April News and Events in the Village
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Howdy Neighbours!

Lots of news this month in the Village.You already received the Annual General Meeting (AGM) announcement for April 18 – please plan to attend.If you missed that newsletter here’s all the info you need for the meeting.

Here’s what else is happening in the Village and with the Village Community Association (VCA).

From the Social Committee

Party Cancelled
Spring Dance (April 28) has been cancelled due to poor ticket sales.
Many of us are very disappointed that this event will not go forward.It was a lovely chance to meet our many new neighbours and build on our Village community spirit.
Many thanks to the members of the Social Community who worked hard on organizing and promoting this event.
All tickets purchased will be refunded over the next week.
Any questions regarding refunds can be directed to Susan Des Islets at 289-868-8856 or

Updates on our work with the Town Council

parking issue Parking Survey Analysis
The town has reviewed the many parking surveys completed by Village residents in February and the results are in:
The Town Operations Advisory Committee will recommend to the town council that the bylaw that prohibits overnight parking within NOTL be amended to remove the 2 am to 6 am parking prohibition.
So if this is approved by council later this month – Overnight parking will be allowed on our streets!  We will tell you the decision of council at the April 18 AGM. 
Here is the Town Operations full report and the planned agenda of the town council meeting.

CIBC/Shoppers Plaza Intersection Update

Accident If you saw the March 30 edition of the Niagara Advance (page 14) you saw a lengthy article on this topic which corrected several errors in the article of the previous week.  (We have not asked for an additional traffic light at the plaza intersection as reported in the previous edition.) 
The author of the article observed traffic in the intersection for only 20 minutes and concluded the intersection is poorly designed and although no one has been killed up to this point it is clearly in need of a solution. 
Looking ahead it will only get worse with the increased summer traffic with the Farmers and Dinner Markets, and in longer term as the subdivision continues to grow. 
Again we are working with town council to find a solution.

Parks in the Village

Did you know the Village contains five parks which are maintained by the town? 
The VCA purchases plants from the town for the small parkette on Garrison Village Drive (GVD) which are planted and maintained by residents. 
gardening helpWe are looking for a couple more residents to assist in weeding and maintaining these gardens.  If you can help out please contact Mona Babin who is co-ordinating this project.  Many hands make light work. Contact Mona at

If you have suggestions for how we can maximize the use of our other parks we would love to hear from you.  We can propose your ideas to the town to see if it can happen. 

benchOur work with the town is coming to fruition this year in that the town will be providing and installing two new park benches for the same small parkette on GVD this spring.  The town is quite willing to support our use of the parks and we will continue to advocate for more park equipment.  

Christmas Decorations

As you may know the VCA has an extensive program for decorating our streets and parks for the Christmas holidays.  You will see a slide presentation of this past year’s efforts at the AGM meeting on April 18.  
donations pleaseThank you to Dale Des Islets and your team for all your work this past year!
Contributions are welcome to help support this program.  There will be a large jar for donations at the AGM.
Thanks in advance for your support.

Award for Village Resident

You might have noticed in the local papers one of our residents was recognized for her work and will be receiving the Lincoln M. Alexander Award.
Congratulations to Alexis Spieldenner for her outstanding efforts to end racial discrimination and promote positive social change.
Read more about this prestigious award and the work of Alexis who founded the North Star Festival, which celebrates and commemorates the experiences and contributions of people of African descent in the Niagara region.
Alexis is a long time resident of the village and is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Bravo Niagara! Festival of the Arts
Learn more about this award:
St. Catharines Standard article
Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration news release

Have you spotted a new resident?

Watching for new residentsWhen new residents move in, it has been the custom that a representative of the Village Community Association (VCA) drops by with a Welcome Package containing a variety of information useful to new Village residents and also a small “Welcome” gift. 
At this time, we also gather contact information for the VCA Resident List so that new residents can be kept up-to-date on issues and events within the Village.  This contact information is not shared with anyone else; it is strictly for VCA use.  (Like receiving this newsletter.)  
We certainly don’t want to miss welcoming anyone new to our community but with no official list of people moving in and their closing dates, this is often a hit-and-miss project!  If you know of a new neighbour who has moved in, please contact Erna Antaya at 905-468-9505 so that she can connect with our new neighbours.

Notes from John Hawley

I'm often asked where our street names come from. We, as the developer, submit proposed names to the Town for approval. While the Town has the final say in the matter, our submissions have typically been accepted. Here's a brief explanation of your street names with links to further information.
Samuel Street - After several key United Loyalists who played important roles in Canada's history.
Read about Samuel Smith 
Elizabeth Street - After Queen Elizabeth (and my wife).
Colonel Cohoe Street - Named after Jane Wright's ancestor (my original partner's wife)
Read about Colonel Cohoe
Garrison Village Drive - Our section of Garrison Village Drive is an extension of the original "collector" street that pre-existed The Village. The first two phases of Garrison Village follow a typical 1970's subdivision plan, and The Village was originally intended to be the third phase of this plan. As you all know, this was not to be, and after a number of hurdles we were able to design The Village as a New Urban community, the antithesis to a suburb. We realigned the geometry proposed for this last section of Garrison Village Drive and introduced the parkette at the intersection between the original subdivision and The Village to slow traffic down. If this had been built as originally planned it would have been a very busy street with a high design speed!
Brock Street - Named after General Isaac Brock
Read about Brock
Rampart Street - Rampart - "a defensive wall of a castle or walled city, having a broad top with a walkway and typically a stone parapet."
Perez Street - Perez is one of Tamar's twins (Genesis 38:29) and means "breach" or "break forth.”
Jordan Street - Named after the Jordan River in Israel. The imagery of both Perez and Jordan also speak to the history of the Underground Railroad in Niagara. For many seeking freedom, the end of the journey involved breaching or breaking forth through the border and across the Niagara River into a “promised land.”
Blackbird Street - Named after our staunch War of 1812 ally, Chief Blackbird of the Ottawa Nation. Blackbird, alongside Chief John Norton, fought a battle on this very property. A historic plaque commemorating this battle is located in Butler's burial ground.
Read about Chief Blackbird
Norton Street - Named after Chief John Norton, an important ally in the War of 1812.
Read about Chief John Norton 
Macdonell Street - Named after John Macdonell, an important figure in the War of 1812 (one of our Villagers, Paul Macdonell, is his descendant!)
Read about John Macdonell
Cooley Lane - Named after Chloey Cooley, a brave black slave whose horrible mistreatment gave Sir John Graves Simcoe the impetus he needed to pass the first legislation in the British Empire to limit slavery.
Read about Choley Cooley

Thanks John for this info - it's an interesting read! - Sue Henry
VCA Corresponding Officer
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