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This past month OWbN was at Swampcon, a convention held in Gainesville FL at the University of Florida. They tabled to the con and community, promoting their local games, most prominently their Anarch Game, Gainesville: The New Confederacy and their Camarilla Game, St. Augustine: On Haunted Ground. They had handouts including a FAQ and cards with their local Facebook page with a QR code. Check out the FAQ they wrote up, which is posted at their facebook page.

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Glitter & Gloom (Decadence & Decay) 2019


Art by: Mateo


Rumors of a Treaty being written...

See you next year...  Glitter & Gloom 2020 
March 12th-15th 2020, Theme: Roaring 20s.

Upcoming Events in 2019

Ecumenical Council 2019

April 11th-13th
East - Baltimore MD


Camarilla/Anarch 3 Nights, Garou 1 Day
May 24th-26th
West - San Francisco, CA


May 24th-27th
North East - CT

Non-Con Event 

Cam/Anarch, Garou
May 24th-26th
Mid-West – Columbus, OH

Gangrel Event

Gangrel Vampires only
June 20th-23rd
Mid-West – Columbus, OH

Anarch Event 2019 

Anarch Vampires
July 26th-28th
East - NY

Full Event Schedule


We raised $365 for a really good cause! Thank you everyone!
(The doggie is named Bran and was adopted 3/24/2019)


Countess Boniface Baine, a seer of great knowledge that transcends time, space, and species. A figment of our imagination, or an enigma of our times drawn back from the old and reborn as new? Let Dear Dead Boni provide insight, entertainment, and some madness into your life or un-life.


[Whatever the Genre, whatever the question, please submit to]

Dear Dead Bonnie,

I've had a thing for badasses with protean lately. What is the least awkward way to proposition them to turn into mist and fill up my lungs? Hugs and kisses,  
-Moist for Mist

Moist for Mist,
Ah, the old age of - How do you get to a beast’s heart? Through their fangs. In this case, be blunt. Find your nearest beast, lock eyes, pucker those lips, grab them by the hand, and invite them to your place - or a hole in the wall, whichever you prefer.   
Don’t do blunt? Find their pattern. Ask them if they can give you a private showing of their powers, as you find them fascinating and would like to have a first hand experience. Emphasis on the hand.   

Dear Dead Boni,

Is it wrong for a person in a position of power to fall head over heels in love with a ghoul that doesn't belong to them?  
- Asking for a friend

All’s fair in love and war. Kindred are selfish creatures, more so now than ever before. However, society has its standards. Your...friend’s intentions with this ghoul, this property, need to be clear. It is not wrong, what is wrong is the actions that your friend takes with those feelings. Prepare them for heartache, or a fight - that ghoul only has eyes for their master, unless your friend is willing to gamble.   

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