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Financials: The 401K on Retirement

Responsibilities: Birth Control: All You Need to Know

Lifestyle: How to Cover the Cover Letter

The 401K on Retirement with
Evan the Actuary

You asked, and we got it answered. We reached out to Evan Inglis, an actuary and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) who advises companies, governments, and individuals about pensions, retirement, and investments, and he graciously answered many of your retirement questions listed below:
  • What's a good age to start saving for retirement?
  • How do we even get started with retirement savings?
  • How much should we plan to save?
  • How do I balance student loan debt, regular savings, and retirement savings?
  • Should we be investing outside of our employer's 401k?
  • (Similarly) I don't have a 401k or any other kind of retirement through an employer. Should I invest in a Roth IRA, SEP IRA, or something else?
  • What are TSA's? Are they worth it?
  • Can I really trust the Target Date Fund?
  • How do you pick a financial advisor – what kinds of things should you focus on when making the choice?
  • Is just saving for the match that my company offers and no more okay?
  • How much should I save if my company doesn't match?
  • Should you ever cash out?
  • What happens with your 401k if you switch jobs?
  • What other type of account should I open to invest beyond the Roth?
  • I am rolling over a 401k with a 6 figure balance. How best to dollar cost average reinvesting the funds?
Read Evan's answers to these questions here. Have more questions about retirement? Let us know and we can see if we can get them answered.
Pro Tip: Drive in the Snow Like a Pro

Marlon Brando might have thought twice about yelling for Stella if he knew what this recent winter storm had in store.

Here's a tip for next time: Keep the kitty litter handy, even if you don't have a cat. If your office still requests that you come into work after a winter storm, throw some kitty litter on the ice or snow in your driveway to help your tires gain more traction from the snowy slush. 

Birth Control: All You Need to Know

Men - You can continue scrolling, we know you're squeamish about birth control.
Our Research Assistant Allyse is currently studying to be a PA (Physician's Assistant) and is therefore our resident expert on all things health. We recently asked her to help answer a question that many women in this day and age have: which birth control method is the best one for me? Here is the outline she provided, which includes sections such as the things to consider when choosing to start birth control, different methods of birth control and their effectiveness, and some helpful resources to further your research into the decision.
Infographic of the Week:

Applying for Jobs Part I:
How to Cover the Cover Letter

Hunting for jobs can be the pits. That's why contributor Rachael Durant tells us the best ways to succeed when writing a cover letter. Below is the gist, here is everything else you need to know.
  • Do not use the fill-in cover letters provided online.
  • Address it to a specific person.
  • Proofread your work.
  • Pay attention to the instructions provided.
  • Do your research.
  • Know your industry and the company.
  • Create a unique cover letter for each job. Yes it takes time, but it's worth it.
  • Keep it concise and to the point.
  • End it with confidence.
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We haven't forgotten about taxes, folks, we will be getting that out soon. We also are going to tell you how to handle your monthly bills, how to read a map, and how to format your resume. 
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