Another long list for this week. Lots of issues for us to tackle so please bear with us.  When the session ends, our lists will shorten. All the advocacy is under the Gold Dome.


Access to Affordable Healthcare



Good news!  HB163, Express Lane Eligibility, which was on last week’s list, passed out of committee.  This bill would allow Georgia to use data from other federal or state programs such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)) to identify and enroll eligible children in Medicaid/CHIP. THE BILL IS UP FOR A FULL HOUSE VOTE ON TUESDAY SO MAKE YOUR CALLS ON THIS ISSUE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!  


Call your OWN Representative with the suggested script:  My name is ---- and I am your constituent from ----.  Please vote YES on House Bill 163 when it comes to the floor for a vote Tuesday, February 16th. I am fully supportive of efforts to efficiently and effectively reduce the number of uninsured children in our state. HB 163 is an excellent way to do that, by streamlining enrollment, and could result in coverage for 60,000-70,000 children who currently are receiving SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits but who have no health insurance. Thank you for being a voice for Georgia's children.


Protection of Civil Liberties



Another bill that is up for a vote on Tuesday is HB272.  This bill pertains to raising the age of Juvenile Court jurisdiction from 17 to 18 “so as to clarify provisions regarding juveniles; to amend Title 35 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to law enforcement officers and agencies, so as to provide for a uniform misdemeanor citation for certain juvenile offenses; to provide for implementation; to provide for implementation committee; to provide for the powers, composition, and appointment of such committee; to provide for related matters; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.”


CALL THE BELOW LISTED COMMITTEE MEMBERS BEFORE TUESDAY with the suggested script:   My name is ---- and I am from ----.  Please support House Bill 272, which raises the age of juvenile court jurisdiction to encompass non-violent 17-year-old’s, when the issue comes before you in the House Juvenile Justice Committee. The juvenile justice system does a better job than the adult system of holding young people accountable when they commit minor offenses by requiring youth to attend school, make restitution to victims, and attend community-based rehabilitative programs that focus on the causes of the problem behavior. By raising the age of juvenile court jurisdiction to cover non-violent 17 year old’s, Georgia can improve public safety, save taxpayer dollars and strengthen Georgia’s economy. Please note that this bill does NOT affect serious offenders of all ages, who will continue to be tried in adult court.


Mandi Ballinger, Chairman,  (404) 656-7153

Bert Reeves, Vice Chairman  (404) 651-7737

J. Collins  (404) 657-1803 

Shaw Blackmon  (404) 656-5103

Wes Cantrell  (404) 656-0152

Matt Dubnik   (404) 656-0213

Chuck Efstration  (404) 656-5125

Houston Gaines  (404) 656-0298

Micah Gravley  (404) 656-5025

Joseph Gullett  (404) 656-0178

Scott Holcomb  (404) 656-6372

Wayne Howard (404) 656-6372

Shelly Hutchinson  (404) 656-0287

Sheila Jones  (404) 656-0126

Dar'shun Kendrick  (404) 656-0109

Jodi Lott  (404) 651-7737

Yasmin Neal  (404) 656-6372

Mary Oliver  (404) 656-0265

Dexter Sharper (404) 656-0126

Rhonda Taylor  (404) 656-0265

Erica Thomas  (404) 656-7859

Bill Werkheiser  (404) 656-5132

David Wilkerson  (404) 656-5059


Quality Public Education



Both of the below anti-trans bills have been referred to the House Committee on Education, although they are also a Civil Liberties issue.


HB276, is attempting to make it against the law for any Georgia public school sports team to compete against a school that allows transgender students to compete in sports according to their gender identity; “so as to provide that it shall be unlawful for a public school, an institution of the University System of Georgia, or a private school whose students or teams compete against a public school to operate, sponsor, or facilitate athletic programs or activities that permit a person whose gender is male to participate in an athletic program or activity that is designated for females; to provide for a definition; to provide for remedies for violations; to waive certain immunities; to provide for related matters; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.’


HB372 is another anti-transgender bill seeking to define students’ genders as the one on their birth certificate “so as to provide a definition for the term "gender"; to provide for the classification of athletic events or activities based on gender; to provide for a waiver process; to provide for remedies; to provide for related matters; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.”


Contact the below listed Committee members with the suggested script:  My name is --- and I am from ----.  HB 276 & HB 372 would force an already vulnerable group of young people in Georgia onto the sidelines. For transgender youth, many of whom experience high rates of depression and suicidality, access to sports can be lifesaving. Sports teach invaluable, lifelong lessons about teamwork, discipline and hard work, and every young person deserves equal access and opportunity. Further, all studies suggest that transgender youth have no more athletic advantage than non-transgender youth.


Matt Dubnik, Chairman  (404) 656-0213

Chris Erwin, Vice Chairman  (404) 656-0188

Dave Belton  (404) 656-3947

Tommy Benton  (404) 656-5126

Wes Cantrell  (404) 656-0152

Doreen Carter  (404) 656-0220

Mike Cheokas  (404) 463-7853

Terry England  (404) 463-2247

Becky Evans  (404) 656-0109

Mike Glanton  (404) 657-1803

Dewayne Hill   (404) 656-0325

Wayne Howard  (404) 656-6372

Rick Jasperse  (404) 656-7153

Jan Jones  (404) 656-5072

Todd Jones  (404) 463-2246

Dominic LaRiccia  (404) 651-7737

Mesha Mainor  (404) 656-0126

Bee Nguyen  (404) 656-0314

Randy Nix  (404) 656-5146

Miriam Paris  (404) 656-0109

Bonnie Rich (404) 656-5087

Ed Setzler   (404) 656-5143

Will Wade   (404) 656-0188

Matthew Wilson  (404) 656-6372


Access to Affordable Healthcare


A third anti transgender bill is HB401, called the Vulnerable Child Protection Act.  This bill does nothing to protect vulnerable transgender children.  HB 401 would ban doctors from providing gender confirming care to young trans people.  


Contact the below listeds House Health and Human Services Committee members with the suggested script:  My name is ---- and I am from -----.  The government must stop dictating medical care.  Medical care is decided by the patient, the family, and the physician.  It is not the business of the government.  Vote NO on HB401.


Sharon Cooper, Chairman  (404) 656-5069

Mark Newton, Vice Chairman  (404) 656-0254

Houston Gaines  (404) 656-0298

Timothy Barr  (404) 656-7857

Matt Barton   (404) 656-0325

James Beverly  (404) 656-5058

Mike Cheokas  (404) 463-7853

Katie Dempsey  (404) 463-2248

Demetrius Douglas  404) 656-7859

Karla Drenner  (404) 656-0202

Spencer Frye  (404) 656-0265

Matt Hatchett (404) 656-5025

Lee Hawkins  (404) 656-7855

Don Hogan  (404) 656-0178

Wayne Howard  (404) 656-6372

Shelly Hutchinson   (404) 656-0287

Rick Jasperse  (404) 656-7153

Sheila Jones  404) 656-0126

Trey Kelley 404) 656-5024

John LaHood (404) 656-0188

Jodi Lott  (404) 651-7737

Karen Mathiak  (404) 656-0298

Billy Mitchell  (404) 656-0126

Don Parsons (404) 463-7853

Jesse Petrea  (404) 656-7857

Dexter Sharper  (404) 656-0126

Mickey Stephens   (404) 656-0265

Jan Tankersley  (404) 656-7855

Protection of Civil Liberties



HB15 Requires training on de-escalation techniques for peace officers, including non lethal and communication tactics, the use of the lowest level of force first and re-evaluation as threat progresses, mental health and substance abuse awareness, and crisis intervention strategies. Contact the below listed House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee members with the suggested script:  My name is ---- and I am from -----.  I support HB15 requiring training on de-escalation techniques for peace officers.  Too often, lethal force is used when lower level interventions will de-escalate a situation.


J. Collins, Chairman 404) 657-1803

Danny Mathis, Vice Chairman  (404) 656-0152

Jodi Lott  (404) 651-7737

Heath Clark  (404) 656-0213

Clint Crowe  (404) 656-0325

Becky Evans  (404) 656-0109

Gloria Frazier  (404) 656-02654

Mike Glanton  (404) 657-1803

Micah Gravlery  (404) 656-5025

Gerald Greene   (404) 656-9210

Bill Hitchens   (404) 656-7855

Scott Holcomb  (404) 656-6372

Mack Jackson  (404) 656-0314

Rick Jasperse (404) 656-7153

David Jenkins   (404) 656-0188

Eddie Lumsden  (404) 656-7850

Yasmin Neal   (404) 656-6372

Jesse Petrea   (404) 656-7857

Alan Powell  (404) 463-3793

Darlene Taylor  (404) 656-7857

Bill Werkheiser  (404) 656-5132

Rick Williams  (404) 656-0254


The below House bills are being heard in the House Judiciary and Non-Civil Committee.


HB145 Changes the law regarding law enforcement officers' use of deadly force. Requires that an officer use non deadly force before resorting to lethal force. Specifies certain instances in which deadly force is allowed (such as to make an arrest, only when all other means of apprehension are unreasonable and other certain circumstances apply). Orders officers to give a clear verbal warning prior to use of deadly force. Prohibits the use of chokeholds by officers. 


HB233  Prohibits use of no-knock search warrants. 


Contact the below listed Committee members with the suggested script:  My name is ---- and I am from ----.  After the numerous events of deadly force used on Black Georgians and residents of other states, it is time to update our laws. No-knock warrants and the use of chokeholds should be prohibited.  Peace officers should be required to give a clear verbal warning prior to the use of deadly force.  Vote yes on HB145 and HB233.


James Burchett, Chairman (404) 656-5105

 Bert Reeves, Vice Chairman,  (404) 651-7737

Micah Gravley  (404) 656-5025

Mandi Ballinger (404) 656-7153

William Boddie  (404) 656-0287

Charlice Byrd  (404) 656-0213

Sharon Cooper  (404) 656-5069

Chuck Efstration   (404) 656-5125

Dar'shun Kendrick  (404) 656-0109

Zulma Lopez  (404) 656-0298

Josh McLaurin  (404) 656-0202

Martin Momtahan  (404) 656-0178

Steven Sainz  (404) 656-0178

Ed Setzler   (404) 656-5143

Tyler Paul Smith  (404) 657-1803


Fair and Representative Elections



HB406 is another election bill. This bill requires a 100% audit after every primary election, general election, special election, and runoff election.  It also mandates a 100% signature audit on absentee ballots in the 20 most populous counties and 20 other random counties.  Quoting from the summary:  “so as to provide for audits of certain primaries and elections; to provide for procedures; to provide for access to election records for such auditors; to provide for public access to the results of such audits; to provide for the audit of specific elections; to provide for related matters; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.”


Contact the below House Special Committee on Election Integrity members with the suggested script:  My name is ---- and I am from ----.  I oppose HB406.  Committee members have already said that there is an undue burden on election officials having to process so many absentee ballots for no cause.  This is a much bigger burden on election officials than processing absentee ballots and, based on the recent election, the most secure in recent history, there is no need.  Who will pay for this when we already have so many areas in the budget that need funding?

Barry Fleming, Chairman  (404) 656-5105

Alan Powell, Vice Chairman  (404) 463-3793

Kimberly Alexander  (404) 656-7859

Shaw Blackmon  (404) 656-5103

Rhonda Burnough  (404) 656-0116

Buddy DeLoach  (404) 656-0178

Demetrius Douglas  (404) 656-7859

Houston Gaines   (404) 656-0298

Jan Jones  (404) 656-5072

Chuck Martin  (404) 656-5146

Bonnie Rich  (404) 656-5087

Lynn Smith  (404) 656-7149

Calvin Smyre  (404) 656-0109

Rick Williams  (404) 656-0254

The link to your legislators is here.  The list is incomplete until all the contact information is available.


Stay safe and wear your mask.




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