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#060 | September 24th, 2020
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Adjacent skills.


Hi friends!

Today is a very special edition. You are now 20,000 readers receiving Maker Mind each week in your inbox!

I didn't really have a plan when I launched the newsletter last year, and I'm incredibly grateful for this wonderful community of curious minds. Thank you for the thoughtful questions, for your energy, and for inspiring me to keep on exploring the human mind together.

Personal growth was really the driving reason for the creation of Maker Mind. And one of the most effective ways to grow as a person is to develop adjacent skills. This week, we'll talk about what these are, why they matter, and how you can acquire them.

We'll also talk about growth at a more conceptual level, looking at the quiet revolution of networked thinking, and how new tools for thought may expand our collective intelligence.

Finally, there's no good thinking without debugging our cognitive biases! So we'll have a look at a fairly common one: the negativity bias. (that's the one causing you to still remember vividly that one time you embarrassed yourself in front of your schoolmates)

Enjoy the read, and hit reply if you have any questions, feedback, or want to say hello!

p.s. last chance to fill the feedback form before I close it next week! And thank you Sara so much for this lovely comment :)

Jam session. Let’s spend an hour together mapping our worldview around a topic we care about. The first half will be dedicated to drafting an early version of a mental atlas, and the second half to discussing our respective atlases, our challenges, and our next steps. Join »

Brain food

Adjacent skills: how to widen your career perspective (5 min)
Gone are the days of linear career trajectories. Most people will live several work lives. And that’s great! Learn how adjacent skills can open doors and foster serendipity in your career.

Networked thinking: a quiet cognitive revolution (8 min)
While nowadays the spotlight is on artificial intelligence, space exploration, and other exciting areas of research, another quiet revolution is changing the way we ideate and collaborate.

Negativity bias: how negative experiences cloud our judgement (5 min)
Have you ever found yourself ruminating over a mistake you made a while ago? Replaying in your head a conversation that didn’t go so well? That’s the negativity bias at play.

Virtual meetup. Anyone can leverage the end of credentialism to become a lifelong learner. But what are the best strategies to teach yourself something new? Come discuss the challenges and opportunities of self-education. Register »

Brain candy

What I have lived for (Twitter)
“My life’s mission” (an incredibly moving extract from the prologue to Bertrand Russell's autobiography)

What makes a good life? (YouTube)
“Lessons from the longest study on happiness.” (oldie but goodie, Robert Waldinger is an amazing speaker)

Entangled Life (Twitter)
“Here is a video of me eating the mushrooms that sprouted from my book. They were delicious: I couldn’t taste any off notes, which suggests that the fungus had fully metabolised the text.”


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