Charity Donations

Our very own Marion Birdsell has been busy recently raising money for animals everywhere!  She sold merchandise at the Anarch event to raise $200 for the Humane Society of Westchester.  Then went on to sell items at Glitter and Gloom to raise $421 for Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter.  The money given to Barcs was requested to be used for animals that require medical care.
The Marketing Team would like to thank everyone who donated and purchased merchandise that enabled the gifts to these charities.  We hope to help more in the very near future!
Ecumenical Council VI

Ecumenical Council VI is right around the corner!  This year players will gather on April 12-14 in Frederick Maryland to the event hosted by Caine’s Chosen.  This year’s theme is Fire & Fury!  So book your rooms at the Hampton Inn and get your sheets submitted!
 Questions and sheet submissions!
Caine's Chosen Staff
Brothers and Sisters of the Sword of Caine,

Soon it will be time to gather again in most Holy Ecumenical Council where we shall determine the path of our future endeavors.

This last year has been a time of great change and spiritual pause. Much has occurred.
Allies were lost and gained.

Brothers and sisters were tested to their limits.

There is much to discuss and so I, along with the Consistory, invite all Initiated members of the Sword to bring their topics and thoughts to the floor for discussion. We have much to learn from one another.

In addition to the proceedings, the Consistory will be sponsoring an expedition to the Black Monastery. Its silence has not gone unnoticed.

Mexico City, the heart of the Sword, awaits you.

Radu Szantovich, Count of Bistri
Regent of the Sabbat

2018-19 Coordinator Election Winners

Marketing Tools
The Marketing Team has put together some flyers for chronicles to use to do advertising locally.  The pre-made flyers can be found on our webpage, along with instructions on how to get them personalized for you.  Let us know if we can do anything to help you out!
Balancing Act: Prospective Priorities
By Margaret Hill

So many of us have multiple monkeys we must feed. We deal with work,  home, relationships, family, friends and of course LARP. Each monkey wants our time and focus, some may just be a little mischievous spider monkey, some may be the oppressively loud howler monkey and still others demand so much they might as well be King Kong. How do you cater to so many that demand time and attention? It can be daunting to set limits and just say "no. But without limits, you will lose who you are to the monkeys who made demands. Let's take a deeper look at these monkeys to help create healthy limits.

Let us start with work and home. I put these monkeys in the same cage as they form the foundation for allowing the other monkeys to exist. Our work allows us to have money to eat and clothe ourselves and our home give us a place to rest our heads and sleep.  There are only a few things that can help here, but sometimes little changes can have a huge impact. First set time aside to focus on these items. it is OK to tell other obligations that you have to meet that work deadline or that you need to stay home and get laundry or some kitchen cleaning done. You have to take care of your life first.

Relationships,  family, and friends are the next grouping of monkeys. They can be lumped together even if you don't place them in the same cage. As humans, we are social animals. We need interaction and genuine human contact in order to develop and maintain a healthy emotional state.  Now some situations might remove people from this category, and that is OK, you do not need to fill that spot with a "like item" but it is during those times when you should reach out to the others in this grouping. A dear sibling moved across the country? Try connecting with your significant other, or reaching out to your bestie.  Ensuring these monkeys are cared for will only help further down the line. Having this allows you the time and space to be yourself and have your own identity.

I have saved LARP for last for a multitude of reasons. I have seen this game tear apart friendships, cost people jobs, loved ones and drive them to the brink of hopelessness. In that same vein, I have seen a character give inspiration, teach confidence and help through troubling times. No game should cause a crippling negative response. Yes, we empathize with our characters and use them to grow and learn and experience in ways that the constraints of reality and society do not allow us.  Through character portrail, we can learn real-life social skills. Dealing with the officers of the Camarilla Court, or your new Bishop or Baron can teach you how to deal with that difficult person at work or even allow you that break from the pressures of reality. But ultimately this monkey is a tool to be used, and not to be used by. Taking time away to focus on other aspects is 100% totally acceptable if a scene is too much or becomes too difficult for you, speak up. We are all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves, we are not here to be pressured and battered in placing a game over the things we need to survive in the world we live in.

If you find yourself in need of help to find this balance there are many resources out there to be had. Remember you own the monkeys and not the other way around, you can choose how much time and investment to give them. You can control King Kong and turn him back into the cute grinder monkey clapping his cymbals, that power is in your hands. Please do not let fear or intimidation keep you silent. Many companies offer a free life advise hotline, most are confidential, that can offer a good place to start. Local Churches and community centers often have seminars or meetings for support groups. A quick google search will show many options for help. Lastly, do not hesitate to reach out to the local staffs or even other players, you don't know if one of them has some insight or advice to offer unless you ask.

No one considers the life of the ghoul.

Not even the ghoul. I’m not talking about those half zombie things from the old movies. I’m talking about some poor shmuck that a vampire poured their blood into. Now they’re so friggin’ obsessed with making sure their fanged bosses are happy that they forget to eat and sleep if bloody daddy tells them to do something.

I’m not gonna lie, vampire blood is, quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever had in my life. It’s sweet and rich and savory all at the same time, and I still find myself willing to do just about anything to get another taste of it. But I don’t get the side effects. I don’t love the blood suckers like the others, I’m just fucking scared of them.

Not too long ago, my regnant, which is the bitch that feeds me the blood, lined all of us ghouls up. She took our phones and put them in a bucket. Then the bitch went down the line and started giving all of us sweet kisses, and you could tell by the look on some of their faces that they were in love with her. Their eyes were like puppy dog eyes when she gave them any amount of attention whatsoever. And when she kissed someone else, the ones that had been with her only a little while held a deep-seated hatred for the ones she kissed. The ones who had known her for a long time, they glowed with admiration of her power.

That was exactly how she knew that I was not really the same as the others.

When she kissed me, I did my best to hide the fact that I didn’t feel shit for the bitch. I’m not even into girls, so pretending that you absolutely love something that can chew your face off isn’t the best time. I’m not great with facial recognition, but I saw the surprise and confusion on her face when I didn’t get totally into it. While looking at me, she killed the person on either side of me, and when I got disgusted while everyone else was smiling… She dragged me out by my hair and into another room.

Which is where I am now. I know, writing down my last few words before she comes into the room. I can hear her talking outside. She’s talking with another vamp outside. She calls him her sire when she thinks I’m not looking. The words ‘embrace’ and ‘danger’ to some sort of sword keeps coming up when they talk.

I’m writing this down, hoping that some poor idiot out there reads this someday and doesn’t take this as a joke. Vampires are fucking real. Not the bullshit stories that you heard from your grandpa or saw on the silver screen. I’m talking about borderline demonic shit. Frail-looking pale bitches and dicks who can lift a car on accident. Leather-bound dudes that look like they stepped out of 1980 just turn into a freaking shadow. Pretty women you’d like nothing more to do than do whatever she says, and as soon as it’s over, you’re wondering why you’re bleeding out. Let me tell you, it’s fucking terrifying.

My name is Kendra Walters. Someone tell my boyfriend that I-

By Holly Race

What is the Convention of Thornes?

We talk about the Convention of Thorns fairly regularly while playing in the Camarilla or Anarch settings.  But do we know what it really is and why it’s so important to the World of Darkness?  This one single document had a profound effect on the almost all Vampires of the time, and continues to shape the modern nights. 

Near the village of Thorns in England on October 23, 1493 the Camarilla, Anarchs and Assamites signed an agreement that would end the conflict between them.  The Anarchs joined with the Camarilla and the Assamites did not.  In an attempt to assure the Assamites would honor the agreement, seven of their elders were ransomed back to the clan by Brujah elders.  Part of the cost in the return of their elders was that the clan would allow a Thaumaturgical curse to be placed upon them by the Tremere that would make them incapable of committing diablerie.

The Lasombra and Tzimisce who were involved in the conflict rebuffed the treaty and went on to form the Sabbat.  Some of the various Anarchs felt similarly and were unwilling to rejoin the Camarilla and live under the rule of their Sires.  Those Anarchs joined the Lasombra and Tzimisce and became the first Antitribu.
The Marketing Team is looking for people with a desire to write.  Do you enjoy writing how-tos, short stories, or top 10 lists?  We want to see it!  We are happily accepting submissions from anyone who would like to donate their time and talent for the enjoyment of the rest of us in One World by Night.

We are interested in any type of writing that we can share in our Newsletter, Blog or other places that will help us make things more engaging.  Anyone who submits writing that is used will be properly credited for their work.  This is the perfect way to participate and help out, without the commitment.  We’re happy to receive your submissions as often as you want to share them.  We won’t badger you or give you deadlines either.

If you have something you’ve already written and want to share it with a wider audience, feel free to pass that along as well.  Original work only, meaning it must be written by you.  Any topic you feel those in One World by Night might be interested in reading, we’re happy to receive.  The topic choices are almost endless!  Send something over today!
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