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美國華裔精神健康聯盟 12/02/2022 第219期通知

🌟 親愛的大家,祝您節日快樂 🌟

願這 2022 年的最後一個月,給您

美國華裔精神健康聯盟 執行長 Elaine Peng 彭一玲 敬上 🙏


Lights and decorations fill the streets as the holiday season approaches, while trees, flowers, and even white snow dance in the wind.
We wish you the happiest holiday and the most pleasant winter of 2022 in the month of December.

Elaine Peng, Executive Director & Founder
Mental Health Association for Chinese Communities (MHACC)

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Support MHACC on Amazon! Our charity link (慈善鏈接)

屋崙華埠冬至街會預告 🍜

屋崙華埠首次冬至街會 Oakland's first Winter Solstice Street Party

🔥12/03 - 12/04,10:00am - 5:00pm 🔥

今年冬至,屋崙華埠社區促進會 OCIC 和華人精神健康聯盟 MHACC 會給古色古香的 Oakland Chinatown 帶來一個全新的冬至街會。把燒烤,泡芙,台灣正宗雞蛋糕,各式各樣的火鍋美食,  琳瑯滿目冬至補品帶進屋崙唐人街!還有熱騰騰誘人的綿滑芝麻湯丸免費提供! 除了美食,還有精彩的舞台表演,舞龍舞獅不容錯過,也可以當場打印“品嚐美食趣怪相片”,參加評選拿獎!要有多好玩,就有多好玩!!

🍖🍖🍖🍖🍖 了解更多 / Learn More Here

OCIC & MHACC is bringing a new Winter Solstice Street Party to the charming Oakland Chinatown. BBQ, puffs, real Taiwanese chicken cakes, various hot pot delights, and a dazzling assortment of winter solstice delicacies are now available! There will also be free, hot and enticing sesame soup balls! In addition to exquisite meals, there will be magnificent stage acts, such as dragon and lion dances. You can also print on the spot to win the prize for the "Tasting Food and Strange Photos" option. It's as much fun as it gets, so be sure to attend!

🔥屋崙華埠冬至街會 Oakland Winter Solstice Street Party 12/03-12/04🔥

患友/家人互助組信息 👬

👬 患友互助小組(Peer Support Groups)

每月第二個週六(2nd Sat)
⏰ 時間:11:00 am to 12:30 pm(美西時間 PST)
組別:患友英語互助組 NAMI Connection-API English Peer Support Group
⏰ 時間:1:30 pm to 3:00 pm (美西時間 PST)
✅ 組別:患友廣東話互助組 Cantonese Peer Support Group

每月第三個週六(3rd Sat)
⏰時間:1:30 pm to 3:00 pm (美西時間 PST)
✅組別:患友普通話互助組  Mandarin Peer Support Group

每月第四個週六(4th Sat)
⏰時間:11:00 am to 12:30 pm(美西時間 PST)
✅組別:患友英語互助組 NAMI Connection-API English Peer Support Group

患友互助組 網上會議 Zoom Link:

Meeting ID:913 1187 4702
Passcode: MHACC 
或撥打電話 or Call at: 1669 900 9128 / 1346 248 7799
Meeting ID: 913 1187 4702 
Passcode: 572063 

👪 照顧者 (家人) 互助組(Family Support Groups)

每月第二個週六(2nd Sat)
⏰時間:3:30 pm to 5:00 pm (美西時間 PST)
✅組別:照顧者(家人)廣東話互助組 Cantonese Family Support Group

每月第三個週六(3rd Sat)
⏰時間:3:30 pm to 5:00 pm (美西時間 PST)
✅組別:照顧者(家人)普通話互助組 Mandarin Family Support Group

網上會議 Zoom link:
或撥打電話 Or call at:1669 900 9128 / 1346 248 7799
Meeting ID:741 323 2578

期待與您相聚!Looking forward to meeting you! 

流感季提前來臨 😷

據美國 CDC 11月15日發布的最新數據,2022年的流感季開始得很早且情況糟糕,流感病例持續上升,已有至少280萬感染病例,住院病例達2.3萬例,特別是幼兒住院部和ICU,流感住院率為十多年以來的最高水平。
為了您和家人的健康,請今天就上网预约,或直接到各药房和诊所接种( 新冠加強針可以和流感疫苗混合接种)


The flu season in 2022 started early and was devastating, according to CDC data released on November 15. At least 2.8 million people were sick and 23,000 were hospitalized, primarily in pediatrics. Flu hospitalizations are at a 10-year high. To make matters worse, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) cases have risen since October, creating a triple pandemic threat. Mild cases might infect millions and overwhelm hospitals. Several states' children's hospitals are infected. The elderly, children, and other high-risk groups with low immunity are encouraged to get both safe and effective flu and Covid vaccines.
Children over 6 months can be vaccinated against influenza, and those over 5 can get the current Covid booster. Since there is no RSV vaccine, you should wash your hands, wear a mask, and stay home if you're sick.
Make an appointment online at or visit pharmacies and clinics to get vaccinated (the new Covid booster shot can be mixed with the flu vaccine)

了解更多最新加強針的訊息 / 
Find out more Here

Seasonal Affective Disorder 💔

季節性情感障礙也稱為 SAD 或季節性抑鬱症,每年有 1600 萬美國人在這種疾病中掙扎。
SAD 是可以治癒的,所以,讓我們通過這個意識月來提高認知,對遇到季節性情感障礙或其他心理健康問題的人給予無條件的幫助,和不評判的支持。

Every year, 16 million Americans suffer from seasonal affective disorder, generally known as SAD or seasonal depression.
It's a type of depression linked to seasonal changes and biochemical imbalances in the brain that often strikes in the autumn and winter, and the majority of sufferers reside in areas with little sunlight. Sadness and depression, exhaustion and loss of interest, changes in eating and sleep, difficulties thinking or making decisions, and thoughts of suicide are common symptoms of SAD.
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is treatable, so let‘s ​​raise awareness, bring unconditional treatment, and nonjudgmental support for anyone suffering from SAD or other mental health difficulties.

了解更多 / 
Find Out More Here

陳霞芬案達成和解協議 ⚖️

2014年,水文學家陳霞芬在俄亥俄州國家氣象局工作時被指控從事間諜活動並被捕。指控雖然在一年後被撤銷,但她還是被氣象局解僱,遭到嚴重不公正的待遇。經過 6 年的民事訴訟,案子才終於在11月10日達成了和解。這是美國商務部歷史上支付給個人的最大賠償金之一。
這個結果清楚地表明,針對特定族裔的歧視是不可接受的,像商務部ITMS這樣的不合理調查在民主社會裡是沒有立足之地的。 我非常感謝你們在這場漫長的鬥爭里對我所給予的善意和慷慨支持,你們的支持是我堅持走到今天的力量。”

MHACC 在此感謝曾經和我們一起募捐,一起为陳霞芬爭取正義的朋友們!❤️

The 10th of November is a special day. A landmark settlement was struck in the long-running Sherry Chen lawsuit. During her time at the Ohio National Weather Service in 2014, hydrologist Sherry Chen was arrested on charges of espionage. A year later, the accusations were dropped, but not before she had been fired from her position. A settlement was reached today after six years of civil action. This settlement represents one of the largest payments made by the Commerce Department to an individual.
“No amount of compensation can truly make up for the injustice I have experienced,” Sherry Chen wrote in her open letter.
“The settlement reached today, however, is a significant step toward redress for myself and the many other Chinese people who have been subjected to unjust government scrutiny. This finding demonstrates conclusively that racial discrimination is not permissible, and that investigations like the Commerce ITMS, which were arbitrary and capricious, have no place in a liberal democracy. Thank you so much for being there for me and keeping me going all the way through this ordeal."

MHACC would like to express its gratitude to everyone who has helped us gather money and advocate for Sherry Chen's rights.

新冠疫情的外展和教育總結會議 📖

11月10日,MHACC 成員受邀來到東灣韓國人社區中心,參加 KCCEB 舉辦的焦點小組會議,進行面對面的討論和學習,互相交流經驗和教訓,一起總結過去的成功和面對未來的挑戰。

在過去的一年中,MHACC 和其他 API 社區組織在亞裔社區中開展新冠疫苗的外展推廣和教育工作,超額完成了 RICE Collaborative 交給我們預期目標!

On November 10th, members of the MHACC gathered at the Dongwan Korean Community Center for a focus group meeting hosted by the KCCEB to engage in face-to-face discussions and learning, share the past experiences, and reflect on the group's collective successes and challenges.

Beyond the RICE Collaborative's initial goals, MHACC and other API community organizations have been actively engaged in COVID-19 vaccine outreach and education in the Asian community during the past year.

青少年心理健康急救課程 🏥

11月12和13日,MHACC 的執行長彭一玲帶領團隊為俄勒岡州的華人家長們進行了青少年心理健康急救課程的培訓(MHFA)


培訓結束的夜晚,聽聞當地一個華人家庭遭遇心理危機,Elaine 趕赴現場救助陌生家庭,在助人為樂的同時也剛好為學員們上了一堂很有意義的實踐課程 ❤️

Elaine Peng, director of MHACC, led team members to Oregon on November 12th and 13th to give an adolescent mental health first aid course (MHFA) training for Chinese parents.

This free program, co-hosted by the Oregon Chinese Alliance and MHACC, offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for adults interested in learning about adolescent mental health and assisting teens in coping with mental health crises. Upon completion of the training, you may earn the certificate in Mental Health First Aid.

At the end of the training session, a local Chinese family was going through a psychological crisis. Elaine went to the scene to assist the family. While assisting others, she provided the trainers with a very useful practical training.

反對亞裔仇恨的模擬培訓 💻
TAAF Action Center Simulation

11月17日,MHACC 團隊成員們參加了亞裔美國人基金會(The Asian American Foundation TAAF組織的亞裔仇恨案件在線模擬培訓。

教學由錫克教聯盟 提供,這種特殊的培訓理念是通過情境模擬一起仇恨犯罪的發生,追蹤案件的進展,了解嫌犯和被害人的心理和需求的變化,讓參與的學員對仇恨犯罪產生最直觀的認知,和最有同理心的思考。


The Asian American Foundation (TAAF) hosted an online simulation training about Asian hate incidents on November 17, in which MHACC team members participated.

The Sikh Coalition provides the instruction. This unique training idea is designed to imitate the incidence of a hate crime, track the case's progress, and comprehend changes in the psychology and requirements of the suspect and victim. It allows the participants to have the most intuitive cognition and cultivate empathetic thinking.

The training is organized into two parts: the first session focuses on the critical needs, and problems that develop within 48 hours of the hate incident. The second focuses on the mild and long-term needs that persist months after the incident, as demonstrated through examples. The trainees' dialogue and thinking skills are extremely important for Asian mental health practitioners.

愛心素食火雞大派送 🦃️

感恩節前夕,MHACC 聯手三藩市愛家素食餐館 Loving Hut SF,共同提倡健康飲食,特別送出愛心素食火雞,供有需要的朋友們免費領取。11月18和19日兩天,從早到晚,MHACC的義工們輪班獻愛心,笑眼展歡顏,完成了這個很有意義的活動,衷心祝福大家感恩新年安康快樂 ❤️

Before Thanksgiving, MHACC collaborated with Loving Hut SF, a vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco. We promoted healthy eating and sent out complimentary vegetarian turkeys to friends in need. On the 18th and 19th of November, from morning to night, MHACC volunteers took turns showing love and smiles. We wish everyone a safe and joyous Thanksgiving!

"友護友導師"2期培訓結束,歡慶畢業啦 👬
NAMI Peer to Peer Mentor online Training

MHACC 舉辦的NAMI "友護友課程導師" 在今年10月和11月2次開班,一共12名學員在經過嚴格培訓之後,於11月20日順利畢業,獲得了NAMI P2P Leader 認證。


NAMI "Peer to Peer” Mentor Training will be organized by MHACC twice this year in October and November. A total of twelve trainees graduated on November 20 after completing rigorous training and earning the NAMI P2P Leader certification.

This course offers free career training to adults who have dealt with mental health challenges, and qualified students are able to teach in NAMI's eight-week P2P Program. The Chinese-speaking students of MHACC will bring a more dynamic tomorrow to the Chinese community's mental health services by using their rehabilitation expertise and communication abilities to aid more patients.

青少年心理健康動畫 🎬

《我的人生有意義》是一系列致力於倡導青少年心理健康和杜絕自殺的動畫短片,由著名的好萊塢製作人Terry Thoren(曾創作辛普森/Rugrats等系列動畫)帶隊製作。Terry 相信,動畫會以其他形式做不到的方式來幫助到年輕人。

Watch here English:

<My Life Is Worth Living> is a series of animated short films made by legendary Hollywood producer Terry Thoren (creator of the Simpsons, Rugrats, and other animation series) to promote adolescent mental health and prevent suicide.  Terry feels that animation has the potential to help young people in ways that other media cannot.
All videos are available in Chinese, allowing parents to find an effective and compassionate bridge for parent-child dialogue while watching with their children.
Series 1 (Amie's story): Amie, who is academically gifted, diligent, and self-disciplined, suddenly succumbs to unpleasant feelings. She feels out of place and felt as if she was a burden on her family and friends. She begins considering suicide. What happened to Amie?

心理健康手機軟件 UrSpace 📱

UrSpace 是一款維護心理健康和協助心理康復的手機App,支持中英雙語。您可以在 UrSpace 裡選擇一個虛擬夥伴,並與虛擬夥伴交流,尋找支持和安慰。軟件還會關注您的情緒變化,協助您放鬆心情,提醒您使用藥物,顯示附近的活動,提供心理健康資源。您還可以在這裡找到大量心理相關的視頻,和分享的故事 ❤️

UrSpace is a mobile app used as a personal mental health care and recovery tool. It supports both Chinese and English speakers. Users can select their own virtual buddy in the app, who will keep you company on your journey towards self-healing. The app also tracks mood changes, reminds you to take medication, displays local support groups, and provides professional mental health resources. You'll also find many informative videos and peer-written stories that unpack the struggles of mental health disorders. 

📱安卓手機安裝 (Android Store Download):
📱苹果蘋果手機安裝 (Apple Store Download):

心理健康手機軟件 MiSunshine 📱

MiSunshine 是一款幫助心理健康護理人員獲取相關信息,協助管理護理工作的手機App,支持中英雙語。軟件還會關注您自己的情緒變化,提供支持和安慰,並放鬆您的心情。您還可以在這裡找到大量與心理健康相關的視頻,和分享的故事 ❤️

MiSunshine is a mobile app designed for caregivers to build a caretaking schedule based on their family’s needs. The app also tracks the caregiver's mood, offering a source of support and relaxation. Informative mental health-related videos and stories shared by peers are available on the app. Both Chinese and English speakers may use the app.

📱安卓手機安裝 (Android Download):
📱蘋果手機安裝 (Apple Store Download):

歌聲暢享人生 🎵 Sing A Song 

MHACC 公益健康項目“歌聲暢享人生 Sing A Song”。特聘:男高音夏陽老師 
每週二晚,传奇抒情男高音赵夏阳老師都会介绍和分析一首歌曲,并现场演唱。 优美的歌声是我們缓解压力、抚慰心灵、享受美好生活的法宝。
Sing A Song to Enjoy Life by Zhao Xia Yang
The lyrical tenor, Zhao Xiayang, shares a song every Tuesday night and sings it live. The beautiful singing works like magic to relieve stress and soothe the soul. By falling in love with music, we can enjoy our lives together to the fullest!
時間:每週二晚上 7:30-8:00 pm(美西 PST)
Meeting ID: 850 791 6770
YouTube 頻道 Watch here:

跳入精彩人生 💃 Cathy’s Fun Fitness Dance

歡迎加入“跳入精彩人生” ,大家一起保持身心健康,享受放鬆的放飛心情,開心過好每一天!
Welcome to “Cathy’s Fun Fitness Dance”! Let's stay healthy together, enjoy some refreshing exercise, and live happily every day!

⏰ 每日雲健身(Daytime Session)
美西:4:30-6:00 pm (Pacific Time)
美中:6:30-8:00 pm (Central Time)
美东:7:30-9:00 pm(Eastern Time)
北京:7:30-9:00 am (Beijing Time)

⏰ 周末(Weekend Session)
美西:8:00-9:00 am (Pacific Time)
美东:11:00-12:00 am(Eastern Time)

Zoom Link:
Zoom ID: 889 0406 8282
Passcode: 8888
視頻 YouTube: Fun Fitness Dance
欢迎订阅/点赞 /转发 Please subscribe, like, and forward!

❤️ 支持我們 🤝 Support Us ❤️

❤️ 當您經歷恐懼,焦慮和痛苦, 不要遲疑, 請撥打我們的心理援助熱線,我們一直在您身旁
If you experience fear, anxiety, or distress, don't hesitate to call our Psychological Assistance Hotline, We will always be here for you.
☎️ (800) 881-8502 ☎️

❤️ 美國華裔精神健康聯盟是聯邦認可的全國性501(c)(3)非營利公益機構,致力為華人社區的心理/精神健康提供服務,我們的點滴成長離不開您的支持。我們的Tax ID是82-4322450。
樂捐支票抬頭可寫MHACC, 愛心支票可寄3160 Castro Valley Blvd., Suite 210,Mailbox#15, Castro Valley,CA 94546
網上捐助可點擊以下圖片,我們收到捐款後會給您寄出抵稅發票,感謝您的慷慨捐獻 ❤️
MHACC is a federally-recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit public welfare organization dedicated to providing services related to mental health issues within the Chinese community. Our growth can only be possible with your support. Click the button below 👇to make a donation. We thank you for any generous contributions!

❤️ 捐舊車支持我們的工作!您可以捐出任何狀況的舊車(免費上門拖走舊車),並把舊車出售後的淨額指定捐給 MHACC,可以得到退稅憑證

您可以通過網站捐車 Donate your old car through the website:

或者打電話 or by calling ☎️ 855-500-7433 (includes free towing), and donate the net amount to MHACC to get a tax refund certificate.


 ❤️ 當您在 Amazon 購物時,請用amazon smile 😊選擇美國華裔精神健康聯盟MHACC為被捐助的慈善機構,購物的同時做善事
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❤️ 美國華裔精神健康聯盟致力於建設更美好的生活品質!堅定不移地提高大眾對精神健康的認知,共創一個大家所希望的美好家園!

💐 美國華裔精神健康聯盟敬啟 💐

The Chinese American Mental Health Alliance is dedicated to improving life quality! Raising public awareness of mental health and building a home that everyone desires without wavering.

Mental health Association for Chinese Communities 1800-881-8502

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