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Hello from you Sabbat Coord.
We now have all bids accepted, and I’m happy to announce the following games have entered bids to host Ecumenical Council next year!
  • Unchained Arizona Sabbat / Phoenix, Arizona / April 17-19, 2020 / Delta Hotels Phoenix Mesa / Event Cost: $61 per person.
  • Something Strange: Reavers of the North / Portland, Maine / April 16-18, 2020 / Hampton Inn Saco-Biddeford / Event Cost: $30 per person
  • Curitiba by Night - Sabbat Chapter / Curitiba, Brazil / September 5-7, 2020 / Casa Linda & Muita Natureza / Event Cost: $100, all-inclusive
  • Shadows of St. Louis / O'Fallon, Illinois / May 28-30, 2020 / Marriott Airport Hotel / Event Cost: Pre-Reg Period 1: $25, Pre-Reg Period 2: $30, At the Door: $35
  • Ocala Sabbat: Hell is Taken / Gainesville, Florida / April 17-18, 2020 / Best Western Hotel / Event Cost: Pre-Reg: $45, At the Door: $55
  • Pander's Playground / Cincinnati, Ohio / April 23-25 or April 30-May 2, 2020 / Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Cincinnati Airport / Event Cost: Early Bird: $30, Pre-Reg: $35, At the Door: $40
Please have all your players and staff fill out the following form and vote for the game you want to host the next Ecumenical Council! Voting will close at 11:59 PM EST on October 24th, 2019.


A few notes for voting for Ecumenical Council:
  1. Vote for a game you feel you would be able to attend.
  2. All players get to vote for Ecumenical Council bids.
  3. If you’re torn between several (I am torn between all participants myself!) then choose the one that aligns best with your schedule for travel!
Best wishes to all games that put in a bid, and I’ll see you all at the end of the vote!
Sabbat on the River
A Mini Event that occured in Parker, AZ.  Camping right by the river, Sept. 20th-22nd, with Sabbat during the evening.  Anarchs and Independants were welcomed as well, but it was mostly Sabbat from California and Arizona, meeting to deal with an issue on the border affecting both domains.
The Roleplay in the evenings was fun, but the socializing set this event apart.  Board and card games during the day, a trip out to Lake Havasu, and Brunch at the nearby Casino at the end of the trip.  However the best part was time on the river, in giant floaties, and swimming out to the island Sabbatlandia!

Events in 2019

Nightmare in Decatur - Mini Event
Oct. 5th - Chatham, IL


Nonclave 2019

Oct. 11th - 13th (FB
Prince Williams Forest Park, VA

Wedding Spooktacular - Mini Event
Oct. 25th & 26th - Gainsville, FL

Palla Grande - Sabbat Mini Events

Cincinnati, OH - Oct. 18th

Sacramento, CA - Nov. 1st

Highsprings, FL - Nov. 8th

Fredrick, Maryland - Nov. 8th & 9th


2020 Events!


Blood & Ice - Multi-genera
Jan. 15th - 19th
Miwaukee, WI

Anarchy In The Desert - Anarch & Camarilla
Feb. 21st-23rd
Chandler, AZ

Glitter & Gloom - Camarilla & Anarch
March 12th-15th
Baltimore, MD

Full Event Schedule

Managing Post Coord Life

by J. Clark

It is 2019, and in the spring of 2020, it will be the end of another two year term as well as the end of several interim Coordinator terms. There will be a slew of Coordinators who will either not be running again, retiring, or perhaps they won’t win their re-election bid. Regardless of the reason, there is something that I want you soon to be ex-Coordinators to be prepared for: The newfound silence in your social spheres.


Post-Coording society gets very quiet. If you have introverted tendencies like this author, then this is a mixed blessing. On one hand, the line of folks seeking your time, attention and emotional bandwidth gets much shorter. On the other hand, you realize that you’ve grown accustomed to others reaching out to YOU, as opposed to the other way around. 


There was always someone who needed something. Maybe it was a quick question among volunteer coworkers who have since become like family to you. It could also be a friend who is venting about their local game scene, a player who isn’t sure which email list to reach out to, or even the familiar face who wants your opinion on something. But that goes away in the twilight time of Post-Coording.


Some of us have enjoyed the quiet and have learned how to rejoin polite society, meaning we have relearned how to be the one who reaches out first sometimes. For others, the transition will not be so easy and it can even be isolating. These former Coordinators are ill prepared for the quiet, and are often unprepared for the daily contacts to stop once their cycle is finished.


What can you do to help to help your buddy adjust? 


Start with connecting with them BEFORE the end of their term if at all possible. This will give you an idea if they need some time/space to manage the change in routine, or if they will desire more immediate contact and company.


Now to the Coord buddy, this is especially for you, as there are a few things I want you to remember:


  • “Everything is your fault.” Joking aside, it isn’t uncommon for folks to throw the old guard under the bus especially for things that were beyond their control. In the offices that I have served, we often see candidates already volunteering for us. Thus we tend to see a greater degree of care in this type of behavior for the simple fact that we know where our bosses fell short. We had a rough idea of where we were going to fall short, and our successors have an idea of where they will likely face similar challenges. If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience this, don’t take the naysayers personally. They can be very verbal about where they felt you failed them, even if it wasn’t something you could control.


  • Your voice will still carry some weight. Now is not the time to kvetch about your predecessors/coworkers/colleagues/that one game you always really hated. You still have eyes on you - be respectfully honest, but don’t poison the well for everyone else. Don’t be that guy, nobody likes that guy.


  • Your experiences can help others but remember, everyone finds their own rhythm in their own time. Just because the new kid will do things differently than you, that doesn’t mean they’re ruining anything. It just means it is distinct from the way you did things, which, to be frank, is good. You stopped being a Coord for a reason. Now is the time to rejoice and do a tequila shot.


If you’ve ever been a Coordinator, the next time you see a fellow Ex-Coord at an event, give them a high five and shout “We made it!”. I had the distinct pleasure of doing this with two former Coordinators at Ecumenical Council 2019. One was former Giovanni Coordinator, Larry Peterson, who knows my pc’s dirtiest secrets and is the reason why none of my characters can have nice things, and the former Changing Breeds Coordinator, Curt Goble, whose endless patience and wisdom has been a blessing. And you know what? Despite the intense drop I had in leaving my office, that moment absolutely made the event for me.


Thank you to the many Coordinators who have come before me. From the first who suggested I volunteer for my first boss in OWbN, my current coworkers during my present interim cycle, to my work husband who still plays my NPC counterpart. But thank you most to the Coordinators who will come after me. I’m already very proud of my successor and eagerly await the next crop of Coordinators who will be coming in.


In closing, this is going to be a rough time and this too shall pass. With a little time, you will find a new routine. If you allow it, you’ll get a better idea of who your truest friends are.

The OWBN Wikis do not exist in-character.  It does represent the information a character would be able to get on other characters using the proper Lore.   This information is 'public knowledge' and may include rumors of varying validity.  Only update your own page (except Rumors).   More Info at...
Camarilla /// Anarch /// Sabbat /// Garou - Silver Record
Hello and welcome to Dear Samantha! This is an IC advice column for the (fictional) Quabbin Regional News, a perfectly mundane source of local information. The players at the Sept of the Quabbin can find information for the latest rumors in game or see the effects of our actions. The advice column is a fun thing I suggested as a player and we figured we’d open it up to the greater OWbN community. Does your character have a hankering for asking for advice from strangers possibly hundreds or thousands of miles away? Then look no more! Remember that this is a mundane mortal newspaper and to keep things Veil/Masquerade/ etc-safe.

Dear Samantha,

I’m currently being courted by two very different men. They are both gentlemen and both have told they care for me deeply. One loves the art I create and shares in my passions. He is kind and courteous. He’s also liked and well known in our community. The other one not so much, some people even call him cold and seem to fear him. Except me, I see the warm heart he has. He is extremely thoughtful and caring. He is even helping me plant lavender so it reminds me of home. I’m at a crossroads and I don’t know whom I should continue on with.

Courted at the Crossroads

Dear CatC,

It sounds to me that you already know the answer to your question. I certainly do not have the entire story of both of them to say for certain, but one of them shares in your passions and is liked by your friends. The other is a scary gardener. If your goal is to change the second man to be closer to what you see in the first you will spend your life trying to turn this man into what you want him to be. It sounds like what he might need is a therapist (which you should not be for him) and a friend (which you currently are and can certainly continue as).

Best wishes,
Dear Samantha
My son turns 30 next month. He is single. Very single. He is smart. He is in college. He learns computers. He will be very rich. A woman could like him, or could like his money. But he is without woman. I recently gave out my entire jewelery collection to buy him dates. He still have no woman. I am getting desperate. I need a grandchild to invest in! What next do I do?

Old Mother Bird

Dear OMB,
As hard as it will be for you, you’re going to need to pull back and let the not-so-baby bird leave the nest, so to speak. He is certainly aware of your desire for grandchildren, but that is not your decision to make. Let him fly free to find his own love without you circling above. As you have seen, money may buy a first date, but it does not buy love or lasting interest.

Now for the really hard part.
It is 100% okay for him to not want to have children.
Let me say it again.
It is 100% okay for him to not want to have children.
And forcing someone to father children against their will is Not Good.

He may not ever be in a relationship. He may be in a relationship with another man. He may adopt. He may never have children. And all of that is okay. That does not make anyone less worthy of love. Stop focusing on children that do not exist and instead listen to your child that does. Or you may lose him for good.

All the best to you and yours,

Need advice?   Here is the link to the submission form:
Make sure to check out
The Glass Council
on Facebook to keep up to date on votes and other important information about OWbN.
Laws of the Night (Revised, Page 14).

It's Only a Game
    If a character dies, if a plot falls apart, if a rival gets the upper hand, it's just a game.  You and the rest of the players are doing this for fun.  Taking things too seriously, or taking character issues into real life will only spoil everyone's enjoyment including yours.  Remember, playing a game should be fun - if you're not having fun, it's time for a reassessment.
    Not "Win." Not "Go out and conquer everyone else."  Just have fun, because in MET, it's not about how the game ends, but what happens along the way.

Putting the above here as occasionally we all need a reminder.  This is a HOBBY, real life comes first (Jobs, Family, Health, etc...).  We are volunteers, not one is paid to put up with abuse or harassment, so be kind ALWAYS.
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