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1 July 2022
Robert Mangan,  Principal

Dear Parents, Caregivers & Friends of the College
As mentioned in last fortnight's newsletter, over the last month my Principal's Assemblies have focused on the acceptance of diversity.  I believe the diversity of our student body is one of the college's greatest strengths, as TBC represents a cross section of Aotearoa community, both from an ethnicity perspective and a socio-economic perspective.  In this regard, it is essential we teach our boys to be accepting of diversity in all forms.  In order to educate our boys I have been supported by senior student leaders to give the message, knowing boys are likely to be more influenced by their senior peers than by me.  Last fortnight I shared speeches from senior students on cultural diversity, whilst this week I share speeches from leaders of our QSA group leading into Pride Week.  This acceptance of diversity is a signficiant part of our Respect code with 'Respect for Others' repeatedly reinforced to our boys as the underlying principle as they interact with other students.

Further on in this newsletter are highlights of the range of activities our students have been involved in, ranging from achievement in the Arts, Sport and curriculum trips outside the classroom.  This includes the success of Old Boys of the college across a number of disciplines.  It is great to be able to provide the full breadth of opportunities to our boys after two plus years of these being limited by COVID restrictions.

Congratulations to all those recognised for their achievements and thank you to all who have supported our students by providing these opportunities.

Ngā mihi nui

R W Mangan

A recent assembly celebrated the diversity of students at Tauranga Boys' College. 
Shared below are speeches by our QSA Group members (Queer Straight Alliance)


Mackenzie Fowler 

To begin, we would like to address the importance of this moment,  a first for the college. Addressing this is monumental. Currently, conversations around sexuality and gender are taboo and shunned by our peers. Us as a college, especially us students, find that masculinity is very fragile. A fact that may be hard to come to terms with for some. People find discussion around this as threatening to their masculinity. Our goal is to promote this topic, make it a topic more comfortable and easy to discuss in everyday conversations. To offer support to those of us, of which there are many, who struggle with their identities. Or simply need a place to find a sense of community if they feel isolated. The past four years we have found our life at TBC not only difficult but unsafe. Language is powerful, threatening. People use abhorrent language in the classroom while surrounded by those who it affects. How can we ever feel comfortable in a classroom when this is the everyday reality. As a TBC student you follow the respect code. A basic plan on human decency, but critically important to the functionality of our college. We propose that as individuals you take action for your own language as it brings harm to others even if you don’t realise, and to staff, stop language like this from occurring in your classrooms. Make our school a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. If you cannot get this right you are not respecting the code.  We promote the respect code everyday in our classes, yet this repetitively occurs. This brings us to the formation of the queer-straight alliance.  Formed last year by Neil, myself, and a wider student body. So far we have come across immense support from staff members as well as senior management and the board of trustees. 

Neil Buchanan 

The formation of the QSA was a momentous step forward in the journey of equality at TBC.  Personally, I felt isolated in my self-discovery and experience the hurt that many queer students feel at this college. Not only are they scared, but constantly reinforced that their emotions are foreign and barely acknowledged. The lacking sense of belonging and support for these marginalized orientations, highlighted the urgency for change. The QSA aims to provide an environment where any student can feel comfortable and safe no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation. Nearly a year in, we have formed strong connections with senior management, working together to create an inclusive and safe learning environment for all students. Although we have barely scratched the surface, we have implemented change spaning from increasing the catalogue of LGBTQ+ books in the school library to reviewing the queer representation within the learning curriculum. This student-led group has members from all year levels and orientations. We aim to provide a fun, interactive and inclusive environment for not only queer students but people who wish to learn about and support the community. We are very excited to announce TBC’s involvement in the national school pride week. This week is dedicated to celebrating diversity and inclusivity within schools nationwide. The QSA is organising a week that will hopefully get everyone involved; fundraising for charity, hosting LGBTQ inspirational speakers and highlighting the importance of queer representation at TBC. This will take place in week 7, lookout for more information to come. 

Jan Hendrick-Hamann 

A prominent message reinforced at TBC is creating community within our school grounds.  The reality is, that a large community within the college is currently secluded and faced with a lack of support and acknowledgment. To combat this, an initiative developed by the QSA, backed by the board, has been put in place to increase visible support from staff and students.  As you would have seen this morning, many teachers have begun to wear the new TBC pride pin. This pin symbols acceptance and support for the LGBTQ+ community and can be seen by the students who need this reassurance. People who choose to wear a pin, demonstrate their pride in standing with the LGBTQ+ community at TBC. The pin can be worn by anyone throughout the school at any year level, however, I lay down the challenge for you -staff and students-  to especially wear this pin during pride week to show your acceptance and support to everyone, regardless of their identity or sexual orientation. I am sure your support will not go unnoticed. The pride pin can now be purchased from the student office, we can't wait to see your support.
If any student sitting here today is being affected by any form of bullying for any reason please reach out to someone. The prefects, staff and senior management want to assist you. Our goal is to provide a zero tolerance environment for bullying in our school grounds, unfortunately we can not guarantee that every student will not be bullied but we can guarantee that bullying will have consequences as it is unacceptable within our school ground.  Thank you.

Tamati Coffey recently visited the college to celebrate Pride week with the raising of the Pride Flag on the administration building and the launch of a school 'Pride Pin'.  The full article can be read here:

A successful year for Tauranga Boys' College at the 44th National Youth Jazz Competition held at Baycourt with 5 groups from TBC competing in both the Big Band and Combo competitions.

The TBC Big Band 1 narrowly missed out on the top honours to Auckland Grammar, however Trumpeter Sylvester Green was victorious, winning the Edwina Thorne Trophy for Best Trumpet. 
TBC Big Band 1 Gold Medal
TBC Big Band 2 Silver Medal
TBC Combo 1 Gold Medal
TBC Combo 2 Silver Medal
TBC Combo 3 Bronze Medal
The Tauranga Boys’ College Arts Council Trust was proud to be a sponsor of the Nga tohu toi mo nga uri iwi o terohe o Tauranga Moana inaugural awards ceremony held on Friday 24th June at the University of Waikato’s Tauranga Campus. 
The awards specifically recognised the depth of artistic talent that whakapapa to Tauranga Moana. Award winners were all well known nationally and internationally.  The event honoured and celebrated Māori excellence and contribution to ngā toi Māori. (Māori art across different forms including music, visual arts, curatorial, design, film, research and customary knowledge systems).
Mr G (aka Graeme Hoete) was the winner of the Arataki Reo Rōreka o Tauranga Moana – Leadership of Visual Arts Award, sponsored by the Tauranga Boys’ College Arts Council Trust.  The Awards will become an annual event.

Graeme Hoete is an Old Boy of Tauranga Boys' College.

Below: Julie Paama-Pengelly, Te Tuhi Mareikura Trust chairperson with award-winner Mr G.
Photo credit: Salina Galvan Photography

Scholarships to support creative arts in the Bay
Applications for three Acorn Foundation scholarships to support creative arts practice in Tauranga and the Western Bay will open on Monday 4 July.  Applicants for all scholarships must either reside here or have completed part of their secondary education here.
  1. Jann Medlicott Creative Arts Scholarship – valued at $5,000, to support the study of creative arts of any genre.  Applicants must be undertaking or about to commence further study in preparation for a career in creative arts.  For further information and to apply, visit
  1. Coker Classical Arts Scholarship – worth $3,000, to be awarded to a Year 13 student that has a proven interest and talent in classical painting and who wishes to pursue studies in classical art through a recognised tertiary provider.  For further information and to apply, visit
  1. Christine Tustain Classical Music Award:  worth $2,150 to commence further study in preparation for a career in classical music.  For further information and to apply, visit
If you or someone you know might benefit from one of these scholarships, we encourage you to make a submission.  All scholarships cover study in the 2023 calendar year and applications close at 5pm on Monday 1 August.
For further information or to discuss your application, contact Annie Hill at Creative Bay of Plenty on email
   to the winners of the Titans Trust raffle.
  • 1st prize ( 2 tickets to Ireland vs All Blacks in Wellington with flights, and accomodation for 2) - Mr Peter Jensen- who is an old boy of TBC from the 50's.
  • 2nd Prize ( 2 tickets to All Blacks vs Australia at Eden Park) - Mr David Turner
Thank you to Mr Mangan for drawing out the winning tickets, and thanks to all those who supported TBC Sport by buying a ticket.

The 2022 Super 8 Football Tournament will be hosted at Tauranga Boys' College, 4th - 6th July.  Below are Tauranga Boys' College games that you may be interested in attending.  These games will be played on Southey Field.


Round One
9.00am          Tauranga Boys' College vs. Rotorua Boys' High School

Round Two
1.00pm           Tauranga Boys' College vs. Napier Boys' High School


Round Three
9.00am           Tauranga Boys' College vs. Hamilton Boys' High School 

The NZSS Cross Country Champs were held in Nelson on 18 / 19 June.  Sixteen boys headed south to Nelson to compete on a flat but very muddy course.

George Wyllie - 3rd place
Matt Hill           - 9th place

Our Year 9 boys also came home with a bronze in the 6 man team. Exciting to see how far we can take this new cohort of boys! (Cameron Fitzjohn, Caleb Litolff, Stefan Pendergrast, Ashton Lucas, Shima Fletcher, Daniel Barback)

In the inter provincial relay, TBC made up 10 of the 20 places available for selection into the Waikato/BoP team.

Junior A Team - 2nd place (George Wyllie, James Catto)
Senior A Team - 2nd place (Matt Hill, Azrael Cabusao)
A Super 8 Rugby exchange with New Plymouth Boys' High School was held on Saturday 18 June.  Results and links to photos from the day are posted below:

TBC 1st XV v NPBHS 1st XV

TBC 2nd XV v NPBHS 2nd XV

TBC U14  v  NPBHS U14

TBC vs St Paul's Collegiate Winter Exchange

Well done to the TBC athletes on their wins vs St Paul's on 22nd June.

Games played at TBC (TBC 1st, St Paul's Collegiate 2nd).

  • U16 Rugby vs 2nd XV 19-22
  • Hockey 1st X1 1-2
  • Football 1st X1. 10-0
  • Basketball Sen B v Senior A 61-49
  • Games played at St Paul's Collegiate
  • Rugby 14A 24-17
  • Rugby 15A 26-19
  • Hockey U15 5-2
  • Football Junior A 4-1
  • Basketball Junior A 78-34

Final 3 v 3 Results
6th - Halberg
5th - Ngarimu
4th - Freyberg
3rd - Ngata
2nd - Hillary
Champions - Rutherford!

6th - Halberg
5th - Ngarimu
4th - Freyberg
3rd - Hillary
2nd - Rutherford
Champions - Ngata!

Pictured below: Left - Junior Rutherford Champs / Right - Senior Ngata Champs

Egg laying and Dairy Goat Farm.

On 10 June, level 1 agricultural science students visited the Lichfield Poultry Farm to learn about egg production. Students were able to see the housing used for chicks and adult birds. Adults birds have both indoor housing for protection and sleeping with access to an outdoor paddocks. Students heard about the different feed requirements for 2 day-old chicks and how this changes for adult laying hens. Daylight duration is used to trigger the egg-laying production in adults birds and that the New Zealand public prefer brown eggs shells colour over white coloured shells (hens with brown coloured feathers lay brown coloured eggs).

Photo Left: Chickens crowding out agricultural students
Photo Right: Indoor housing with perching structures to allow birds to roost when sleeping

Students then went to Wade Goat Farm near Matamata where they were able to handle kids and see a doe giving birth. Students were there to understand how baby kid’s will only consume milk when first born but the rumen developed is vital for a developing kid to then be able to digest plant material. Rouphage is feed to young kids as this stimulates the rumen surface and size.

Photo Left: Week old baby kid
Photo Right: New born kids and mother


Kiwifruit packhouse and orchard

On 7 June, the AGH1 Year 11 horticultural science students spent the morning at Te Awanui Huka Pak.  They first visited the kiwifruit Seeka Huka Pak located in Mount Maunganui. Students were able to see the packing of kiwifruit from intake to coolstorage.  They also saw a presentation on the Kiwi Leader Program.

In the afternoon students visited the Mangatawa Papamoa Block where students were able to learn about kiwifruit plant management and soil science. 

Students were able to take part in an activity looking at the soil porosity.  They were able to visually see the consequences that impact damage from orchard machinery has on the soil air content.  The negative implications this has on soil drainage.

Our Prefects have been out and about this term supporting our local primary schools in various activities.  The events that they have helped out with include:
  • Welcome Bay School - cross country
  • Tauranga Primary School - cross country and Matariki celebrations
  • Tauranga Intermediate School - cross country
  • Tauranga Special School - Matariki celebrations
  • Gate Pā School - leadership mentoring and cross country
  • Ōropi School - Matariki celebrations
  • Taumata School - Matariki celebrations
  • Tauriko School - Matariki celebrations and leadership week activities
  • Pyes Pā School - Year 8 visit to TBC 

Congratulations to Old Boy Leroy Carter on his selection for the 2022 Commonwealth Games Men's Rugby Sevens. 

Congratulations to Old Boy Wayne Shennen who has been chosen as the NZ in person representative at the 2022 ASI - Association de la Sommellerie Internationale General Assembly next week in Nagoya, Japan. 
The TBC Uniform Shop will be open on the following dates during the upcoming July school holidays:
  • Thursday 21st July - 9am to 12noon
  • Friday 22nd July - 9am to 12noon

Te Manu Toroa provide FREE yearly treatment for adolescents up until their 18th birthday.  Their Mobile Dental Caravan will be onsite here at Tauranga Boys' College next term and they will be seeing students who are enrolled with them (NB: your son can only enrolled with ONE Dental Provider).

If you would like your son to be seen by the Community Dental Service here at school, then please ensure that you complete a consent form (available from the Student Office) and return it ASAP.
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SchoolTV addresses this as an online resource designed to empower you as parents with credible and sound information with realistic, practical ongoing support strategies. Just click on the “SchoolTV” icon on the TBC parent portal page or on the link is below:
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The series included are listed below.  Also, under the “Special Reports” section there are frequently published reports on selected topics of interest which are both relevant and current and empower parents with clear and well researched information. 
All information regarding the Tauranga Boys' College Uniform can be found on the school website

This information includes:
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  • Uniform shop hours (please note updated hours) 
  • Holiday trading hours


Tauranga Boys’ College Uniform Shop has an ever-changing selection of second-hand uniforms for sale.  We sell ‘on behalf’ of families and would like to suggest that any time from now on would be a good time to bring in unwanted items.  

We have a large demand throughout December and January for uniforms in good condition that have been freshly washed.  Payments are made once items are sold and it is done via internet banking so please bring your bank account details with you.


Good  Clean Second Hand TBC College Uniform Items

Our TBC Welfare Centre facilitates care and support for our boys in need. One initiative we have is to collect donations of unwanted second-hand Tauranga Boys’ College uniforms and we distribute these where most needed.  

Good condition, clean uniform items can be dropped into Tauranga Boys’ College Reception or at our TBC Hillsdene Store Uniform Shop.  

Shop Hours -

Thank you! 
Your donation will help make a big difference for those in need,
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Matters involving college policy should go to the Principal, Mr Robert Mangan or in his absence, Associate Principal, Mr Ian Stuart or Deputy Principal in charge of Senior School, Mr Rob Gilbert, or Deputy Principal in charge of Junior School, Mr Leyton Watson.
Matters involving academic questions and class placements should be referred to the Tutors.  They are:
  • Year 13:   Mr Justin Brewer
  • Year 12:   Mr Aaron Leech
  • Year 11:   Mr Charles Williams
  • Year 10:   Ms Vicky Lacey 
  • Year 9:     Ms Jana Pretorius
Questions involving careers or work experience should be addressed to Mr Tom Collin.

Personal Matters or issues of health which are affecting learning should be referred to our Guidance Counsellors, Mrs Jo Wallace-Boyd, Mrs Kylie Gemming or Mrs Rebekah Whittle.

Matters involving discipline - matters such as unexplained absences, loss of equipment, bullying, detentions, classroom behaviour etc. should be referred to the Assistant Principal in charge of Student Management, Mr Mike Akkerman, Associate Dean, Mr Ben Ormsby or one of the Year Level Deans:
  • Year 13:   Mr Tane Taitoko
  • Year 12:   Mr Dan Anson
  • Year 11:   Mr Richard Apanui
  • Year 10:   Mr Hamish Boyce
  • Year 9:     Mr Alex Bryant
Late lunches, forgotten appointments etc. need to be notified to the Student Office before 8.00am to catch the Daily Information Sheet (DIS).  The office can deal with the range of information such as opening and closing times, illnesses, uniform shop times etc.

To make contact with any of these people ring the College Office on 578 4029.  If the person you want it teaching at that time, please leave a message or have them call you back.  Return calls are usually made during intervals and lunchtimes, when the teacher has a non-teaching period or after the teaching day ends at 3.10pm.  If uncertain as to who to talk to, please ask the office staff.

Database Details
If your contact details have changed e.g. postal or email address, phone number etc. please email so we can update your details.
  • If your son is away for any reason please advise the school.  You can do this via the parent portal.  Login to using your son's ID and your parent portal login password.  Or you can email or phone the school office on 07 578 4029.  You can also monitor your son's attendance via the portal.  If you son is unwell for more than 3 days a medial certificate may be requested.  Text messages are sent home but not daily so it is recommended that you keep an eye on your son's attendance and if you have any concerns, please contact the school via either the attendance officer or your son's Dean.
  • If your son is going to be out of school for an extended length of time, including sporting and cultural commitments, permission is required from the Principal.  Please send your request to
I am concerned with the number of requests I receive from parents for time off for their sons during the school term to travel domestically or internationally for holidays.

I understand the educational value of travel but remind parents to be mindful of the impact time away from the classroom can have on your son's academic achievement.

Of particular concern is when this absence occurs at the same time NCEA internal assessments are planned, as this can have a significant effect on your son's NCEA results.

Ministry of Education regulations only allow me to give permission for absence from school due to illness or family bereavement and advise that all trips / holidays should be taken during official school holiday periods.

I would ask that all requests for leave are sent to me at

My preference is for all leave of this nature to occur during the school holidays.  Leave from school for holiday travel that is taken outside of school holiday periods will be recorded as "explained but unjustified".

Thank you for your assistance with this.

RW Mangan
School Health Service
The school nurse this year is Vicki (Mon-Thurs) who is a fully registered nurse funded by the Western BOP Primary Health Organisation. The clinic is located down by the gym and there is no cost for the youth health services. This is in addition to the sickbay team at the main office with whom the nurse work closely, to provide best care to the boys at TBC.  There is also a GP who does a short clinic each Monday for those who may face barriers to accessing their own GP. 

In an attempt to support our young men with any challenges and to identify any barriers to learning at an early stage, health assessments may be done in Year 9 (or other years if required) and include a discussion around; physical health, growth and development, hearing, vision,activities, eating and weight, school and home, drugs and alcohol, sexuality, mood and safety (HEADDSS).
If you would like more information or for your son
to 'opt out' from being involved then please contact Vicki: 
Ph 578 4029 ext. 2029
Student Physiotherapy Services onsite
Tauranga Boys' College has a partnership with Foundation Sports and Rehabilitation Clinic to provide FREE services to all students onsite.  This means the boys limit time away from teaching and learning as they rehabilitate.  The physio room is attached to Gym 2 and the Athlete Development room.

Book on or call 07 579 5601 to make an appointment.  


The Parent Portal dashboard now has a DETAILS tab.
Please ensure that all details are up-to-date and submit any changes for approval.
You will need to contact the school office directly at to change any additional information (including medical details).

For help accessing the Parent Portal please email
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