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W&A Contingency Plan Update
On March 26th we put our continuity plan into action to do our part in combating the COVID-19 pandemic by working virtually from our homes. We are proud that we have been able to leverage our technologies to keep communications and operations running smoothly.

All team members have their office phones set up at home, so it remains just as easy to pick up a phone or email us as it has always been!
We do miss seeing our clients in person and we look forward to the day we are able to have in-person meetings once again. Even though Governor Polis has removed the stay-at-home order, we have decided to continue our contingency plan for the safety of our clients and staff. We have a skeleton crew making daily visits to the office for mail items
and will keep you informed as to when we will start working from the office again.There is a black delivery box outside the front door of our office for any drop-offs, but please give us notice prior to swinging by so we can arrange for someone to retrieve your item.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust in our team and our processes. We are very honored to serve you as your trusted advisors during these extraordinary times.

We welcome feedback on how we have been doing during this transition, so please feel free to respond to this email or reach out in whatever method is convenient for you. We all sincerely hope you are staying safe, happy, and healthy!

Best Regards,

Wambolt & Associates Team 
We continue to have our morning huddles as we have always done, but now virtually. Here is a peak of what our mornings look like.
Loans for Small Business Owners through CARES Act 
The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act which was recently passed by Congress is intended to assist business owners with specific needs they have right now. Although the first $350 Billion for these programs has been drained, it appears congress is negotiating to contribute more to this lifeline for small businesses. We know that few applicants have received money at this point. If you have an application confirmation number, you should be in line for review, which is key. Please continue reading to learn more about how you may be able to apply for assistance as a small business owner.
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Unemployment Reshapes the Face of America
Alongside the World
Many of us find ourselves looking to the past to find some context for what the future holds during this extraordinary time when much of America is sheltered-in at home versus managing their typically busy work life. Containment measures have led to widespread business closures and surging unemployment, resulting in more questions than answers as we are now well into five weeks of this US shutdown.
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Current Market Insights 
Macro Overview 
 Markets were encouraged with the announcement of reopening plans by various states and the probability of reigniting economic activity. Individual states started to ease restrictions and allow certain businesses to reopen for the first time since a state of emergency was declared on March 14th.
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How Inflation May Eventually Return 
The past 30 years brought upon the onset of globalization, maximizing comparative advantage of countries globally by allowing the production and export of inexpensive products. China’s inclusion into the WTO in 2001 has since allowed the country to manufacture and export products around the world in mass quantities
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How The Housing Market Is Being Affected
 A drop in mortgage rates to near historic lows has not been enough to offset a decline in demand for homebuyers. The ongoing travel and socialization restrictions are inhibiting would be home shoppers from viewing and buying properties.
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Why Small Businesses Are So Important To The Economy
 The country is composed of millions of small businesses from home-based one person consultants to hair salons and manufacturing companies. As defined by the SBA’s Office of Advocacy, a small business has less than 500 employees and operates independently, not under the control of another entity.
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Typical Scams Surrounding Coronavirus
 The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) posted a handful of identified scams circulating throughout the country as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Scammers are exploiting consumer fears and paranoia by targeting wary victims via email, phone, and text messages.
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'All Paws on Deck'
Many of us are spending more time with our furry family members as we work from home. Here’s how our pets have been contributing to office operations.
Top Left: Blaze joining in on conference calls       Top Right: Fred responding to emails
Bottom Left: Harley answering incoming calls      Bottom Right: Natasha analyzing data
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