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To participate, simply add pictures to our Facebook page of your Chronicle, with the name of your Chronicle. Photos can be of players, your site, props, decorations, anything! Each photo with your Chronicle's name in a tag or caption will get one entry in to the raffle. The winning Chronicle will be drawn after August 12th.

The prize is a bundle of goodies including t-shirts, buttons, a tote bag, decals and more. Please check out our page for all the contest details.

Lets see those awesome pictures!

Anarch Event 2019

The Anarch event held in New York and hosted by UTR (Under the Rock) was awesome this year.  It was fun and full of excellent roleplay.   Perhaps the best part was just all the friends who don't see each other often in person.   In the end it was over too quick, but looking forward to next year.   (Anarch Event - Facebook)

Photos by Marion Birdsell & Bonnie Lin Landry

Events in 2019


Victoria’s Event 2019

Camarilla Conclave
August 16th & 17th – Fargo, ND


North East Event 2019

Cam./Anarch Vampire
Aug. 30th - Sept. 2nd - MA


West Coast Gangrel Event

Gangrel Vampires
Aug. 30th - Sept. 1st - Sacramento (Dillon), CA

Sabbat on the River

Sabbat and Anarch Mini Event
Sept. 20th-22nd
West - Arizona


Concolation 2019

Changing Breeds ONLY
Sept. 27th-29th
Mid-West – Dubuque, IA


Nonclave 2019

Cam/Anarch / Sabbat  / Garou
Oct. 11th - 13th
East - VA

Full Event Schedule
Including 2020 Events


OWBN Discord

-by Anneke

My local Live Sabbat/Anarch Game decided to expand into having a Discord side to their game.  I made a Sabbat friend at an event game and my friend had no local Sabbat game to play his character at, so I dragged him to the discord side of the game I played in.  The Discord side of the game has since exploded, with so many visitors, and soft roleplay most nights of the week.  We have players who work nights that are able to jump on during the day and find a way to RP.  We have players with disabilities or child care who can't get to their local game.  We have players that don't have any local games.  The drama in our Discord game has spilled over into Live Games and even Nationally.  We've had 2 of our non-local discord players actually travel out for our Live side of the game, and my Sabbat friend has a flight planned for later in the year as well to visit the Live side of the game and meet these players in person.  While Discord games are different from Live games, they fill a void for many players, and will continue to grow and expand in OWBN.  

I was brought into the bigger world of Discord games, and there are over 20 discord games/servers out there, and more showing up each month.  But how do players find out about these various games?  Mostly word of mouth (in person or virtually), dragged into a game or told about it while playing in another one.  Then I learned there is a Discord Server just for finding Discord games, primarily OWBN games, with a handy calendar with exact dates for when games will be.  Those games that happen regularly but also the more casual games. But not all the Discord games know about this server and those listed on the server were not all the games out there.  There was also important information missing such as the genera, or regular game dates, so I created a document to better keep track of all the games out there, so we can help players find what meets their needs.  So take a look and expand your OWBN Role playing experience.

Discord Game Document

*If you would like your discord game information updated or adjusted on the Discord Game Document, please contact Anneke / Marketing.

Huge Character and New Players

-by Ryan Omega

So here are my tips to playing huge powerful characters that encourages more roleplay:

I’ve had to cultivate a style of roleplaying that accommodates this and is very conscious of new and other players. It does mean that you can’t always do what you want, but you are supporting the framework for a community of players. 

1. Giving someone a “permission to RP” helps. So I gave the codephrase “I heard you are a person to get to know” and so we end up talking about common things that THEY are able to share from their own story, giving them the advantage to feel confident as their character.

2. Delegate small but meaningful things. It gives new players a sense of importance, and a clear mission with a single task. Then you thank them. That makes them want to do more.

3. Abuse your privilege to give someone starting out the world’s eye view. Like if I meet with a new player in an exclusive, restricted place or have someone escort me everywhere with weapon in hand, it makes them feel special and it costs me nothing.

4. Get on their level and be silly once in a while so you have things to bond over with human experience that don’t require lore of the world. I play a character that drinks because it’s an easily relatable activity and people understand that.

5. Take a sincere interest in one of their goals and boost them up or direct them. If they are looking for underworld things, I direct them to a few secret contacts. If I know they are healers, I tell them where to get training, etc.

6. If someone has news, don’t interrupt their excitement by saying “I already know.” Say “thank you, this CONFIRMS what I know,” so their words are still useful.

7. When dealing with new characters that are creating potential conflict, give them warnings IC, and don’t start by making them examples unless they are clearly trolling you. One character told me she had a tendency to harm people she didn’t like and I told her, “it’s a very bad idea to tell me because now I have to do something about it!” Let them propose an alternative so I don’t have to feel like I’m sentencing them.

8. Ask them for their opinions at times. You don’t have to take them if it doesn’t work, but they may have an insight that is fresh and you may not see having played your character in your world for a long time.

As a huge influential character, your actions affect the ENTIRE GAME, no matter how small you think your actions are. People will have entire conversations about you which actually have nothing to do with you, so a huge part is letting that go and that you need not respond to rumors so quickly if it doesn’t affect your ability to get things done.

At the same time, you have to balance things with your own desires and wishes. You shouldn’t be community minded 100% of your game time because you’ll feel deprived or worse, resentful, even if you are in charge.

This is not a comprehensive list. But if this helps other veteran players on how to be more inclusive of other and newer players, it will keep player retention which brings about more satisfying roleplaying for everyone.


Palm Harbor: Under Night

Went out to Florida for a long weekend for some amusement park time, but first I stopped in Tampa to play some OWBN.  The main thing I want to spotlight about this game was how welcoming the staff and players were.  The regular friday night game was cancelled so the STs of Palm Harbor threw an Anarch focused game on Friday night because I was visiting, while Saturday night was their normal game night which is primarily a Camarilla game with Anarchs welcome.  I played both nights, with two different characters and met different players and characters each night, including visitors each night.  The players also helped me with all my transportation while in Tampa (including picking me up from the airport), the bartender at my hotel was even a former OWBN player. 

Their game site is at the local college that many LARPs use, but due to the STs connections they had access to the indoor hallway areas and bathrooms.   There was plenty of covered area outside and vending machines.  They even had access to a lecture hall for mass combat in comfort.  They had a large number of STs and always were ready to keep things interesting for the players. 

I was amused by the toddler that was running around, that we determined was a pooka, as it dropped his mother's bracelet into the mail slot.  Requiring a lot of actual skills to get the bracelet and other items out of the mail box.

The only down point to my visit was the amount of Mosquito bites I came away with, but that was Tampa weather and not the game's fault.  

So stop by the next time your in Tampa, FL.

Dear Dead Boni

Countess Boniface Baine, a seer of great knowledge that transcends time, space, and species. A figment of our imagination, or an enigma of our times drawn back from the old and reborn as new? Let Dear Dead Boni provide insight, entertainment, and some madness into your life or un-life. 

[Whatever the Genre, whatever the question, please submit to] 


Dear Bonnie,

How much blood would a vampire drink if a vampire couldn’t drink blood? 



Dear Shenanigans,

A kindred would chug as much blood as a Kindred could chug if this Kindred was a chugging kindred and not a human disguised in a vampire suit chugging blood or have the capability of retrieving the blood. If a kindred could not drink blood, I beg the question of if the kindred is incapable of drinking blood, how they sustain themselves. Do they have an alternate way of retrieving the vitae’s important nutritional benefits, or is their specific orifice obstructed?

Please refer them to their local Tzimize or Giovanni, if neither are able to help the infern….I mean Tremere may be able to help. 

Bonnie, without love

Dear Bonnie:

I’m in love. That’s not the problem, the problem is that his ductus basically told me that my beloved was valuable and by being in love with me he risked losing himself to the beast. Here’s another wrinkle, the ductus has made it clear he’s interested in me in more than a working relationship. 

I really don’t want this to be like Romero and Juliet, because final death over this is pointless but I can’t just easily let my love go, it’s only just beginning to blossom. 

I guess my real question is, who should I eat first, my beloved or his ductus? 


<3   Black Widow


Beautiful Black Widow (BBW for short),

What is love? BBW don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me anymore. There are millions of Romero’s out there in the world, yours sounds like a bad egg waiting to cry into dimensions and see what they can fish. It sounds like this Duck-tus, is sitting on his boat and throwing fishing lines. 

My suggestion? Each Romero first, make good use of them first. If this Duck-tus is more useful, delay the eating, savor your meal  my BBW. 


I’m sure there is something within the Sword that prevents from willie nillie eating one another, but that’s on you and your meal. 

Bonnie, with love

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