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Written by Sky Dennison


A presentation to teach your Werewolf Cubs the Litany, in a modern and amusing way.  Also a good refresher for our older wolves.  

Available as:   PowerPoint Or PDF

Ecumenical Council 2019

Was Hosted by: Caine's Chosen: Liberty in Death: Frederick, MD.
3 days of Sabbat Vampire Politics and Fun....Praise Shane?

Lasombra Clan Meeting:

Sorry wrong camera...using one that doesn't have mirrors involved:

Sabbat, Anarch and Camarilla Coords were all at the event....

But overall people enjoyed themselves...Praise Caine!

Upcoming Events in 2019


Camarilla/Anarch Main - Garou
May 24th-26th - San Francisco, CA

Garou Campout
May 24th-27th - Connecticut

Cam/Anarch, Garou
May 24th-26th – Columbus, OH

June 20th-23rd – Columbus, OH

July 26th-28th - New York

August 16th & 17th – Fargo, ND

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Sheryl Westleigh started sculpting as a hobby in 2005, creating small sculptures and jewelry for friends and family. In 2008 she started Noadi’s Art as a part-time business to bring her creations to a wider audience. By early 2010 Noadi’s Art was a full-time business sending handmade jewelry and original art all over the United States and to over a dozen countries.

Sheryl is inspired most by the creatures that live in the sea, especially cephalopods the class of animals that include octopus and squid. The very first line of jewelry she created for her Etsy shop were cuttlefish, later expanded to the other 3 major groups of cephalopods: squid, octopus, and the nautilus. Since then Noadi's Art has continued to grow from jewelry and sculpture to include one of a kind paintings and prints of her original artwork, and recently custom 3D printed cookie cutters.

Noadi's Art Original Creatons FB:

Cuttlefish Cookies FB:

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