Campbell River
June 24-28  
Canadian Nationals (S), Kingston, Ont.
June 26-28  Hook Line and Dinker Tournament​, Christina Lake
July 4/5  Nanaimo Indoor
July 17-19  Kelowna Open (S)
July 22-26  Burnaby Paddle Whack​  (S)
July 24-26  Cowichan Lake Annual Tournament, Lake Cowichan
July 24-26  
Western Canadian Regional Championships (S), Regina, Sask.
Aug 1-3  LAPD Charity Tournament​, Langley
Aug 7-9  Vancouver Island Pickleball Championships, Chemainus
Aug 8/9  Fraser Valley Pickleball Open (S), Abbotsford
Aug 17-19  The Kahunaverse Sports Super Senior Slam (S), Surrey
Sept 4-6  Grip 'n Rip Tournament (S), Surrey
Sept 11-13  Surrey Cup, Surrey  (S)
Nov 20-22  Burnaby Cup, Burnaby  (S)

(S) = Sanctioned tournament - Pickleball Canada/
PICKLEBALLBC membership required.

More information about all the tournaments listed above is available on our Tournaments page.
Referee’s Corner:
The “In’s & Out’s” of line calling!

Judging by the number of questions I get on this subject, there is a lot of confusion about how to determine if a ball is in or out.
This is part of both my Referee Training & Line Judge training classes. So to assist with an understanding and visualization of this situation, I have glued a dime to the bottom of a ball to simulate the contact patch as it hits the court. (Pic. To left), The diameter of the dime is actually a little too large.

The picture to the right, (might be difficult to see, but it) shows that there is space all around the dime.

NOTE: A pickleball does not compress\flatten on contact, unlike a tennis ball, which has an elongated contact patch.
Key Point # 1, if a ball makes contact with a line it is to be called “IN” with one exception… on the serve when making contact with the NVZ line. (Rule 4.M.5)

This picture to the left is looking down on a ball, which is “OUT,” because no portion of the ball (dime) makes contact with the line!
The figure to the right is looking along the line, and shows that the dime is not in contact with the line. The picture to the left gives the same vantage point to what a player would see when looking down on a ball they might play, or in this case, call “OUT!” The picture to the right gives a similar view to what a line judge would see when looking along their line. They are in the best position to determine if a ball is “IN” or “OUT!”

Key Point # 2 - if a player, line judge or referee cannot immediately identify a ball as “OUT”, it is to be called “IN”!

This is so important to the game, whether there is a referee or not… the ball is “IN” unless it is definitely seen out. If it is too close to call, and you can’t immediately call it out, allow the opposition the benefit of the doubt and say “Good Shot!” (Rule 6.D. & 6.D.3.)

While we are on this subject, one more point! Due to parallax, please refrain from calling balls out on your partner’s side of the court. You may see it as OUT, but on close balls, only someone looking along the line is going to be in position to make a fair & accurate determination. (Rule 6.D.7).
Al Thomson
Referee-in-Chief  for PICKLEBALLBC

Send your questions/comments to Al:
The CONTEST - how do you stay in pickleball shape?

The entry deadline was a couple days ago. We have about 5 entries, all quite creative.

But we will keep the contest open maybe till mid May. Reason - when I filmed my entry and then proofed it on the computer I realized my stash of TP was right there in the background. That was a big faux pas and I will have to redo the whole thing.

current entries are on our website.
BC Club Highlights:
Powell River seniors experience pickleball:
Members of two VIU ElderCollege 'introduction to pickleball' courses
For the last several weeks, Vancouver Island University (VIU) has echoed with the sounds of laughter, encouragement, and paddles hitting whiffle balls as participants in the inaugural ElderCollege introduction to pickleball classes learn to play one of the fastest-growing sports in the world.

“This is one of the first training sessions of this kind in Powell River,” said Gherkin Barb, one of the four Gherkins who instruct the classes. “We wanted to run this course through ElderCollege to encourage seniors to learn the sport, get moving, and expand their community at an affordable cost.”................

To read the entire article from Vanessa Bjerreskov / Powell River Peak click
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Opportunities exist for businesses and individuals, from as little as $50.00, to sponsor and support pickleball in British Columbia - details on our 
Sponsor Program page.
Web Site/Newsletter:
As always we are delighted to receive suggestions and/or contributions of content for the website and future newsletters.

Walter Knecht
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