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Gangrel Event 2019

Hosted among the Cabins at Dillon State Park, in Dillon Ohio.

There were at least 60 players at the event.  With the limitation of Gangrels Only, there were many players without Gangrel characters that attended, and played NPCs.  As such there was a large number of Elder Gangrels visiting.

The weather was kind to us this year, and everyone seemed to have a good time.

During the day there was lots of socializing, board games, card games and video games.  If your interested in next year's event, join the Facebook.
It's getting very hot outside, not all games have air conditioned buildings.  Hot weather can bring extra aggravation to your player base.  Bring some cold water for your fellow players, or a favorite for my local game, Otter pops! 

Events in 2019

The Unbirthday Party

Cam./Anarch Vampire Mini Event
July 6th - Griffin GA.


Anarch Event 2019

Anarch Vampires
July 26th-28th - NY


Victoria’s Event 2019

Camarilla Conclave
August 16th & 17th – Fargo, ND


North East Event 2019

Cam./Anarch Vampire
Aug. 30th - Sept. 2nd - MA


West Coast Gangrel Event

Gangrel Vampires
Aug. 30th - Sept. 1st - Sacramento (Dillon), CA

Sabbat on the River

Sabbat and Anarch Mini Event
Sept. 20th-22nd
West - Arizona


Concolation 2019

Changing Breeds ONLY
Sept. 27th-29th
Mid-West – Dubuque, IA


Nonclave 2019

Cam/Anarch / Sabbat  / Garou
Oct. 11th - 13th
East - VA

Full Event Schedule
Including 2020 Events


Prestation and Boons!

-by Destiny Pacheco
Our society thrives on these concepts.  Perhaps you’re intimately familiar with them or perhaps you only kinda know what’s going on with them... either way feel free to read on for a different perspective and perhaps a pair of fresh eyes on the concepts.
Prestation —noun Law.   a payment in money or in services.  a duty to do or not do something in fulfillment of an obligation, or the performance of such a duty.

Applicable in both senses!  We are payed in Status and Boons for services, for achievements, for participation, for many other things deemed worthy by those who present us with such.  Our duty in this case stands as the need to respect such things.  To respect the name and title given those who have earned it.  The particular leanings of what ‘earn’s one such things is very much up to interpretation, but that simply leaves you room to grow.
Boon —noun  something to be thankful for; blessing; benefit.  something that is asked; a favor sought.

We do indeed trade in favors, they are indeed a benefit.  To hold a boon is to hold the key to a problem that you cannot solve alone, to have a boon held over you a life insurance policy in some cases (who wants to owe them a boon!?).  Allies, enemies, acquaintances, strangers... you can give or receive a boon from most anyone,  though the formally recognized sort tend to be passed between members of the Tower, and upheld by the Harpies.  This does not stop one from trading outside the Tower, but don’t expect anyone to care if one outside doesn’t pay up... 

Status is the weight of a name, like a badge of honor in a war.  Rank is respected in a militant force and so must status and position be respected within the Tower.  This is not to say that there is NO room for question... that is clearly not the case, else would there ever be a change of who holds a city.  Rather when we are interacting in polite society we are expected to pay mind to what those around us have done to stabilize (or destabilize!) this same society.  Kine might treat a business man with more respect than a beggar... and status is what defines that in dealing with Kindred of polite society.
Equally when one carries the weight of another’s name, as with loaned status, we are asked, and even expected, to show the person carrying the weight with the same respect as the one whose name they carry.  Equally however, do we hold them to the standards of the name they carry and should they make a faux pas the sleight may carry a more heavy social damnation or even reflect badly on that name who put their weight behind them...
The subtleties are enough to make a riddler giddy!
Remember that if you have questions or need for assistance you can always ask your Harpy, but it is polite to pay them as they are offering their precious time to ease your own difficulties!

Something Strange: Reavers of the North

I recently visited this game on Saturday June 15th.   It's a Sabbat game located in South Portland Maine, that plays at the Dragon Fire Martial Arts studio.  A large indoor site, with plenty of parking, bathrooms on site and an occasional operating vending machines.  The interesting quirk for this location is no shoes are allowed in the dojo/main play location, so it's a good thing I didn't have room to pack my studded boots. 

One of the players brought home made brownies to share.  Plenty of room and STs for adventures and a main Esbat where I engaged in Roleplay all evening.  There was apx. 25 players but it felt like a lot more, as some changed characters as needs required.  If you get a chance to visit this game or another hosted at the same site, I highly recommend it, and was worth the drive out.

Visit their Facebook page for more information or to get in contact with the locals and to learn about their other OWBN games that play at the same site. [Facebook]

Marketing and Passports

T-Shirts, Tote Bags, Decals and more!   
All items in the store are made by the marketing team to avoid unnecessary expenses.  All funds from the sales go right back to OWbN's marketing efforts.  If you need passports or OWBN flyers please let us know and we can include them with your order.

Make sure to check out
The Glass Council
on Facebook to keep up to date on votes and other important information about OWbN.

The Camarilla

Basics for new players by Anneke

The Camarilla also known as The White or Ivory Tower is the ‘Good’ Vampires.  They consider themselves ‘Good’ because of a set of rules called The Traditions that they follow.  

A Camarilla held/controlled city is usually ruled by a Prince (female vampire ruler is still called a Prince).  The Prince controls the city and is generally the ultimate rule of law and authority for the city. There are those in the Camarilla above The Prince, but for the matters of the game, you only need to worry about (and respect) The Prince.

The City - Does not refer to just one city, but an area of land/several cities.  

The Traditions - Rules the Camarilla Vampires Follow.  You can do a search on-line to read the full thing about the Traditions.  Here is the quick run down:
  • Masquerade - Don’t break the Masquerade.  Don’t expose yourself as a Vampire.
  • Domain - Respect the Domain
  • Progeny - You need permission to make a new vampire (also called a childe or Progeny)
  • Accounting - A new vampire is under their Sire (creator) or a Mentor who teaches them to be a vampire.  This is called The Accounting.
  • Hospitality - Respect the rules of Hospitality.
  • Destruction - Do not kill other vampires.  Only the Prince is allowed to decide that.
Some Terms:

The Head of the City is the Prince.   Their Second or Vice President is the Seneschal.

Sheriff - Keeps law and order among the Vampire, will investigate city problems.  Appointed by the Prince.

Harpy - Keeps record of Boons (social I O Us) among the vampires.  Appointed by Primogen Council.

Elysium Keeper - An official Gathering of the court may be at an Elysium, the Keeper makes sure we don’t fight at Elysium.  Generally only one allowed to fight or hold weapons in an Elysium.

Elysium - a sacred place where vampires can not fight, even if enemies show up.

Scourge - They fight and arrange fighters against enemies of the Court.

Court - The gathering of Camarilla vampires in the city, under the rule of the Prince.

Primogen - The representative or head or ruler of all the vampires of a specific clan in the city.  Different Clans, pick their Primogen differently. Primogens come together to talk about what’s going on in the city and decide how best to work together for the good of the city, bringing forth their clan’s advantages.

Vampires are divided into Clans based on some general stereotypes due to their inherit clan skills and clan weaknesses.  Below is some generic explanations of the various types/Clans of Vampires.  Not all vampires will be like the Stereotype of their clan.  But for a new player to decide on what to play, and to get a quick understanding of these clans these quick explain the stereotypes.

Brujah - Based off the Lost Boys movie, or Sons of Anarchy, very biker like, street thug vampires.  Fighters.

Gangrel - Shape shifting Vampires, turn into Wolves, Bats, etc…Survivalists, Hippies, Fighters.

Malkavian - Mentally Unstable/Crazy Vampires.  But in Madness they can see the future. Drusella from Buffy is an example.  Investigative.

Nosferatu - Based on the classic movie Nosferatu, ugly, live in sewers.  However information gathers, computer hackers, and good scouts. They often can change their appearance and do so to disguise their ‘ugly’.  Investigative.

Toreadore - Artistic vampires, very Interview with a Vampire angsty, beauty focused.  They are very social vampires. Social.

Tremere - Ritual Blood Magic using Vampires.  Not recommended for brand new players.

Ventrue - Classic Dracula, Mobster like, Elegant suits, often caught in the era they were embraced.  This clan is known for having MONEY and connections to Business and interests in Mortal society. Social.

Catiff - They do not have a representative on the Primogen Council.  Catiff translates to Clan Less. Basically if you not one of the above clans, or abandoned by your clan you become Clan Less.  Not recommended for brand new players (because you have no one to support/teach you).  

There ARE other Clans!   The above are just the basic clans you should be aware of.  There are other groups of vampires: Anarchs and Independants, both type don’t listen or follow the Prince but generally do not fight with the Camarilla, and then there is Sabbat.  Sabbat are generally seen as the ‘EVIL’ vampires by the Camarilla, and almost always at war with the Camarilla. The Sabbat are religious fanatics and have no respect for the traditions or humanity again in the eyes of the Camarilla. There are also Mages and Werewolves, Faires and Hunters, and so many other things but best  to learn about those in character.
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