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Dear Friends,

With Mother’s Day approaching I am moved to shine the spotlight on all the amazing moms out there. The “MOMprenuers” featured in this edition and the many women I interact with — colleagues, peers, clients, friends — motivate me to be my best every day.

My own mother’s story continues to be a source of pride and inspiration. Sherry grew up in St. Louis, MO, where her parents owned a restaurant downtown across from the old Busch Stadium. My grandparents worked long hours, leaving Sherry and her brother to fend for themselves at home or tag along to help out at the restaurant or head over to the ballpark to cajole the ushers into letting them watch their beloved Cardinals.

Sherry was goal oriented from an early age. She was a National Merit Scholar in high school and went on to graduate from the University of Missouri’s prestigious Honors College where she majored in biology with the dream of going to medical school — quite a grand ambition for a woman at that time. During college she met and fell in love with my dad. Upon graduation Sherry was accepted to medical school while my dad was accepted to business school. Ultimately, Sherry made the difficult decision to sacrifice her dream of becoming a doctor in order to support my dad’s education. She worked as a medical technician drawing blood at a local hospital to help put my dad through school.

Fast forward a few years and my parents relocated to Boston for my dad’s job. After my brother and I were born, my mom felt the time was right to refocus on her own ambitions and pursued real estate. Through hard work, determination and pure smarts, she became very successful.  As they say, the rest is history.  

Growing up I saw my mom balance the demands of running a growing real estate business with being a wife and mother. Delivering for her clients while not missing our swim meets wasn’t easy, but she made it work. I want thank my mom and the women of her generation for paving the way for mine to have choices that work for us.

Cheers to all the mamas out there!


Jaime Hayes:
Mom of four kids, two dogs and owner/founder of GoodOrderDC!
Q: Can you provide a simple tip or piece of advice related to organizing for our readers?
A: Don’t over complicate things. Keep like with like, and if everything has a home, it’s a snap to clean up.
Q: Is there such thing as mom/work life balance?
A: I wish. I focus on quality over quantity when it comes to time with my family.
Q: What is your best “mom” one liner?
A: “Do your best and forget the rest.”  My parents said that to me, and I think of it often....especially when it comes to work/life balance!
Kate Bennett:
Mom of one, two dogs and a CNN reporter and author of Free Melania
Q: Can you provide a simple tip about pursuing the dream of writing a book for our readers?
A: Writing a book - with a fulltime job - was tough. If you have the dream of writing, write every day if you can. I set a goal of at least 300 words per day, which is not a lot, so it never felt overwhelming. I think the key is not to set unachievable goals for yourself, because when you don't meet them it's an easy excuse to get down on yourself. I will say, finishing a book is worth all of the difficult times!
Q: Is there such thing as mom/work life balance?
A: Short answer: no. There are days I'm great at the balance, and there are days I suck at it; and I'm ok with that. I also remind myself that men aren't normally asked to live up to that dad/work life balance, so the expectation is already skewed. Just do the best you can!
Q: What is your best “mom” one liner?
A: I always say I'm a woman who happens to be a mom, not a mom who happens to be a woman. I love my daughter with all of my heart, but I'm a better mom when I take care of myself first.
Sandra Meyer:
Mom of two daughters, a dog and owner/principal of Ella Scott Design
Q: Can you provide a simple tip related to design for our readers?
A:  Regarding paint colors, order samples online from a company called Samplize.  You don't need to hire a painter to put up samples.  These are mess free, cost effective and environmentally friendly.
Q: Is there such thing as mom/work life balance?
A:   When you run your own business, balance can be really hard, especially as your company grows and gets busier.  It is great to have a life partner (my husband for example) that can pick up the slack.  As my kids got older, I made them more self-sufficient.  I was there for the love and nurturing, but not there to make a dentist appointment when their tooth hurt ;)
Q: What is your best “mom” one liner?
A:  "Where are my keys?"


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