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Beltane 2019!


Living out the ultimate 90s cyberpunk dream, PCs this Beltane had to enter a pocket in the cyber realm housing a new MMO that was turning players into fomori all over the world. After trials and frustrations with video game logic and mechanics, they got what they needed to enter with their full power and take down the system - despite the giant Mech the developers spawned in to try to stop them.

Video of the Robot in action!

Do you play on a Discord Server or by Email? 
 When arranging time to meetup with other players/characters in game, it's best to talk about 'hours' from now or include the Timezone you are referencing: 
5pm EST is 2pm PST.   5pm PST is 8pm EST.  

Kublacon 2019


Princes of Santa Rosa, Sacramento, and Berkeley, invited the Camarilla and their allies to three nights of parties in Northern California.

The theme was a rainbow of colors to show the support for various domains.

There were clan meetings, scheduled and impromptu.

Some of the Hard Working Staff from Kubla:
The artwork that was around the tent across the 3 nights were made by Lydia Ropp’s 9th grade theatre arts students, a special thank you to them!

Looking forward to seeing everyone in 2020!

Art by: Keri Svoboda

Keri has been offering her services to make drawings of our characters for awhile now.   Below is some wonderful examples of her work.   She can be contacted via Facebook or Email:

Shoulder-up Illustrations, or full body.   Black & White or color.  She will work with you to get the essence of your character into a visual medium.  So contact her for pricing.  She has a pretty quick turn around time as well. 

Support your fellow OWBN Artists!

Events in 2019

Gangrel Event - Gangrels Only!
Dillon, OH - June 20th-23rd

Anarch Event - Anarchs Only!
New York - July 26th-28th

Victoria Event 2019 - Camarilla Conclave
Fargo, ND - Aug. 16th & 17th

North East Event - Cam & Anarch Vampire
Springfield, MA - Aug. 30th - Sept. 2nd

Full Event Schedule

The Non-Event

Kublacon - Garou

During the day of Kublacon, a Garou game was held as well.

Miss an Event Sticker for your Passport, contact marketing and they may be able to help!

Lesson 101 - Boons
by Anneke

Boons are the ‘life blood’ of vampire society.  A boon is an ‘IOU’ between vampires.   There are levels of boons and represent how much you owe the other vampire.  Boons are recorded by a Harpy, generally Vampire A gave Vampire B a LEVEL of Boon.  Maybe with a date and some details as to why.  Vampire A is the Giver,  Vampire B is the receiver of the boon.  Below is information about boons and *EXAMPLES of boons.  But these are just ROUGH EXAMPLES, and there is no strict rule on what you can give or receive for a boon.  This is just a quick guide for new players, to give them a basic idea about Boons.

Trivial Boon -  The most basic level of Boon, this is the business card of Boons, it’s a Thank you card.
    Why/When To Give a Trivial Boon:
        *Vampire B introduced you to someone important.
        *Vampire B did a simple favor for you.
        *You made a simple bet.
        *Vampire B told you a good story or joke that just pleased you.
    What you can get for cashing in a Trivial Boon:
        *To get Vampire A to introduce you to Vampire C.
        *$100-$500, whatever is ‘pocket change’ to that vampire.
Trivial Boons should be freely given.  3 Trivial Boons do not Equal a Minor Boon.  You can’t do math with Boons.   If you are owed a Trivial Boon, and someone does something nice that you think deserves a boon, if they owe you a boon of the appropriate level, it’s always good to instead cancel the owed boon.

Some players hold onto boons, and never use them.   They ignore the first statement, Boons are the ‘life blood’ of vampire society.  They should flow, they should be given and used regularly.  Yes hold onto your bigger boons, but trivial boons should be keeping the Harpy busy and be given out and cancelled regularly.  

Boons are an ‘IOU’, if you never spend the Boons your given, other vampires will take advantage of this.  If you are just going to horde boons, and never use them there is little danger or risk in giving you one.  You’ll die with a bunch of them on you, or you have plenty of other people to call on first before they get to the boon they just gave you.  So your devaluing the boons you have by hording them.   

Some players try to never give out boons, this is BAD.  Boons are based on a vampire’s word and honor that you will repay.   Not giving out boons means you can not trust yourself to keep your word.  You are looked on as suspicious by vampire society.   You may think it’s because you're special, and a boon from you is somehow ‘special’ so your hoarding them to make them special.   NO, that’s not how vampire society works.   This is also a Social game and Boons are how you show your socializing, how you show you're part of the group/vampire society.  

ANYONE Can give out a Boon.   Harpys only record and enforce boons between acknowledged members of the Camarilla.  You can give or receive a boon to/from an Anarch or Independent, because remember it’s simply an ‘IOU’, and if your word is good, then your boon is good regardless of having a Harpy to record and enforce it.  Anarchs and Independents may call it a ‘Favor’ or a ‘Favor owed’, but it’s basically the same thing, and you can always say a ‘Favor like a Minor Boon Favor, or a Favor like a Trivial Boon’, if you're not sure of how big the favor is.  Just because anyone can give out boons, not everyone will accept boons or favors from those outside of the structure of Harpy enforcement.

Minor Boon - This is a boon given for a minor reason.  
    When to give a Minor Boon:
        *You want Vampire B to go on a ‘mission’ with you.
        *Vampire B located a Gun/Item for you.
        *Vampire B did some research for you.
    What you get for a Minor Boon:
        *They will use 1 pt of a skill or ability.
        *They will get you a basic piece of information.
        *Apx. $1000-$5000 in money.  

Things are based on the vampire you're calling the boon in on (Vampire A).  The Level of the request is how easy it would be for the Vampire to fulfill.   You wouldn’t ask a Gangrel with 0 resources for $1000 as a minor boon because finding that much money is not a Minor task for someone with no money, but a rich Ventrue you may ask $5000 for a minor boon because it should be a minor thing for them to obtain that amount of money.  

Major Boon - This is a significant boon.  This is the level where you start holding onto these boons for something you need or want.
    When to give a Major Boon
        *Vampire B went on a mission and was damaged.
        *Vampire B got you a rare item.
        *Vampire B got you a Rare piece of information.
        *Vampire B used their Influence for you significantly.
    What you can get for a Major Boon
        *Vampire A will vote how you want for one vote.
        *Vampire A will risk a point  (Damage, or Skill)
        *Vampire A will research something for you.
        *Vampire A will use their influence for you.
        *Apx. $10,000-$150,000 in wealth. (burning 1 resource point).

Some people think if you take damage on a mission a blood boon is owed.  This is not always the case.  If the vampire is a fighter and went on a mission to fight enemies, and they took a little bashing damage, a boon may not be owed at all.  However you take the baby vampire on something that was suppose to be a safe mission, the baby vampire takes damage, you owe the baby’s vampire sire or accountor a major boon in apology generally, not just for the damage but not protecting your temporary ward.

Blood Boon - Eye for an Eye, blood for blood.  
    When to give a Blood Boon:
        *Vampire B took significant damage on a mission.  
        *Vampire B risked or took significant damage to get information for you.
    What you can get for a Blood Boon:
        *Vampire A will go on a Dangerous Mission even if they are not a fighter.
        *Vampire A will push for a candidate you want in a Vote.
        *Apx. $150,000 -  $1,000,000 in money.

Life Boon - You’ll owe me a Life Debt, be glad it’s not a blood bond.  
   When to Claim a Life Boon:
         *Vampire B, saves your life.
         *Vampire B, spares your life.
   What you can get for a Life Boon:
         *Vampire A will risk their life.
         *Vampire A will step in front of a Stake for you.
         *Apx. $10,000,000 in wealth.

The step above Life Boon would be a Blood Bond (Blood Bonds are a completely separate system and can be covered in another 101.).  A Blood Bond makes you in love/almost a slave to the vampire you're bound to, they can be almost permanent and are hard to break/end.  So a Life Boon is often done as, ‘At least I didn’t blood bond you’ sort of thing.

Please realize the above is a general guide to Boons to help new players, contact your local Harpy for further discussion, I'm sure they will have their own opinions, and the economy in your game may vary as well.
The OWBN Wikis do not exist in-character.  It does represent the information a character would be able to get on other characters using the proper Lore.   This information is 'public knowledge' and may include rumors of varying validity.  More Info at...
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