Flevo Campus essay competition: write an essay about urban food supply and get published

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Home quarantined? Plenty of time to write! Flevo Campus challenges you: do you have a strong opinion about urban food supply - in times of corona and beyond? Write an essay about it, and perhaps your essay gets published in the next Flevo Campus essay book (to be published end of 2020). 

The current global corona crisis shows us - the hard way - what is really important in life: good health and access to sufficient and healthy food. We hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe at home. And if that's the case, we also hope we can challenge you. Because Flevo Campus is looking for the best ideas about the urban food system. And if there is one thing you can do really well in home isolation, it's writing. Flevo Campus challenges you: write an essay on urban food supply and win a publication and a generous fee!

The question arises more urgently than ever now: how do we feed a rapidly increasing urban population in the 21st century? What has gone wrong so far, and how can things be improved? Do you have good ideas about how to feed the city, how to protect biodiversity, or how to keep urban residents healthy? What would the ideal food system look like - during, or after this crisis?

Flevo Campus wants to help build the food system of the future. That's why we organize this essay competition for the second time, on the lookout for everyone with bright ideas. We challenge scientists, journalists, writers and food professionals to bring their unvarnished opinions or findings on urban food issues into a sharp essay. Reward: publication in the annual Flevo Campus essay book, next to other professional writers, plus a generous writing fee. 

Read on for all info about the contest, deadlines and how to apply.
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Are you the writer (to be) we are looking for? Then submit your essay proposal no later than April 30, 2020. The theme of your essay proposal should deal with urban food issues, with an emphasis on consumption. Your proposal should be a summary of what your essay will look like and should be no longer than one A4. These proposals are judged by the jury, who ultimately select the winners. The winners may then elaborate their proposal into a full essay. In this competition edition, three winners will be chosen in three categories:
  • Research essay: an essay on a new topic that still requires a lot of research. The winner's fee is € 5,000.
  • Opinion essay: an essay based on a strong opinion for which a lot of time will be spent on formulating sharply, but for which no extensive research is required. It's allowed to use existing work as the basis for a sharp essay. The winner receives € 3,000.
  • Student or thesis award: are you studying and have you gained an insight that deserves an essay? Or did you write a thesis on a relevant topic? Then adapt your idea or thesis to an essay and you could win € 1,000.
✍🏻 Language no problem: in principle, we only accept Dutch essay proposals. However, if Dutch is not your native language, you can submit an English-language proposal. The final essay of any English-language winning proposals will be translated into Dutch.
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To participate, email your essay proposal to no later than April 30, 2020. The proposals are assessed by a committee chaired by Professor Peter van Lieshout, psychologist and philosopher and former director general at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. For all other information and the complete regulations, see our website.

We look forward to your proposals!
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Have fun writing ✍🏻
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