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The Marketing team has a website, and on it we have some helpful information, links to various pages, and our blog.  Our blog has a few submissions, as we’re still working on getting it up and running.  We have an article from White-Wolf’s MET Journal about OWbN from 1999, some information on marketing your own game, some fun survey questions and answers from the Coords.

We invite you to check out our page and see what we have to offer.  And check back often, as we will be adding more information and entertainment as we collect it.  To get you started, check out our blog post 9 Steps to Creating a Viable LARP Character.  Let us know what you think!
The voting is finished and the results are in!! Ecumenical Council VI will be held by Caine's Chosen: Liberty in Death in Frederick, MD, April 12-14, 2018. Stay tuned for more details! 
Check out the awesome stuff some of your fellow players create. 

Sarah Solbrig is a Minneapolis resident who has been creating book art (bookbinding, box making and paper marbling so far) through a local organization, Minnesota Center for Book Arts. “It’s a wonderful community for learning new things and bringing in what I’m experimenting with for feedback. I’ve totally fallen in love with this art form. It incorporates precision in measuring and execution, while having limitless possibilities of what can be made.”

In the coming year, she plans on learning papermaking and printing as well. “I want to make books with content in them as well as the blank journals I have now. How a story is framed and told is a passion of mine and I think book arts is part of that. How a book feels in your hand and the relationship to the reader. Not so much novels as moments and ideas contained in the object.”

As an ST of the Twin Cities Obsidian Towers game, Sarah wanted to bring props into the game that the players would be able to find and possess. She created nine books that are currently in play in game. Each book is different with hand marbled. “I wanted to make something that the players would get excited about besides the mechanical effects. One of the great parts of LARP is the physicality of it.” Since the plot is on-going, no spoilers yet for what they do, but the item card are also given a unique flair by each being hand marled as well.

Sarah does take requests and has very recently opened an etsy store located at Soul Brig Bindings.

When we create our characters, we often a really vivid image of what they look like. But sometimes, costuming and makeup can only take us so far. Ever found yourself wishing you had a picture of what your character looked like to show to people? You should check out the artwork of Keri Svoboda. She does amazing character portraits and other pieces of custom artwork. Check out her website, Make It You, affordably, for more details on pricing and how to place an order!

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October Events

Once again Pander’s Playground will be hosting Palla Grande!  This year’s theme will be Classic Vampire.  A theme that is sure to conjure up many varying ideas of what it could mean.  From Bram Stoker to Underworld, you decide what it means to you.

The event will be held OOC in Cincinnati Ohio.  Friday October 20th – Saturday October 21st.  We begin sign in around 6pm and play till Midnight both nights.  Game fee is $5 per night.  We have a cash bar on site, as well as some light food (pot luck by locals) that everyone is free to enjoy.

Every year we decorate, DJ, have mood lighting, and tons of space for RP interaction.  We also have ample onsite parking and hotels near by.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Pander’s Playground staff at  We look forward to seeing everyone there.  Help us make our Palla Grande even better than last year!


November Events

OWbN Northeast Event 2017

Dark Colony & Shadows of the Gold Coast cordially invite you to attend the new & improved 2017 Northeast Event! This Camarilla-centric event will take place Friday and Saturday November 10th & 11th, at the Hilton Garden Inn Springfield located in Springfield, MA. And it's going to be our IC Conclave this year! Check out their website for all the details for sheet submissions, costs and hotel information!


January Events
Need to book your room for Milwaukee in January? Want to know what genres will be available? Head over to the website for Blood and Ice or keep an eye out for November's newsletter for the details for the individual games!

Council's Month in Review:

Change to the Voting/Proposal Authority of the Exec - Change to Administrative Bylaws, Section 2: Council - Failed - 46 Voters, 33 No, 7 Yes, 6 Abstain
Allowing Storytellers to Disallow Characters at the Door without Player Bans - Passed - 49 Voters, 38 Yes, 7 No, 4 Abstain
[Amendment] Storyteller Vault 2.0 - 58 Voters, 26 For, 22 Against, 10 Abstain
[Proposal][Administrative][Autopass] Changeling update to 20th anniversary edition - Autopass
[Proposal] Line item change to Honeyed Tongue - Passed - 40 Voters, 34 For, 4 Against, 2 Abstain
[Opinion Poll] Should there be Glass Ceiling for Custom Content? - 74 Voters, 28 Abstain, 23 Against Glass Ceiling, 23 For Glass Ceiling
[Opinion Poll] Remove Custom Content Database - 77 Voters, 51 Leave it exactly how it is, 16 Remove all player custom content, 10 Remove Custom Content Database and Registration
[Proposal] Specific Brujah Content from Storyteller's Vault - 51 Voters, 29 Against, 15 For, 7 Abstain
There's more to the org on Facebook than just our main page and group. Check out some of these clan and genre groups!

OWbN Camarilla
OWbN Sabbat
OWbN Werewolf Discussion
OWbN Toreador
OWbN Brujah Assembly
OWbN Demon
OWbN Malkavian
OWbN Anarch Community
OWbN Tremere
OWbN Setite and Serpent Players
OWbN Giovanni
The Marketing Team is looking for people with a desire to write.  Do you enjoy writing how-tos, short stories, or top 10 lists?  We want to see it!  We are happily accepting submissions from anyone who would like to donate their time and talent for the enjoyment of the rest of us in One World by Night.

We are interested in any type of writing that we can share in our Newsletter, Blog or other places that will help us make things more engaging.  Anyone who submits writing that is used will be properly credited for their work.  This is the perfect way to participate and help out, without the commitment.  We’re happy to receive your submissions as often as you want to share them.  We won’t badger you or give you deadlines either.

If you have something you’ve already written and want to share it with a wider audience, feel free to pass that along as well.  Original work only, meaning it must be written by you.  Any topic you feel those in One World by Night might be interested in reading, we’re happy to receive.  The topic choices are almost endless!  Send something over today!
Above: The Marketing Coordinator hosted a photo shoot in September in Cincinnati. Here are a sampling of some of the amazing pics she got!
Have something else you would like to see featured in upcoming newsletters? Q&A sessions with Coordinators? Sneak peek at new packets? A section featuring a different local chronicle every month? Space dedicated to updates from your favorite genre? Let us know! 
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