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Executive Committee Updates

Here’s what the VCA Executive has been working on behalf of the Village residents

Randwood Resort Application
Meeting held at NOTL Community Centre, Jan 25, attended by Mark Brown, VCA President
To say that the Open House for this application was well attended would be an understatement.  More than 600 residents across NOTL attended, with roughly 40 speakers raising specific, valid concerns about the application to amend the current zoning.  The current zoning permits a hotel use on the property, however what is being proposed is different from what has already been approved.  The initial approval, received a number of years ago, involved considerable public input and discussion before a compromise was reached that was approved.
The Town has scheduled a Municipal Heritage Committee meeting on February 13, 2018 at 7:00 PM at the Community Centre as the next step in the process.  Doors open at 6:15 PM, and the meeting will be live streamed into the lounge area beside Sweets and Swirls Cafe.  This meeting will address the heritage resources report submitted by the applicant.
The planning process is following what is mandated by the Planning Act, so there are specific time frames that are being followed.  Based on public input, the application may be amended, or not.  Continued participation by the public is essential to either effect change, or convince Council to not approve this application as submitted.


The Town has implemented a ‘JOIN THE CONVERSATION’ website at that we recommend everybody sign up for.  This is a very good vehicle to let the Town know what you think on a variety of issues.  Open communication can only help Council and Staff make decisions that benefit all of us.
Sign up today.

Lighting in Phase V

lightA meeting with the Mayor and senior staff to discuss having globes or ‘diffusers’ installed in the last phase was held.  Town staff are going to research the cost, and to determine if it is possible to have globes retrofitted.  Aesthetically, the current lamp heads are different than the rest of the Village, and the temperature of the lights and height of above ground (about 12 feet) is interfering with the quiet enjoyment of homes in this section of the Village.  Once staff have some more information, we’ll be able to share it with you and discuss how to proceed.
The pathway lighting was also discussed.  (This is the pathway where Colonel Butler and Brock Street meet that runs down to the ravine).  This is a little more complicated, as any solution could involve both the Town and the Niagara Region Conservation Authority.  Mayor Pat Darte agreed to do some background research and once completed, we will be able to update you more fully.


Parking consultations are ongoing throughout the Town.  A small audience was in attendance, and the different concerns of residents were shared with the Town consultant and staff.  One more consultation is scheduled for Queenston.  Once those are complete, the VCA executive will attempt to schedule a meeting with the Town to discuss their preliminary findings and attempt to determine where the Town might be going with this topic.
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Request from Brenda Jones of Samuel Street in the Village

Brenda would like to hear from Village residents on Samuel, Elizabeth, Colonel Cohoe Streets, and Garrison Village Drive who do not have Bell Fibe at this time and are interested in the option to upgrade service and install it. 
Brenda has contacted Bell and has been told by technical support to lobby residents and to send one letter on behalf of the community requesting an upgrade in service to Bell Fibre.  She has a specific email address to deal with. 
If you are interested in requesting Bell to upgrade the service in your home please email Brenda.
Even if you are a Cogeco Customer and would prefer Bell Fibe please respond.  Please include your name and address in order to verify to Bell your location.
As you know, the last phase is being completed off Niven, so the timing is right to take immediate action as the process make take some time.
Brenda has been in touch with John Hawley to make him aware of our request, and he will be consulting with his contacts as well.
Please contact:  Brenda Jones
Home Address: 22 Samuel Street
Email Address: or home phone 905-468- 8342
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