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There is a lot going on in the marketing world these days.  Algorithms change constantly, SEO is almost impossible to keep up with, trends die and new ones are born.  It may seem on occasion that not much is being done by the Marketing team.  In fact, I just learned that some people don’t even realize we have a marketing team.  

Quite a lot of my time is taken in education, and re-education.  Things change quite quickly in marketing and a new set of information has to be absorbed in order to remain effective.  A professional marketing team has access to resources that we simply don’t have, at least not yet.  I have very big dreams and I’m stubborn as hell. 

I have asked for all of you to lend a hand in previous newsletters.  Many of you did, and that has helped us tremendously.  We have managed to drag OWbN from the 20th page in a Google search to the 1st (at least, in some cases).  It will take a lot more work to get us to consistently show up as a number one World of Darkness (WoD) LARP, but together we can do it.

OWbN has been an active WoD LARP for 21 years!  We are the longest running WoD LARP organization in the world.  At last count, we were also still the largest.  I see a lot of disenchantment as I travel, and that breaks my heart.  We have a lot to be proud of with just being the oldest and largest.  We can boast on many other areas as well. 

It is one of my goals to bring this organization back to having a community.  But as the old proverb goes, ‘It takes a village’.  I need you for any of this to work.  We have jumped 19 pages in Google!  That is a huge start, and we can do so much more.  This very newsletter has links to our various social media pages (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) please check them out and give us a follow.  Followers and interactions go a long way to appease the great Google monster, Fred.  Seriously, that is the name given to the newest algorithm - Fred.

We are also looking for people who wish to submit written and photographic content.  In a social media driven market, we can never have enough content to push out.  As always, if you have questions, comments or suggestions, my e-mail box is always available at  I’m here to help with event posting and promoting, individual chronicle advertising, and much more.  Anyone is welcome to email me anytime. I’m happy to hear from all of you.
Nathan Siever and Robert Batton of Utility Muffin Labs have a Podcast that covers Vampire the Masquerade books.  They have started with the very first book published by White Wolf in the World of Darkness series, Vampire the Masquerade, or as we know it, the 1st Edition Table Top book.  They continue through all Vampire the Masquerade books in order of publication and their latest podcast review of Clanbook: Assamite.
The Podcast is called 25 Years of Vampire the Masquerade and can be found on their website or on most Podcast apps.  Each episode reviews one book from the series and is a fantastic throwback to the humble beginnings of OWbN. They do plan to continue their show through all the 3rd Edition (Revised) books.
In addition to the 25 Years of Vampire the Masquerade podcast, they also have Nerd Words, which is often insightful information on plots, storylines and on what’s up-and-coming in  WoD circles.  Their website is jam-packed with VtM information and stories, as well as some really fantastic t-shirts and other merchandise. 
Head on over to their website, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates on new Podcasts and other great stuff. 
Links for Article:
Check out the awesome stuff some of your fellow players create. 
Ever been to an event and seen someone sporting an awesome custom-made wood-burnt badge? Odds are good they were made by Lizzy-kins Robbins. She works with her customers to make badges unique to their PCs, so no two are ever quite the same. Currently, she only sells her badges at events, and takes orders through a form that she posts in the event's Facebook page. She charges $15 for the large ovals and $10 for the smaller various shapes. She is also planning to start making fancy quick grab badges that represent merits, also custom designed. The next event she plans to attend and sell at will be Blood and Ice: Huskers and Harlots in Milwaukee (January 2018).
And her craftiness doesn't end with the badges. She also likes to do the occasional character portrait and custom paints t-shirts, but does not currently sell those. Check out her skills in these examples!!!

Think you know a lot about our current Tremere Coordinator, Tessa Cauley? Did you know she is a fantastic crafter who does custom-knit gloves, dicebags, scarves, hats and other small items? Well, now you do! Check out some examples of what she does below. If you are interested in placing an order, email me at and I will help you get in touch with her. Prices vary depending on the order.
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September Events

Madison Black Crusade is hosting another 2-night Palla Grande September 29 -30, 2017. This year's event will be held at a new venue, the Best Western Plus Milwaukee Airport Hotel and Conference Center.

Pre-registration, which ends September 16th, is $20 for two nights and $10 for one night. The cost at the door will be $15 for one night and $30 for two nights. Contact to arrange payments via PayPal or Google Wallet. Sheets are due by September 22nd and should be sent as an .rtf to under the subject line "Palla Sheets."

Rooms can be reserved at the hotel for $99 a night under the room block Madison Black Crusade - call directly (414)769-2100. For more information, and to stay up-to-date with the event, check out their Facebook event!

Council's Month in Review:

[Autopass] Change to Character Bylaw 58 - Old Clan Tzimisce - Autopass
[Autopass] Vampires Embraced from Extinct Revenant - Autopass
[Autopass] Change to Character L-ii-7 - Tlacique - Autopass
[Autopass] Further Changes to Section M - Autopass
[Autopass] Change to Mnemosyne Approval Bylaws - Autopass
[Amendment][Genre Packet] 2017 Assamite Genre Packet Take 3 - Passed - 54 Voters, 31 For, 17 Against, 6 Abstain
[Genre Packet] Mnemosyne Genre Packet 2017 - Passed - 55 Voters, 28 For, 14 Against, 13 Abstain
[Autopass] Rarity Change for NPC Nagaraja - Autopass
[Autopass] Addition to Character Bylaw 10.l.v - Vampire Controlled Items - Merits and Flaws - Autopass
[Autopass] Addition to Bylaw 7.b.ii - Custom Content - Autopass
[Special Election] [2017] Assistant Head Coordinator 2 - 76 voters: 24 for Danielle Frink, 22 for Trey Naivar, 19 for Tyler O., 10 for Brian Kapraun, 1 for Reject All

Writers Wanted!

We are looking for content writers.  If you have any interest in writing on topics that relate to LARP, the World of Darkness or One World by Night, we’d love to have you.  Don't worry if you aren't a member of the Marketing team - we love freelance work and want to hear more from all of our players!
We are looking for content that can be added to our Blog, the Newsletter, or other places that would be of use to us.  Anything written will be credited appropriately in the byline.  Please contact us at if you’d like more information or have an interest in writing.
There's more to the org on Facebook than just our main page and group. Check out some of these clan and genre groups!

OWbN Sabbat
OWbN Werewolf Discussion
OWbN Toreador
OWbN Brujah Assembly
OWbN Demon
OWbN Malkavian
OWbN Anarch Community
OWbN Tremere
OWbN Setite and Serpent Players
OWbN Giovanni
Above: Check out these picks from the Anarch Event - special thanks to Marion Birdsell for the great photos!
Above: Shots of this year's Grand Elysium - thanks to Peter Taylor for the photos. We'll have more up on Instagram soon!
Have something else you would like to see featured in upcoming newsletters? Q&A sessions with Coordinators? Sneak peek at new packets? A section featuring a different local chronicle every month? Space dedicated to updates from your favorite genre? Let us know! 
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