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🌷 5月8日是母亲节,首先祝大家母亲节快乐!



美國華裔精神健康聯盟 執行長
Elaine Peng 彭一玲 敬上 

🦋 May 08 is Mother's Day. Happy Mothers' Day!
I would like to send a warm blessing to every mother:
"To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you may be the whole world"

Elaine Peng,Executive Director & Founder
Mental Health Association for Chinese Communities (MHACC)


🌷 五月是心理健康宣传月💚

自1949 年以来,每年的5月是美國的心理健康宣傳月。心理健康月的目的是通过提高对心理健康状况,和患有心理健康状况的人的认识,帮助消除与精神疾病相关的污名。整个五月,我们都在学习如何照顧自己的心理健康,对自己和對他人更關愛。


🦋 May is Mental Health Awareness Month💚

Mental Health Awareness Month has been recognized and observed in the United States each May since 1949. The purpose of Mental Health Month is to help eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness by raising awareness of mental health conditions and those who have them. Throughout May we are learning to take care of our mind and be kinder to ourselves and other people.💚



🌷 專為心理精神健康挑戰的人群设计使用的手机 App 上線啦!


應用程序軟件一款的目標對像是患者,名叫 “UrSpace - 慰籍小屋” 💕
另一款的目標對象使用者是照顧者. 名叫 “MiSunshine - 陽光地帶” 💕

App已經在Apple蘋果店和Google安卓店同步上架,  希望大家積極下載。

🦋 UrSpace 和 MiSunshine - Apps designed for mentally health community

Over the past 2 years, MHACC have been working hard to develop two mobile Apps specifically to serve our community. R&D staff and volunteers have held numerous meetings, collected real life data through interviews,to make sure that our Apps are based on strong community requirements.

One of the Apps targeting the patients, is called "UrSpace” 
Another one is for caregivers,is called “MiSunshine” 💕

The Apps have been launched in the Apple Store and Android Store for everyone to download for free.



🌷 5月13日是第十一届 邁向健康 We Move For Health (WM4H)活動

阿拉米達郡人力資源教育中心 (HHREC)與其他社區合作夥伴緊密合作,共同舉辦了「为健康,动起来 - 千方百计」網上活動。活動內容有:瑜伽、太極,非洲舞蹈、Hip Hop、正念課程,身心健康演講、健康煮食菜譜演示,和現場抽奖等。



🦋 On May 13th, we celebrate the 11th We Move For Health(WM4H) event

The Alameda County Human Resource Education Center (HHREC) worked closely with other community partners to co-host the event。
The Online Activities include: yoga, Tai Chi, African dance, Hip Hop, Mindfulness classes, Food Demonstration, Local Organizations Give Inspirational Messages, Raffles with Prizes, and much more!(The event is mainly conducted in English, with some translations in Spanish and Cantonese)
10×10 Health Campaign:In the U.S., people with serious mental health challenges die 25 years younger than the general population of chronic health conditions (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, HIV and AIDS). Given this data,Alameda County launched a program in 2012, called the 10×10 Health Campaign, which hopes to increase the average life expectancy of people with mental health challenges by ten years.
The program calls for healthy exercise and healthy diet habits, through which recovery activities improve quality of life, provide support and reduce discrimination.
The MHACC has been a member of the organizing committee of this program。

MHACC joins you to move towards health together!
Wellness By Any Means Necessary



🌷🦋 互助组通知 (Peer Support Groups)

今年開始,我們在第四個週六增加了一個患友英文互助組。也啓用了新的鏈接,今後患友和家人分別用不同的互助組Zoom 鏈接。

At the beginning of this year, we added an English peer support group for patients,on the 4th Saturday of every month。We also enabled a new Zoom link. Patients and their families will use different Zoom links In the future。

患友互助組活動安排如下(Peer Support Groups)💕

每月第二個週六 (5/14/2022) 2nd Saturday every month
🐯時間:11:00 am to 12:30 pm(美西時間 Pacific Time)
✅組別:患友英語互助組 NAMI Connection-API English Peer Support Group
🐯時間:1:30 pm to 3:00 pm (美西時間 Pacific Time)
✅組別:患友廣東話互助組 Cantonese Peer Support Group

每月第三個週六 (5/21/2022)3rd Saturday every month
🐯時間:1:30 pm to 3:00 pm (美西時間 Pacific Time)
✅組別:患友普通話互助組  Mandarin Peer Support Group

每月第四個週六(5/28/2022)  4th Saturday every month
🐯時間:11:00 am to 12:30 pm(美西時間 Pacific Time)
✅組別:患友英語互助組 NAMI Connection-API English Peer Support Group

患友互助組 網上會議 Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 913 1187 4702
Passcode: MHACC 
也可選擇直接撥打電話 1669 900 9128 or 1346 248 7799
鍵入數字  913 1187 4702 (Meeting ID) 
密碼:572063 (Pass code)



每月第二個週六 (5/14/2022)
🐯時間:3:30 pm to 5:00 pm (美西時間)

每月第三個週六 (5/21/2022)
🐯時間:3:30 pm to 5:00 pm (美西時間)

照顧者(家人)互助組 網上會議
也可選擇直接撥打電話 1669 900 9128 或 1346 248 7799, 
鍵入數字 741 323 2578(Meeting ID)參加

期待與您相聚! 🐯🙏🏻😇


🌷UCA AAPI亞裔传统月活动:建立親子關係,反抗職場歧視(英文)
UCA AAPI Heritage Month: Building Relationship, Addressing Discrimination

🦋 庆祝AAPI传统月活动:通过亲子小剧场建立健康情感关係
Building emotional and relational health through child-parent theater.
时间:5月18日 6-7:30PM(EST)
注册链接 Registration:

🦋 庆祝AAPI传统月活动:如何在职场保护自己,反抗种族歧视
Addressing Discrimination in the workplace, AAPI Issue Focused
时间:5月21日 4-5:30PM(CDT)
注册链接 Registration:


🌷 美國華人大會(UCA)2022年7月14-16日

美國華人聯合會(UCA)和其夥伴組織們將舉辦第三屆“美國華人大會” (Chinese American Convention)和第一屆“全國青年大會” (UCA National Youth Convention)。屆時將有白宮官員、國會議員、華裔民選官員、智庫學者、工商領袖、社會組織、社區領袖以及數百位關心華人社區發展的華裔朋友和下一代代表們聚集一堂,共商大計。這將是全美華人參政議政、培育下一代、彰顯華人價值觀和優良傳統的又一里程碑。 “美國華人大會”是一個全美華人的盛會,是一個開放的全美華人社區的交流平台;而“UCA全國青年大會”也是面對全美華人下一代的開放交流平台。

🦋 Chinese American Convention(UCA)July 14-16, 2022
The Chinese American Association (UCA) and its partner organizations will host the 3rd Chinese American Convention and the 1st UCA National Youth Convention on July 14-16, 2022. 
White House officials, members of Congress, elected officials of Chinese origin, think tank scholars, business leaders, social organizations, community leaders, and hundreds of Chinese friends and representatives of the next generation who care about the development of the Chinese community will gather together to discuss major plans. This will be another milestone for Chinese Americans to participate in politics, cultivate the next generation, and demonstrate Chinese culture and traditions. The Chinese American Convention is a grand event and an open communication platform for us, and the "UCA National Youth Conference" is also an open platform for the next generation of Chinese in the United States. 

有意注册UCA美国华人大会和UCA全国青年大会者请掃描下列二维码 💕
Scan the QR code below to register:


🌷 San Mateo County ⼼理健康⽂化回應研討會5⽉28⽇(國語)

 "表達關懷,勇敢提問: ⼼理健康"通過⼼理健康基礎研討會注⼊⽂化和多元性因素。這個免費的研討會讓社區成員準備好在困難時期幫助朋友和親⼈。了解如何識別⼼理健康狀況、當有⼈需要⽀持時該怎麼做以及保持良好⼼理健康的⼯具。研討會⽤普通話進⾏。

時間:5⽉28⽇ 星期六,2:00PM-5:00PM

🦋 San Mateo County Culturally Responsive Workshop on Mental Health Conducted in Mandarin
"Be Sensitive, Be Brave for Mental Health" infuses culture and diversity throughout a foundational workshop on mental health. This free workshop prepares community members to help friends and loved ones during times of distress. Learn how to recognize mental health conditions, what to do when someone needs support, and tools for maintaining good mental health.

Saturday May 28,2022,2:00PM - 5:00PM
click the link below or scan the code to register:



🌷 5月14日,優秀華三代江珍妮的網絡講座


🦋 Webinar of Jenny Jiang, an excellent 3rd generation of Chinese American
Jenny Jiang, a third-generation Chinese American, a promoter of the TEEACH Act, working to incorporate Asian American history into textbooks for elementary and middle schools. 
This Saturday (5/14) at 5:00pm(Pacific Time), please join Jenny Jiang online with your kids,let the kids be proud of her,and follow her as a role model!

登录链接 Zoom Link:
Webinar ID: 886 1565 6009
Passcode: 2022



🌷 亞太裔傳統月亞健社 / 心健通AHS ACCESS系列影片

5月是精神健康宣傳月, 以及亞太裔傳統月。亞健社 心健通AHS ACCESS準備了一系列相關影片。請掃二維碼或點擊以下圖標到我們網站:

📢 這就是一家人 This is family 💕
卡通: 剛全家移民到美國的小樂和第二代移民的小美遇到相似的處境.

Xiaole, who just immigrated to the United States with her family, and Xiaomei, a second-generation immigrant, are in a similar situation.

📢 她以前不是這樣的...She wasn't like this before... 💕
卡通: 媽媽觀察到女兒的行為跟平常不一樣. 有可能是受壓力影響嗎?
Mom observes that her daughter is behaving differently than usual. Could it be due to


🌷 阿拉米达郡亞太裔傳統月活動

活動主題是:屋崙華埠麥迪遜公園更名為陳煥英公園,以此紀念已故的阿郡監事陳煥英女士。当天表演节目有: 醒狮,苗族舞蹈,桂冠诗人、太鼓等,现场供应所有疫苗针。 即时提供七种语言翻译(包括普通话、广东话)。出席嘉宾包括五位阿拉米达郡郡参事和屋仑议长和副市长。

🦋 May is also Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
This year's celebration party was held on May 7,  at Madison Park in Oakland Chinatown.
The theme of this event was: In honor of the late Alameda county supervisor Ms. Chen Huanying, Oakland Chinatown Madison Park has been renamed Chen Huanying Park。
The performances on the day include: Lion Dance, Miao dance, Poet Laureate, Taiko, etc. Covid vaccinations were provided on site. All performances were translated into seven languages instantly (including Mandarin, Cantonese).
Guests in attendance included five Alameda County Councillors and the Oakland Speaker and Deputy Mayor.

活動的新聞視頻 Event Video: 💕


🌷 IHSS長期家庭護工漲薪協議初步達成

長期家庭護理工會(SEIU 2015)本月初和阿拉米達縣達成初步協議,將為家庭護工在未來三年內漲薪18%,在2025年1月達到時薪20元的水準,縣內將會有6000名華裔護工受益!
“因為不少護工是我們精神病患的護理人員,所以我願意出任理事為所有護工爭取權益,我負責的區域包括San Fransico,Alameda County, Santa Clara County, Marin county,Contra Costa County,San Mateo county,還有不少合同的談判等著我們一場一場去努力達成💪” 
- MHACC的執行長Elaine Peng女士說。

大聲呼籲護工成員:請儘快在網上注冊成為會員,中文鏈結  💕

🦋 The Long-Term Home Care Union (SEIU 2015) reached a tentative agreement with Alameda County earlier this month. The county will raise wages for home care workers by 18% over the next three years, reaching a level of $20/hr in Jan 2025. The county‘s 6,000 Chinese workers will benefit !
"Because many workers are the caregiver for our mentally illness patients, I am willing to serve as a board member to fight for the rights of all workers. I am responsible for San Francisco, Alameda County, Santa Clara County, Marin county, Contra Costa County, San Mateo county, so there are still many contract negotiations waiting for us to fight,one by one 💪"
- Ms Elaine Peng, Executive Director of MHACC.

Shoutout to all the Home care workers: please register as a member online as soon as possible use the following
Please Forward this MSG and Encourage everyone to become a union member, to make the wage increase process take effect as soon as possible!​

世界日報和星島日報對本次談判進行了特別報導 💕
The World Journal and SingTao Daily have made special reports on this event


🌷 聖地牙哥警長回信關於 Yan Li 女士案件

2022年3月3日,聖地亞哥居民Yan Li女士被聖地亞哥市和郡警察射殺身亡。美國華裔精神健康聯盟(MHACC)對這起慘烈的槍擊事件深感震驚,心碎。
MHACC在3月25日致聖地亞哥執法部門的公開信中指出:  我們認為聖地亞哥縣治安官部門和聖地亞哥市警方在處理Yan Li女士的情況時不當使用了致命武力。我們要求對Yan Li女士的死亡進行獨立和透明的調查,並將調查結果公之於眾。我們還要求審查和修訂執法部門處理精神危機的政策,尤其是那些涉及語言和文化障礙的政策,以避免將來發生此類不幸事件。


MHACC將盡最大努力繼續關注此案進展,為Yan Li 女士的家人提供支持,追究責任和尋求公義,並呼籲更加完善的執法培訓和警方處理程式,以安全地應對涉及精神健康危機的情況。

🦋 A letter from the San Diego Sheriff About Ms Yan Li
On March 3rd, 2022, San Diego resident Ms. Yan Li was shot and killed by San Diego City and County Police. MHACC is deeply shocked and heartbroken by this tragic incident.
In a March 25th open letter to San Diego law enforcement, MHACC stated: "We believe that the San Diego County Sheriff's Department and the San Diego City Police used lethal force inappropriately in handling Ms. Yan Li's situation. We demand an independent and transparent investigation into Ms Yan Li's death. We also demand that law enforcement policies for dealing with mental crises, especially those involving language and cultural barriers, be reviewed and revised to avoid such unfortunate incidents in the future.

On April 1, we received a letter from the San Diego Sheriff,it states:
Ms Yan Li‘s case is currently under independent review by the Homicide unit, the District Attorney's Office, and the Citizens Law Enforcement Review Board,to find out if there are any violations of the policy and criminal laws. In addition to these reviews,the sheriff‘s department will do an internal review on our strategies and training. 
All of these reviews can lead to criminal charges, discipline, training and policy changes.

MHACC will do its best to continue monitoring the progress, keep supporting Ms Yan Li's family, hold accountable and seek justice, and call for better law enforcement training and police to safely respond to situations involving a mental health crisis.


🦋🌷 正向神經心理學講座5月10日

加大洛杉矶分校精神病学教授Robert Bilder博士主讲的网络讲座:正向神经心理学,通向心理健康的维度方法,在美国西部时间5月10日下午6:30-7:30進行。(MHACC提供即时中⽂翻译)

Bilder博士解释说:目前的大脑和行为理论表明,不同的精神状况之间没有显著的分界线,健康和疾病之间也没有明确的界限。  相反,大脑功能可能有不同维度,在这些维度上我们都有差异,而大脑功能的这些维度之间的相互作用决定了我们在面对压力时的复原力。  本讲座将总结目前关于这些维度的想法,集中讨论如何使用正向心理学的策略来提高心理健康和增加对压力的复原力。 在全球范围内应用这些做法可以减少常见的精神疾病50%以上。

🦋 Webinar: Positive Neuropsychology
A Dimensional Approach to Mental Health by Dr. Robert Bilder
Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA, May 10, 6:30-7:30pm EST.
(MHACC provides instant Chinese translation)

Dr Bilder explained: "Current brain and behavioral theories suggest that there is no clear dividing line between different mental conditions, nor a clear boundary between health and disease. Instead, there may be different dimensions of brain function in which we all differ, and the interplay between these dimensions of brain function determines our resilience in the face of stress. This talk will summarize current thinking on the brain dimensions, focusing on how strategies from positive psychology can be used to improve mental health and increase resilience to stress. Applying these practices globally could reduce common mental illnesses by more than 50%. 
Alan Hu Foundation:



🌷 美國華裔精神健康聯盟MHACC推出公益健康項目🎵
【 歌聲暢享人生Sing A Song】特聘:男高音夏陽老師
每週二晚上 美西時間7:30-8:00pm 大家Zoom上見! 💕

活動介紹:【 歌聲暢享人生】每週二晚半小時內,具有傳奇色彩的抒情男高音趙夏陽老師會對某一首歌進行介紹分析,現場歌唱, 一起分享歌聲的美妙,以此來緩解大家的壓力,慰藉心靈,籍此激發起大家對唱歌的興趣和愛好,共享美好人生。🍃

🦋【Sing A Song to Enjoy Life】Zhao Xia Yang
See you on Zoom every Tuesday night from 7:30-8:00pm PT! 💕

Activity introduction: [Enjoy life with singing] Within this half an hour, the legendary lyrical tenor Mr. Zhao Xiayang will introduce and analyze a certain song, sing live, and share the beauty of the song together to relieve the stress, soothe the soul, thereby arousing everyone's interest in singing, and sharing a beautiful life.

Zoom Link 點擊鏈接
Meeting ID: 850 791 6770



🌷 跳入精彩人生
歡迎加入“跳入精彩人生” ,大家一起保持身心健康,享受放鬆的放飛心情,開心過好每一天!
⬇️以下是AFI云健身俱乐部和Cathy 老师开心健身舞平台的本周运动健身课程表:
请大家注意AFI和开心群的Zoom ID 和密码不同。


美西: 7:30-8:30pm
美中: 9:30-10:30pm

Zoom ID:   889 0406 8282
Passcode: 8888

🦋 Welcome to "jump into a wonderful life", let's stay healthy together, enjoy a relaxed mood, and live happily every day!
⬇️Class schedule of AFI Cloud Fitness Club and Teacher Cathy's Happy Fitness Dance Platform:
Please note that the Zoom ID and passcode of AFI and Kaixin are different. 

歡迎進入“跳入精彩人生”, 提醒家人與朋友一起鍛煉,我們約定你啦!

🦋🌷 當您經歷恐懼,焦慮和痛苦, 不要遲疑, 請撥打我們的心理援助熱線 (800) 881-8502, 我們一直在您身旁!

If you experience fear, anxiety and distress, don't hesitate to call our Psychological Assistance HotLine at (800) 881-8502, we are there for you!

🦋🌷 美國華裔精神健康聯盟是聯邦認可的全國性501(c)(3)非營利公益機構,致力為華人社區的心理/精神健康提供服務,我們的點滴成長離不開您的支持。按下圖片即可在進行樂捐,非常感謝您的慷慨捐獻。

MHACC is a federal recognized national 501(c)(3) non-profit public welfare organization dedicated to providing services for the mental health issues within the Chinese community. Our growth is inseparable from your support. Click the button below to make a donation, thank you very much for your generous support. 

捐舊車支持我們的工作!您可以透過網站 或致電855-500-7433捐出任何狀況的舊車(免費上門拖走舊車),並把舊車出售後的淨額指定捐給MHACC,可以得到退稅憑證。💕

You can also donate used cars to support us! You can donate your old car in any condition through the website or by calling 855-500-7433 (free towing), and donate the net amount to MHACC to get a tax refund certificate.

美國華裔精神健康聯盟敬啟 💕

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