MHACC 美國華裔精神健康聯盟 6/08/2022 第213期通知
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🌈 親愛的大家,收件快樂! 😊

同志驕傲月快樂! 我們支持 LGBTQ 社區中的每個人。

根據 Trevor Project 的數據:LGBTQ 青年出現抑鬱症狀的可能性是異性戀同齡人的 6 倍,自殺未遂的可能性是其 5 倍。

所以,讓我們在本月重點關注 LGBTQ 青年的心理健康。

今天的引述來自 Desmond Patton 博士:


- 美國華裔精神健康聯盟 執行長

Elaine Peng 彭一玲 敬上

Happy Pride month! We stand with and support everyone in the LGBTQ+ community. 

According to Trevor Project: LGBTQ+ youth are six times more likely to experience symptoms of depression, and five times more likely to have attempted suicide than their heterosexual counterparts.

So, Let's highlight the mental health of LGBTQ youth this month.

Today’s quote is from Dr. Desmond Patton:

“There is power in authenticity and vulnerability. Work each and every day to be your true self.”

- Elaine Peng,Executive Director & Founder

Mental Health Association for Chinese Communities (MHACC)


🌈 我們很高興地宣布 MHACC有了新的副執行長 - Steven Chen 👏

Steven Chen 於 2021 年 2 月加入 MHACC,幫助管理MHACC的兩個心理健康手機apps (MiSunshine和UrSpace) 的開發工作。之後,他參與了MHACC的多個其他項目和組織的內部管理工作。2022年初,他與其他團隊成員一起成功申請加州政府「抵抗仇恨犯罪」資助項目。

作爲一名IT專業人士,Steven Chen有20年在私營公司裏管理大小項目的經驗。他還積極服務美國華人社區,撰寫有關美國華人歷史和現今華裔爲社會正義所作的努力的文章是他的興趣愛好。多年來,他與全美多個亞裔組織友好合作,互相幫助。我們堅信他的經驗和熱忱會让MHACC提升到新的高度!


🔅 We are pleased to announce the transition of Steven Chen’s role to Deputy Director.

Steven Chen first joined MHACC in Feb 2021 as a project coordinator to oversee the development of two MHACC’s mental health apps, MiSunshine and UrSpace. Later, he worked on several other MHACC’s ongoing grant related projects and helped with internal operations. Early 2022, he was part of a team which successfully applied and secured the Stop the Hate grant.

Mr. Chen comes with twenty years of private sector experience of managing large projects as an IT professional. He is also active in serving the Chinese American community. It is his passion to write articles about Chinese American history and the fight for social justice today. Over the years, he cooperated with Asian American organizations nationwide. His skill sets and passion are a good fit for MHACC.

Together, we are looking forward to better serving our community.


🌈 關注 LGBTQ 青年的心理健康 ❤️

美國精神病學協會認為,LGBTQ+ 青年和其他同齡人之間的心理健康差異源於污名和歧視,這使尋求醫療保健和尋求社會支持的過程複雜化。


另一方面,我們有責任將我們的文化從一種基本的寬容轉變為一種支持所有身份的文化。 通過體現包容性來改變 LGBTQ+ 青年的生活。

LGBTQ+ 青年資源(特雷弗計劃)

TrevorLifeline:1-866-488-7386,24/7 全天候提供危機干預和自殺預防熱線。

TrevorText:將 START 短信發送至 678-678,這是一項由訓練有素的 Trevor 顧問提供的機密短信服務,全天候 24/7 可用。

🔅 The American Psychiatric Association believes that mental health disparities among LGBTQ+ youth and other peers stem from stigma and discrimination that complicates the process of seeking health care and finding social support.

When parents fully understand the intersection of mental illness and identity, they can better recognize LGBTQ+ health disparities and help their children embrace all aspects of their identity and live fulfilling lives.

On the other hand, we have a responsibility to transform our culture from one of basic tolerance to one of support for all identities. Transforming outcomes for LGBTQ+ youth by embodying inclusion.

Resources for LGBTQ+ Youth(The Trevor Project)

TrevorLifeline: 1-866-488-7386, a crisis intervention and suicide prevention hotline available 24/7.

TrevorText, text START to 678-678, a confidential text messaging service with a trained Trevor counselor, available 24/7.



🌈 彭一玲女士在波士頓中文廣播電視台關於青少年心理健康問題的訪談 ❤️

6月6日,美國華裔精神疾病聯盟負責人,彭一玲女士,參加了波士頓中文廣播電視台 Boston Asian Radio & TV Station (BARTV)的【熱點相對論】節目,回答了一些大家非常關心的青少年心理健康問題,對華人青少年面對校園霸凌和亞裔仇恨提供了應對措施,並就華人家庭如何建立健康良好的親子溝通的進行了有效的建議。

本期內容豐富,乾貨滿滿,請點擊觀看 (click to watch the video):

🔅 On June 6, Ms. Elaine Peng, the founder and director of MHACC, participated in the “Hot Topic” program of Boston Asian Radio & TV Station (BARTV).

She answered some of the most concerns about teenage mental health, and provided responses to the school bullying and Asian hatred faced by Chinese teenagers. Peng also gave effective suggestions on how to establish healthy relationship and communication with Chinese families.


🌈 立刻報名參加最大的心理健康倡導者聚會( 6月15日開幕)❤️


與現任和前任 NFL 運動員就黑人社區內的心理健康進行深入討論。 他們將討論如何在場內外管理自己的心理健康,以及如何幫助打破男性,尤其是黑人男性經常面臨的心理健康病恥感。

邀請普通與會者參加東部時間 6月15日星期三的上午 10點在開幕會議(美國西部 7am)

立即行動,報名截止日期為 6月9日晚上 11:59。

點幾報名(Register Today):

🔅 The largest gathering of mental health advocates kicks off June 15!

Reserve your spot now to engage in inspiring and engaging sessions about timely mental health topics.

An in-depth discussion about mental health within the Black community with current and former NFL athletes. They will discuss how they manage their mental health, both on and off the field, and how they are helping break the mental health stigma that men, and especially Black men, face all too often.

General attendees are invited to begin their convention experience with our opening plenary on Wed., June 15, at 10 a.m. ET.

Act now, registration closes June 9 at 11:59 p.m.


🌼 為德州小學槍擊遇難者哀悼,呼籲更嚴格的槍枝管控措施 🙏

2022 年 5 月 24 日,18 歲的拉莫斯在德克薩斯州烏瓦爾德的羅伯小學用 AR-15 式步槍射殺了 19 名學生和 2 名教師,另有 17 人受傷。 這是美國歷史上第三大致命的校園槍擊案。

6 月 2 日,拜登總統向全國發表講話,呼籲嚴控攻擊型武器和大容量彈夾,宣布支持允許法官下令暫時收繳保管某人槍枝的“紅旗法”和加強背景調查,把購買攻擊型武器的法定年齡從 18 歲上升到 21 歲。

MHACC 為這起事件深感悲痛,我們為遇難者哀悼💐,並呼籲更嚴格的槍枝管控措施。


2012 年Sandy Hook小學慘案發生後,時任副總統拜登就提出過一系列控槍方案,被參院共和黨人否決掉。這十年來,美國死於槍擊的人數逐年上升。為什麼只有美國會出現這種情形?人命攸關,在控槍這件事上,美國應該向澳大利亞學習。

全文 Full article:

🔅 On May 24, 2022, 18-year-old Ramos fatally shot nineteen students and two teachers, and wounded seventeen other people with an AR-15 style rifle, at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. This was the third-deadliest school shooting in the United States.

On June 2, in a rare address to the nation, President Joe Biden called for bans on assault-type weapons and high-capacity magazines, announced his support for red flag laws and stronger background checks, insisted that the legal age for purchasing assault-type weapons jump from 18 to 21, and more.

MHACC is deeply saddened by this incident, we mourn the victims and call for stricter gun control measures.

In an recent interview with World Daily, MHACC director Elaine Peng said:

The idea that everyone can protect themselves by owning a gun is the wrong way to go. Instead of turning society into a battlefield, we should address the fundamental problems.

The United States is the only developed country that has seen mass shootings every year for the past 20 years that pose a major threat to public safety.

According to a February 2022 report by Pew Research, gun related deaths in the U.S. in 2020 reached 45,222, a 14% increase from the previous year.

In 2012, then-Vice President Biden proposed a series of gun control plans after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, which was later rejected by Senate Republicans. In the past decade, the number of people killed by guns in the U.S.  has increased every year, which is not the case in other countries.

Humanity are at stake, and we should learn from other countries when it comes to gun control.


🌈 心理健康維護專用手機App上線啦!📱

MHACC 為華裔社群設計了兩款免費的維護心理健康手機App,希望大家安裝,試用,並提出改進建議。

🛶 MiSunshine 是一款幫助心理健康護理人員獲取相關信息,協助管理護理工作的手機App,支持中英雙語。軟件還會關注您自己的情緒變化,提供支持和安慰,並放鬆您的心情。您還可以在這裡找到大量與心理健康相關的視頻,和分享的故事。

安卓手機安裝 (Android Store Download):

蘋果手機安裝 (Apple Store Download):

🔅 MiSunshine is a mobile app designed for mental health caregivers to obtain relevant information and arrange care work. The app looks at the caregiver's own mood changes, offering support and comfort. It also provides useful mental health related videos, and stories shared by peers. It supports both Chinese and English.


🛶 UrSpace 是一款維護心理健康和協助心理康復的手機App,支持中英雙語。您可以在 UrSpace 裡選擇一個虛擬夥伴,並與虛擬夥伴交流,尋找支持和安慰。軟件還會關注您的情緒變化,協助您放鬆心情,提醒您使用藥物,顯示附近的活動,提供心理健康資源。您還可以在這裡找到大量心理相關的視頻,和分享的故事。

安卓手機安裝 (Android Store Download):

苹果蘋果手機安裝 (Apple Store Download):

🔅 UrSpace is a mobile App used as a mental health care and recovery tool. It supports both Chinese and English. Users can choose a virtual buddy in the app for seeking support and comfort. The app also tracks your mood changes, reminds you with medication, displays nearby activities, and provides mental health resources. You'll also find plenty of mental health related videos, and stories shared by peers.


🌈 互助组通知 (Peer Support Groups)


今後患友和家人分別用不同的互助組 Zoom 鏈接。

🔅 At the beginning of this year, we added an English peer support group for patients,on the 4th Saturday of every month。We also enabled a new Zoom link. Patients and their families will use different Zoom links In the future。

🛶 患友互助組活動安排如下(Peer Support Groups)

每月第二個週六 (6/11/2022) 2nd Saturday every month

🐯 時間:11:00 am to 12:30 pm(美西時間 Pacific Time)

✅ 組別:患友英語互助組 NAMI Connection-API English Peer Support Group

🐯時間:1:30 pm to 3:00 pm (美西時間 Pacific Time)

✅ 組別:患友廣東話互助組 Cantonese Peer Support Group

每月第三個週六 (6/18/2022)3rd Saturday every month

🐯 時間:1:30 pm to 3:00 pm (美西時間 Pacific Time)

✅ 組別:患友普通話互助組  Mandarin Peer Support Group

每月第四個週六(6/25/2022)  4th Saturday every month

🐯 時間:11:00 am to 12:30 pm(美西時間 Pacific Time)

✅ 組別:患友英語互助組 NAMI Connection-API English Peer Support Group

患友互助組 網上會議
Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 913 1187 4702

Passcode: MHACC 

☎️ 可進入Zoom, 也可選擇直接撥打電話 or Call at:

1669 900 9128 or 1346 248 7799

鍵入數字  913 1187 4702 ( Meeting ID ) 

密碼:572063 ( Pass code )

🔅 🔅 🔅 🔅 🔅 🔅 🔅 🔅 🔅

🛶 照顧者(家人)互助組活動安排如下:

每月第二個週六 ( 6/11/2022 )

🐯時間:3:30 pm to 5:00 pm ( 美西時間 )

✅組別:照顧者 (家人) 廣東話互助組

每月第三個週六 ( 6/18/2022 )

🐯時間:3:30 pm to 5:00 pm ( 美西時間 )

✅組別:照顧者 (家人) 普通話互助組

照顧者(家人)互助組 網上會議上 Zoom: 

可進入Zoom, 也可選擇直接撥打電話, 1669 900 9128 或 1346 248 7799, 

鍵入數字 741 323 2578 (Meeting ID) 參加。

期待與您相聚! 🐯🙏🏻😇


🌈為監獄囚犯們的人權發聲 👊

5月24日,一些人權組織抵達奧克蘭縣法院,舉行集會,抗議聖麗塔監獄囚犯的高死亡率。MHACC的志願者也到場給予大力支持。 我們一起為有心理健康問題的囚犯發聲,要求阿拉米達主管採取行動。

🔅 On May 24, some human rights groups arrived at the Oakland County Courthouse to hold a rally to protest the deaths of inmates in Santa Rita Jail. Volunteers from MHACC were also present to give strong support. Together, we spoke out for inmates with mental health issues, and demanded Alameda supervisor to take action。


🌈 愛心中餐日 🍜


🔅 May 25th is the annual Chinese Food Day, which is one of the traditional programs of Asian American Heritage Month.MHACC volunteers made delicious Chinese food with love, and sent it to the patients in the Villa Fairmont Mental Health Rehabilitation Center. We hope to share some kindness and bring comfort to those who are in pain and in need.


🌈 美國華人大會(UCA)2022年7月14-16日 👊

美國華人聯合會(UCA)和其夥伴組織們將舉辦第三屆“美國華人大會” (Chinese American Convention)和第一屆“全國青年大會” (UCA National Youth Convention)。屆時將有白宮官員、國會議員、華裔民選官員、智庫學者、工商領袖、社會組織、社區領袖以及數百位關心華人社區發展的華裔朋友和下一代代表們聚集一堂,共商大計。這將是全美華人參政議政、培育下一代、彰顯華人價值觀和優良傳統的又一里程碑。 “美國華人大會”是一個全美華人的盛會,是一個開放的全美華人社區的交流平台;而“UCA全國青年大會”也是面對全美華人下一代的開放交流平台。

🔅 Chinese American Convention(UCA)July 14-16, 2022

The Chinese American Association (UCA) and its partner organizations will host the 3rd Chinese American Convention and the 1st UCA National Youth Convention on July 14-16, 2022. 

White House officials, members of Congress, elected officials of Chinese origin, think tank scholars, business leaders, social organizations, community leaders, and hundreds of Chinese friends and representatives of the next generation who care about the development of the Chinese community will gather together to discuss major plans. This will be another milestone for Chinese Americans to participate in politics, cultivate the next generation, and demonstrate Chinese culture and traditions. The Chinese American Convention is a grand event and an open communication platform for us,

and the "UCA National Youth Conference" is also an open platform for the next generation of Chinese in the United States.


Scan the QR code below to register:


 🌈 美國華裔精神健康聯盟MHACC推出公益健康項目 🎵🎵

【 歌聲暢享人生 Sing A Song】特聘:男高音夏陽老師

每週二晚上 美西時間 7:30-8:00pm 大家 Zoom 上見! 💕💐

活動介紹:【 歌聲暢享人生】每週二晚半小時內,具有傳奇色彩的抒情男高音趙夏陽老師會對某一首歌進行介紹分析,現場歌唱, 一起分享歌聲的美妙,以此來緩解大家的壓力,慰藉心靈,籍此激發起大家對唱歌的興趣和愛好,共享美好人生。

🔅 Sing A Song to Enjoy Life by Mr. Zhao XiaYang

See you on Zoom every Tuesday night from 7:30-8:00pm PT! 💕💐

Activity introduction: [Enjoy life with singing] Within this half an hour, the legendary lyrical tenor Mr. Zhao XiaYang will introduce and analyze a certain song, sing live, and share the beauty of the song together to relieve the stress, soothe the soul, thereby arousing everyone's interest in singing, and sharing a beautiful life.

Zoom Link 點擊鏈接

Meeting ID: 850 791 6770


我們身體有著上天賜予最好的樂器, 大家一齊好歌唱不停, 唱出好心情!🥰

歡迎【 歌聲暢享人生Sing A Song】, 我們約定你啦!💕💐


🌈 跳入精彩人生 💃

歡迎加入“跳入精彩人生” ,大家一起保持身心健康,享受放鬆的放飛心情,開心過好每一天!https://cfunfitness.orgate//don

🛶 每日雲健身:

美西时间:下午 4:30-5:30pm

美中时间:下午 6:30-7:30pm

美东时间:下午 7:30-8:30pm

北京时间:上午 7:30-8:30am

🛶 晚场周一至周五:

美西时间:下午 7:30-8:30pm

美中时间:下午 9:30-10:30pm

美东时间:下午 10:30-11:30pm

北京时间:上午 10:30-11:30am(次日)

Zoom ID: 889 0406 8282

密碼 Passcode: 8888

每日健身 Zoom 链接

🔅 Welcome to "jump into a wonderful life", let's stay healthy together, enjoy a relaxed mood, and live happily every day!

歡迎進入“跳入精彩人生”, 提醒家人與朋友一起鍛煉,我們約定你啦!💕💐

☎️ 當您經歷恐懼,焦慮和痛苦, 不要遲疑, 請撥打我們的心理援助熱線 (800) 881-8502, 我們一直在您身旁 👬

🔅 If you experience fear, anxiety and distress, don't hesitate to call our Psychological Assistance HotLine at (800) 881-8502, we are there for you!

⛽️ 美國華裔精神健康聯盟是聯邦認可的全國性501(c)(3)非營利公益機構,致力為華人社區的心理/精神健康提供服務,我們的點滴成長離不開您的支持。按下圖片即可在進行樂捐,非常感謝您的慷慨捐獻 ❤️

🔅 MHACC is a federal recognized national 501(c)(3) non-profit public welfare organization dedicated to providing services for the mental health issues within the Chinese community. Our growth is inseparable from your support. Click the button below to make a donation, thank you very much for your generous support.


🚗 捐舊車支持我們的工作!您可以透過網站 或致電855-500-7433捐出任何狀況的舊車(免費上門拖走舊車),並把舊車出售後的淨額指定捐給MHACC,可以得到退稅憑證📄

🔅 You can also donate used cars to support us! You can donate your old car in any condition through the website
Or by calling 855-500-7433 ( free towing ), and donate the net amount to MHACC to get a tax refund certificate.


🛒 Support Mental Health Association for Chinese Communities on Amazon! 各位親,如果您在amazon 購物,請用amazon smile,選擇美國華裔精神健康聯盟MHACC為被捐助的慈善機構,在您購物的同時也在做善事!


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