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A Very Merry Unbirthday

On July 6th, Griffin Immortal held a mini-event, the theme was an Unbirthday Party, Mad Tea Party, and had 20+ players from the surrounding area/games.  There was a costumes contest and prizes!


FB: Griffin Immortal

North East Event

Signing of the finalized treaty proposal between the fae and the garou. King Albrecht and Queen Mab.

Photos by:  Teresa Jester

Interested in next year's event, join their Facebook

Events in 2019

Sabbat on the River

Sabbat and Anarch Mini Event
Sept. 20th-22nd
West - Arizona


Concolation 2019

Changing Breeds ONLY
Sept. 27th-29th
Mid-West – Dubuque, IA

Nightmare in Decatur

Mini-event, Sabbat
Oct. 5th -  Chatham, IL


Nonclave 2019

Cam/Anarch / Sabbat  / Garou
Oct. 11th - 13th
East - VA

Palla Grande

Sabbat Mini Event
Nov. 8th & 9th
Frederick, Maryland

2020 - Events!


Blood & Ice - 2020

(Vampire, Changing Breeds, Mage, Changeling)
Jan. 15th-20th, Milwaukee WI

Anarchy in the Desert - 2020

Anarchs Only!
Feb. 21st-23rd, Chandler, AZ

Full Event Schedule

Discord Games Document & Schedule

Discord Etiquette

by: Anneke

These are some general observations, tips on how to act on/in a Discord game.  
1.  Don't go to a discord game just for the XP.  
Yes an occasional Discord game because you missed a game, and have a desire to not fall behind on points is understandable.  There are even games that will host a discord game instead of a live game due to weather occasionally.  But having a bunch of characters/sheets and using discord games as way to max their xp and level them up easier then driving to a local game, is just poor in taste.  Please see other articles about trying to 'win' at LARP.
2.  When VISITING, Get to know the game your visiting.  
Read the house rules, and have a reason why your character is visiting the game (and why your not staying around). Help if asked by the local characters, do not just come in and solve the local problem with your big sheet.  It's unfair to the locally based characters/players, and STs don't appreciate the hard work being wasted, as STs create stories based around their local characters/players/actions and visitors can throw an unwanted wrench into things.  Remember your a guest/visitor, and that those based in the game they are tied into the game and history.  
    *Now there are those who visit regularly and become part of the game, and that's generally accepted, but also talk to the STs, and let them know if you plan to regularly visit.
    -DO NOT show up the day of a Discord Game and expect to have your sheet sent in, and approved the same day.  YES staff may be nice and accommodating, but you should not expect same day service.  It also takes time away from the STs to prep for the game that day.  Just because one game may approve you same day, do not expect this of all servers/games.
3.  Discord is a Digital Medium
A majority of our communication is done non-verbally by facial cues, vocial inflections and body posture and gestures.  In a Digital medium we lose those cue and so there is a high chance to attribute emotions to a scene or message that may not be there.  Often our own emotions will feed back on ourselves, leading to further miscommunications.  Typos occur, and scenes can go really fast so items are missed.  Players have different reading speeds, typing speeds and comprehension.  Be patient with each other.  Remember your all here to have fun.

Tips For Hosting a Discord Server:
1.  Have a FB.  Use FB to hold your House Rules, and Send out Game Events.  Keeps your game connected to the bigger OWBN community, which is heavily FB based. 
2.  After a Game, use your FB for shoutouts, or create a room for Shoutouts.  Feedback and aftercare are just as important for a Discord game, if not more.
3.  Talk with other STs from other discords to learn tips & tricks, and bots they use.  Also a good idea to not conflict with other games of the same Genera.
4.  Instead of a room filled with character photos, have players link to their Character Wiki pages.  (This gets more characters using the wiki, and keeps the Character Desc. page easier to go through).
5.  Use Pins!   Pin in Announcements a link to your FB, House Rules, Email Address.  In IC rooms, Pin the description of the area.  

OWBN Discord Network:     

Shattered Dreams - Green Bay, WI

A small game out in Greenbay WI.  (I visited the same weekend as Fargo Conclave so that may have effected numbers)  It's a mixed genera vampire game, that meets the 1st & 3rd Saturdays at the Marchal Elements Saber Academy.   They have a very large indoor site, with bathrooms, and a hallway connects to the local gaming shop that will sell you snacks.  The Pho place in the building was also very good.  A board with news/plot that the players could investigate, and overal generally a fun time.  

Visit their Facebook for more info:

West Coast Gangrel Event

Photos by: Heather Anne Hernlan, Nicholas Gonzales and Jeff Daitsman

During the day there was exploring and board gaming, out in the mountains east of Sacramento.

During the evening, Stories were told around a fire in true Gangrel fashion.

For more pictures and information visit the event facebook:
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