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Snowbirds – Coming Home
Welcome Back To The Village… 

You may have heard – All Canadians returning from out-of-country are MANDATED by the Canadian government to self-isolate for 14 days….
You may “feel fine”.  But that is not a reason to break this required isolation.  
If you need errands run – groceries, meds, booze, whatever necessities, the VCA would like to help.   We have a team of volunteers in The Village who have offered to assist.

Recent information on the virus states 25-50% of people can be carriers but show no symptoms.
snow ducks
For those residents who have not yet returned to The Village, or if you are still in isolation…. We are here to help you!!! 
The VCA is coordinating a taskforce effort, managed by Mona Babin, VCA President. 
LET US HELP to keep everyone safe and healthy.  We have a network of 20 VCA members ready to run your errands…. Just need to let us know what you need and when you’ll be back. 
How the VCA can help you
Task What to do Who can help
Groceries Make your list as specific as possible Your neighbour or Mona Babin @
Medication/prescription Order from your pharmacy Several pharmacies will deliver.  If they don’t, ask them if someone else can pick up and contact Mona Babin @
Take-out Place your order by phone and pay by credit card.  They can also sell you beer or full bottles of wine  Your neighbour or Mona Babin @ will pick up your order for you
Wine or Beer Place your order with any local winery or brewery and pay by credit card Most local businesses will deliver.  If not, ask a neighbour or Mona Babin @
Pick up your mail Provide us with your key and we will drop off the key and your mail Your neighbour or Contact Mona Babin @
Walk your pet Make sure you have a safe leash and ‘poop’ bags Your neighbour or Mona Babin @

Shopping Safely in the Covid-19 Environment

Buying Groceries is Different this Week!

By Sue Henry

shoppingHere’s my experience this week shopping at Zehrs in St Catharines.  I chose to shop in person because both ValuMart in Virgil and Zehrs in St Catharines (Fairview Mall) both have a one week wait in picking up groceries from on-line ordering.  I couldn’t wait that long. 
Here’s what you can expect:
  • Line-ups to get into the store because they are only letting so many people in at one time allowing customers to safely social distance.  It looks like a really long line-up because everyone is six feet apart!  But it moved quickly.  The earlier in the day, I expect, the shorter the line-up.
  • Grocery carts are being wiped down with disinfectant by staff.
  • Sections of the store were closed because the staff cannot safely serve customers and social distance.  The butcher, the bakery, the customer service counters were all empty.  But there was staff available to ask and they were willing to go get products for me – for example, the butcher cut a roast as I needed.
  • Shelves will be empty.  When I arrived there was a supply of toilet paper – but later the shelf was empty.  There were no hand sanitizers or disinfectant wipes – but clearly the shelves were full of other products. 
  • Aisle floors were marked for Social Distancing – every six feet there was a strip of red tape to remind people not to get too close.
  • Some people were wearing masks, but they were very few.  Some folks had gloves.  And some people were using the produce bags on their hands while in the store.  (I hear suggestions to use poop bags to cover your hands as well. Fresh ones please!)  
  • Line-up to pay.  This was the longest line.  There was one line for cashiers (like a bank), which wrapped to the back of the store and around.  Again, earlier in the day the lineup was shorter. And again we all stood six feet apart which lengthened the line.  It took 25 minutes to get to the cashier.  A staff member at the front of the line was asking if I was using cash or credit for payment and directing customers to specific cash areas.  Customers were assigned only when the cashier was ready.
  • Why so slow to cash out?
    • Only one customer in the cash area at a time. 
    • Cashier wipes down all surfaces including the credit card pin pad between each customer.
    • Cashier cannot bag your goods if you are using your own bags – they can’t touch them.  If you use the store plastic bags the cashier will pack them for you.
    • Cashier will ask if you want the receipt instead of automatically putting it in a bag.  Some customers won’t want it if the cashier touched it.
    • Fewer lanes were open.  Again for Social Distancing.  Only alternate lanes were open.
  • What else is new?
    • Plexiglass shields between the cashiers and customers
    • No returns of many products.  The store does not want to take back something that has been in your home and they cannot sanitize – such as soft goods like clothing, and products not sealed.
  • Once you paid you were directed out the store using a specific door, and not allowed back through that door if you forgot something.
In all I appreciated all the efforts the stores took to keep everyone safe.  I imagine they are using a lot of extra staff to make this all work.  And I think this will be the “new normal”!
shopperHarvest Barn seems to be the best bet for quick orders and parking lot pick-up in our community.  They will take your order over the phone and have it ready the same day or the next day depending on when you call in.  They are suggesting you order at least a week’s worth of groceries rather than ordering every couple of days.  They are challenged to quickly fill your orders while keeping the store open for customers.  Give them a call.  905-468-3224    Harvest Barn

NOTL – Town information and resources

Resources from the town 
NOTL website  

Niagara-on-the-Lake Enforces Contraventions of Emergency Orders Relating to COVID-19  Press Release  April 1, 2020
About the town and Covid-19 
Scroll down the page for town and community services available and suspended.
Health links are also on this page towards the bottom.

Restaurants open for Take-out – please phone ahead to confirm they are still offering services – the situation is changing daily!

Community Assistance During the COVID-19 Pandemic

CollectionWhat about the garbage? 

What’s changed?
Just a few things – so far
Niagara Region Temporary Waste Collection Changes due to COVID-19

Take a hike!

Please note if you are in the mandatory 14 day isolation you should not be leaving your house for any reason, with the exception of perhaps a walk around your backyard. 
For others a walk is good exercise. 
Here’s some tips 
on doing it safely.

Video on being safe

However hikers please note:
All Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority conservation areas are officially closed to the public.  This includes activities like walking, hiking, and birdwatching.

What’s all the racket? 

Did you notice the noise last evening about 7:30 pm? 
The Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO) is asking everyone to show some love for health providers and other essential services with a CHEER!
We can do it
Every night at 7:30PM grab your pots & pans and run outside to make some noise for the health care and essential service workers!  Get all of your neighbours involved!
Here’s how some people are showing some love to the health care & essential service super heroes!

We can count our blessings

We have a safe home, food in the cupboard, and a pension cheque.  So many others are struggling at this time - here’s how you can help our community

Community Crew

  • Provide more than 900 children with school lunches each week in 14 different schools in the Niagara Region
  • They are now making home deliveries for these same kids
  • How you can help
  • Learn more about Community Crew

NewarkNewark Neighbours

  • Currently not taking thrift shop donations – but welcome food donations.  Here’s what they need
  • Monetary donations are always welcome at any time!  Mail them a cheque.
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