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Financials: Taxes Q&A with Lis and Julia

Responsibilities: Easy and Non-Lethal Self Defense Tips

Lifestyle: Maintaining Adult Friendships


Taxes Q&A with Lis and Julia


It's that dreaded time of year - tax season. We wanted to help as best we could, so some of our awesome followers asked us their questions regarding taxes, and Lis and Julia did their research and answered them so you didn't have to. Some of the questions are below, here is the article with the answers.
  • What do I do if I had multiple jobs in the past year?
  • Are scholarships and stipends things that they charge you taxes on?
  • How do you handle state taxes when you’ve moved different states within the year? Or when you work remotely and your company’s headquarters are in another state?
  • What are some expenses that are tax deductible that one wouldn't really think of?
  • Can I write off my commute/mileage driving to and from work? 
  • If I NEVER get a tax return am I doing it wrong?
  • I bought a condo last year and had some work done on it. What should I be tracking to deduct? 
  • What are the differences between taxes married and unmarried and with or without dependents?
  • When is it smart to see a tax accountant vs. doing taxes on your own (through TurboTax, for example)?
  • Why would I buy the boxed TurboTax when there’s a free one?
  • Should I really be saving my receipts when I make donations to Goodwill and other charities? What kind of difference does that make monetarily unless I’m making a considerable donation?
Infographic of the Week:

Easy and Non-Lethal Self Defense Tips

Many of us love a good, thrilling crime story, but when it comes to our own lives we want to ensure we are always as safe from any potential dangers as possible. That's why our research assistant Allyse reached out to police officer and self defense instructor Chip Watts in regards to the best measures to take for non-lethal self defense. Below are some helpful products to consider owning, here is the article with lots of helpful tips.

Pepper Spray
  • Has acting agent capsaicin (found in chili peppers) which, when used, causes inflammatory effects to the assailant's eyes that can cause temporary blindness.
  • Buy it here.
Wasp Spray
  • Similar to pepper spray, but a) can hit the assailant from a further distance and b) is not viewed as a weapon and is therefore less likely to be taken away by the assailant.
  • Buy it here.
Tactical Flashlight
  • Bright flashlight that, when turned on and aimed at assailant's face, causes temporary blindness that gives you more time to escape.
  • Buy it here.
Keychain Alarm
  • An ear-splitting alarm that goes off upon the pulling of a grenade-style pin. Useful for startling the assailant in the hopes he/she would run off, however may be subject to humorous false alarms upon accidentally pulling the pin.
  • Buy it here.
  • If/when you are in an uncertain situation (such as a dark parking lot or a solo Uber ride), you can open this app and press the button if anything goes wrong, initiating a loud sound and even alerting your pre-selected friends and family members that you are in trouble.
  • Download it here.
Pro Tip: Eat Lunch at Work Like a Pro

Did you know?
The "biggest cup" setting on a Keurig machine also makes a perfect cup of Instant Ramen. Because being an adult doesn't have to mean giving up ramen noodles.

Maintaining Friendships as an Adult

It's not easy to keep in contact with good friends once life takes everyone differing directions, but there are some quick ways to maintain good friendships even during the busiest times of your adult life. Below is the gist, here is the article.

  • Make a Facebook group, inviting your group of friends to join: This is a great platform on which everyone can stay up-to-date on friends' wellbeing. 
  • Text your friend(s): It's as easy as saying a simple "I'm thinking about you - hope all is well!" A little caring goes a long way.
  • PICK UP THE PHONE: It doesn't need to be a long conversation. Just a quick "Hello, it's me."
  • Send a letter/package: We all love getting something in the mail. Why not send something that will make your friend smile?
  • Remember important dates: Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, half marathons, etc. Remembering (or setting reminders in your phone about) these dates will prove how much you care.
  • Create a tradition: Near, far, wherever you are, you can easily make a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly tradition with your friend(s) that maintain the friendship(s) and bring new memories to the table. 
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