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Blood & Ice will be showing several movies during the event to fit with their theme.  Below is the movie posters for those movies...but distorted.  Have fun guessing!

Vampire Movie Showcase

Introducing the new Sabbat Coordinator

I am Shane West, the new Sabbat Coordinator. I have been with OWBN for 5 years now, and have worked with several different offices as a subcoordinator, including the Sabbat office. This year, I am hoping to push out plot to all the known corners of the org, from Maine to California, from Washington to Brazil, to help make the genre grow, and streamline into a more substantial system.

Something I’d like to see, by year’s end, is a return to the animosity between Camarilla and Sabbat, and to make the Sabbat into the well-sharpened sword they should be. I hope to get this completed by year end, with work to repair situations such as the Inquisition’s image to the Sword.


I am here to help! If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out and talk to me. I can be easily reached at If you have any questions, comments, concerns, complaints, or just need someone to talk to about game stuff, I’m here!


Shane West

Sabbat Coordinator

Events in January 2019

Blood and Ice
Jan. 17th - 20th
5311 South Howell Avenue, Milwaukee Wisconsin 53207
Event Information

Anarchy In The Desert
Jan. 25th - 27th
Chandler, AZ

Upcoming Events in 2019

Occult Summit
March 1st & 2nd
St. Louis, MO

Glitter & Gloom
March 21st - 24th
20 W Baltimore St, Baltimore, Maryland 21201

Ecumenical Council 2019
April 11th - 13th
Frederick, MD

Full Event Schedule

Mage lists!

If you play Mage, here are some email list you may consider joining:!forum/owbn-mage-ic!forum/owbn-mage-ooc


Happy New Year!

With a new year, it's always a good time to check in with your player base.  Take the time to check in with all your players, do a quick one on one for five minutes with each player (especially the new players).  Ask them the following questions:

1.  What sort of Stories would they like to explore?  (PvP, PvE, Social, etc...)
2.  What story lines is your character currently involved in?
3.  What story lines or plots would you like to explore as your character?
4.  Is the Storytelling Staff meeting your needs, and if not, how can they better help you enjoy your LARPing experience?

*STs can't fix everything, and while it may seem counter productive to take time during a game to do this sort of check-in with your players instead of running bigger scenes for a large number of players, it's important to check in with your players individually.  Especially the new players, the ones who seem content to sit and socialize.  It's also a great way to think of new engaging plots for the coming year (and be reminded of plots that may have been dropped).  
  Whatever the Genre, whatever the question, write to Dear Dead Bonit: 

Rules: This is for entertainment purpose only and will follow the OWbN rules. If your PC would like to take this In Character, they may, but be aware that the submission and content will not be treated as a breach, and any consequences procured IC are yours to bare.

Dear Dead Boni,

There’s this guy I like, his hair is black as night and his eyes are a golden brown. He doesn’t know I exist - I do not want to scare him away. He’s a clerk at my local courthouse, meticulous and well dressed. The way he handles paperwork just makes me want to be near him, watch him, admire him.

Dreading Contact

Dear Dreading Contact,

Get your predator on! Do not merely stalk the man, know their scent and those that surround them. You are a beast, a powerful God amongst the human kine, dominate and flaunt. This mere mortal is no match for you, the only fear being instilled on to your psyche should be from your sire. Prioritize planning and area for maximum effect, deflecting the environment anomalies that may interrupt your hunting. Do not forget the feathers, the human body is vulnerable to them. Simplicity is sometimes key, unless you are toying with them. If you are - use your God given powers. My favorite passive power is the Ingenious Hunter. It reduces a cool down of any active items you carry by 15%, and 40% at 5 stacks, with the possibility to grant Bounty Hunter stacks. Exciting!Pounce the cow after work, at home or in the pasture.


Dear Dead Boni,

It had been my dream for quite a while to become primogen in my city. I was prepared to fight for it anyway - excluding murder- that I could. And yet, I found it plopped into my lap without much fanfare. Naturally, I was elated, and yet dissatisfying.

Dissatisfying in that while I may be the current primogen, I feel ineffective. I'm bound by my duties at court but at the same time, my contributions and suggestions are quickly dismissed and overlooked. Should I dare attempt something "foolish", like go haring after a villain, I am chastised by the very same group of primogen that I ventured out with.

While I like being the voice of my clan, it's all getting rather tedious. What can I do to make them see me as an equal and not as some younger, annoying, sibling they're forced to babysit?

Thank you in advance,



Dear Frusterstroodles,

Felicitations Primogen, and my condolences. Courts tend to be a cesspool of political vile, the heavier the purse, the more the boons to play with, the more abundant the pool, the tongue becomes an abominable and faithful ill-tempered friend. I’ve dabbled in tongue play, and on the spotlight, take it from me, at times it is better to be unseen and dismissed if your hands are attempting to wrap around other’s necks. Be the villain, slithering around like a beautiful black mamba wrapping yourself over and under from behind the scene.

Subtlety is key when you are a new political figure, so use their perceptions of you to your advantage and learn about your enemies. The real power play is happening behind the scene. Speak with the other primogen one by one, dance around the innocents of your perceived powerlessness. They will open to you more because you are seen as younger… Learn what their goals are both personally, and as a clan...their strength and weakness. Vanity is a weakness among your kind, take advantage and they will not see your fangs until they are in their jugular.

Remember who holds the real power, the Prince and Court Officers, learn the same from them and offer your services. Do so, and the Primogen will not know what hit them when your voice roars above them and outside of their dull Primogen Meetings. Don’t forget to keep count on the slights, so when they fall from grace, you’ll be there to assist them into a den of lupines.


P.s. Please do write back with any updates, specially if there is any mauling involved.

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