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Journal Articles 

Ford, Jessica and Phoebe Macrossan. (2019) “The musical number as feminist intervention in Crazy ExGirlfriend.” Australasian Journal of Popular Culture, vol. 8, no. 1, pp. 55-69.

Phan, Thao., (2019). Amazon Echo and the Aesthetics of Whiteness. Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience 5, 1–38.


Gender and Diversity in Music and Art 16-19 July - University of Western Australia (Perth) Closing 5 April (Today!) 

Geographies of Violence Against Women, Journal of Gender Based Violence Special Issue 2020. Closing 30 April.
This Special Issue, co-edited by Dr Hannah Bows (Durham University) and Dr Bianca Fileborn (University of Melbourne), aims to provide a multi-disciplinary examination the current state of research, policy and practice in relation to geographies, space and gender-based violence and to consider the implications and potential further developments in relation to these areas. Abstract proposals not exceeding 500 words in length should be sent to Dr Hannah Bows,  

Digital Intimacies 5.0: Structures, Cultures, Power 9-11 December, 2019 - Melbourne Closing: 6 June

CSAA Conference 2019: Cultural Transformations
University of Queensland, Dec 4 - 6, 2019 Closing 30 April, 2019

ISA Conference 2019: Bodies at the World Cities, 30-31 May - University of Rome Closing: 7 April


Social Sciences Week  9-15 September. The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) has invited AWGSA to partner in Social Sciences Week. Social Sciences Week aims to:

  • Encourage, support and create the opportunity for social science researchers (from early career to senior scholars) to engage with non-academic audiences.
  • Show-case the diversity and relevance of social science research.
  • Further the reach of cutting-edge social science research.
  • Promote and increase awareness of social sciences research and the contribution they make to the wellbeing, cohesion and success of society.

Any event held during Social Sciences Week that fits broadly with the above aims can be part of the program as long as the activity is primarily public facing.  By scheduling them during Social Sciences week and co-badging them in this way, it will be possible to reach a wider audience and highlight the value of the social sciences to a greater extent than can occur with stand-alone events. If you are planning to apply for AWGSA funding to run an event, please consider Social Sciences Week as a possible time to do so.

First Fridays Seminar Series: How (not) to talk about gender - seminar by Carolyn D'Cruz 5 April Deakin University, Deakin Downtown Melbourne


Ann Curthoys Prize
The Ann Curthoys Prize is awarded for the best unpublished article-length work by an Early Career Researcher (within 5 years of PhD graduation) in any one or combination of the following fields in which Ann published: 

  • Australian history
  • feminist history
  • Indigenous history
  • transnational/comparative/colonial history
  • history and theory
The Prize honours the varied work and dedicated service to the historical profession of Professor Ann Curthoys; it is generously funded by Ann and Macquarie University, where Ann completed her PhD.

The inaugural Ann Curthoys Prize will be awarded in July 2019. Applications are now open and close on June 7, 2019.
For further information, and to apply, visit:


Gender Diversity in Music and Art, University of Western Australia. 16-19 July


Gender-based violence in inpatient mental health units, Social Global Studies Centre, RMIT University. Women aged 18 and over who have experienced gender-based violence while staying in a mental health inpatient unit in Victoria in the past five years are being sought for interviews.


PhD Scholarship attached to ARC Discovery Project. 'Tech, sex and intimacy: a survey to understand the role of new technologies in Australian’s sexual and intimate lives.'  La Trobe University. Contact Dr Jennifer Power at (Still accepting applications past March 29th). 

PhD Scholarship attached to DECRA project. 'Understanding ecological sensibilities in recreational lifestyle sport’, University of Queensland. Contact Dr Rebecca Olive at

Lecturer in Media Studies, Media Studies, University of Kent Closing 7 April. 

Lecturer in Media and Communication (Writing and Professional Communication), University of Melbourne Closing 8 April

Lecturer in Media and Communication (Digital Media Research Methods), University of Melbourne Closing 8 April

Lecturer in Social Policy, Salford University Closing 10 April

Lecturer in Public Policy, University of Melbourne Closing 10 April.

Senior Lecturer/Lecturer, Humanities/Social Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen
Closing 11 April

LSE Fellow in Gender, Film and Media, London School of Economics Closing 12 April

Professors in New Media Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Closing 13 April 

Director, NCAS Program, ANROWS Closing 14 April. 

Lecturer in Criminology, Leeds Beckett University Closing 15 April

Professors/Associate Professors in Digital Communication, RMIT University Closing 16 April

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Digital Media, University of Queensland, Closing 19 April

Chair in Sociology, University of Sheffield Closing 22 April

Associate Professor in Digital Humanities, University of New England, Closing 22 April

Senior Lecturer in Sociology, Goldsmiths University of London Closing 24 April.

Associate Professor in Gender and Sexuality Studies, School of Social Sciences and Psychology Closing 25 April. 

Research Officer (Knowledge translation), Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health & Society, La Trobe University, Closing 28 April

Research Officer/Level A Postdoc (Qualitative Methods), ARC Discovery "The Technological Transformation of Sex: Improving Australia's Response." Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health & Society, La Trobe University Closing 28 April 

Teaching and Research Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Indigenous Futures, La Trobe University, Closing 28 April

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in Criminology , Victoria University, Closing April 30. 

Chichele Professorship of Social and Political Theory, Oxford University Closing 1 May

Lecturer in Cultural Studies, Melbourne University, Closing 1 May

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of Political Science and International Studies, University of Queensland Closing 1 May

Associate Professor in Visual, Material and Museum Anthropology, Oxford University Closing 15 May.

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, Media and Communication Studies, Curtin University Malaysia Closing 18 May.

AWGSA Member Profile - Dr Andrea Waling

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? 
I'd actually be a supervillain, to be honest, and I'd have the power to manipulate all matter in time and space. 
Favourite food?


What are you working on at the moment?
I am working on a whole host of projects! At the moment my primary focus is on M3: Media, Masculinities and Mental Health, which is an exploration of Australian men's body image and sexual subjectivities regarding erotic photo taking and their use of dating applications. Here, I am exploring questions of sexuality and
affect in relation to how young men in Australia navigate the use of dating apps, and the ways in which this may impact or influence their mental health and well-being. This particular project is building on my work on men and Dick Pics. I am also working across a whole range of projects at ARCSHS, including providing qualitative input into the 6th National Secondary School Survey of Adolescent Sexual Health, and handling the qualitative component of Rainbow Ageing (an exploration of Older LGBTI people's health and well-being in Australia). Alongside this, I am a CI on a recently awarded Australian Research Discovery, "The Technological Transformation of Sex: Improving Australia's Response" which will be exploring the sexual and intimate lives of Australians, as well as a CI on the newly awarded "The Story of Us: Bisexual People in 'Heterosexual' Relationships" exploring the health and well-being of bisexual people in predominantly opposite gender relationships. 

 What do you think is an important feminist issue locally and/or internationally at the moment?
There are so many feminist issues at the moment it's really tricky to pick one, from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander needs, to the high prevalence of domestic and intimate partner violence, to LGBTI rights, there's so much happening at the moment. I think for me, I've been finding myself quite interested lately in the health rights of people with uteruses, and the ways in which pain associated with menstruation etc is often ignored, devalued or dismissed. It's difficult to get a GP to listen to a white, cisgender heterosexual woman, let alone a woman of colour, a transman or a non-gender binary person. We're starting to see more awareness around these issues and the recognition that painful menstruation for anyone is not actually normal and needs to be properly investigated. This also ties in with people around the world, such as young women in rural areas who are stigmatised for menstruating, and difficulty in accessing sanitary products. 

 Why are you a member of AWGSA?
I joined AWGSA as I was looking for a community of interdisciplinary scholars who all had a genuine interest in the study of gender and sexuality. I love interdisciplinary work, and I've always found that 'home' feels like gender and sexuality studies. I want to know what other people are up to, and connect up with a group of people who are passionate about the research that they do. 
Who are your academic/feminist heroes?
That's a tricky one because there are so many! Chris Beasley comes to mind. I absolutely love her work in the field of men and masculinity studies. Jane Ward is another one, as well as Kath Albury and Susan Paasonen. Each of these scholars work with feminist theory in quite innovative, provocative, and challenging ways, especially in relation to sexuality and sexual practices, and working with issues on men and masculinity. 
Where would you like to live?
The Faroe Islands, absolutely beautiful, I think one of the most beautiful places on this planet. I saw a documentary about them randomly one day on TV and have been obsessed ever since. 
Favourite book/s: 
Boys Like Her: Transfictions by Taste This; In The Skin of a Lion, The English Patient, Bridge to Terabithia, Peter and Wendy

What do you appreciate most about your friends?
Support and encouragement. I love my friends and do my best to support and encourage them when I can, and it's such a lovely feeling when they do the same for me.  

A goal
I am really, really bad at math. I recently learned I actually have a learning disability with math (dyscalculia) that was not properly diagnosed when I was a kid. From struggling to read analogue clocks, to constantly getting lost even with the help of a GPS, to not being able to add numbers in my head or solve any math equation that required more than one calculation, math has been a killer. However, I have decided (with support) that I am going to challenge this by taking over the budgeting at home and work on some of my anxieties around finances. I don't know the first thing about superannuation, or investing, or budgeting, but my goal is to start getting my head around these things! 


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